Meslek Özellikleri

Katil, bildiğimiz gibi ASURA ırkından Suikastçi'nin 2.mesleklerinden biridir. Fiziksel atak yapan bir sınıftır. Deva ve Gaia ırklarına nazaran Katiller yüksek atak ve atak hızı olan sınıftır. Bundan Dolayı katil Rappelz içinde tam bir ataker olarak kabul edilir. Atak ve atak hızı bu kabulü doğrular.

Katillerin sıyrılma skilleri kutsal Şövalyeler gibi tanklık yapabilmelerini sağlar.Tabi tanklığı partyde saf kan bir tank yoksa yada tanka biraz vakit kazandırmak için yaparlar. Katilin asıl işi ataktır.

'Güçlü Yönleri:'

  • Katiller doğru silah düzgün yapılandırılırlarsa tam bir atak canavarı olurlar Zindan Partilerinde çok talep gören bir sınıftır.
  • Aktif skilleri isabet ve hızlı atak üzerinedir.
  • Katiller üzerlerindeki agrooyu kontrol edebilirler.

Zayıf Yönleri:

  • Katiller yüksek hasar yaratabilmelerine rağmen defansları muadillerine göre defansları düşüktür.
  • The Assassin class requires forethought and quick reactions in attacking (thus its name).
  • Assassin Impact has a cooldown period for those who dual wield, thus reducing potential damage during DP's although it's only a 2 minute cooldown if the skill is maxed.
  • Assassins use the two lowest p.atk weapons in the game; daggers and/or swords. As a result, at a basic enchant level (+3) they will not do as much damage either using skills or basic attacks, however, to obtain a higher enchant level involves risking your own weapons breaking, buying higher-enchanted weapons when you have the rupees, or using a Basic or Elite mystic jewel and shard (which again costs rupees/gen points in teh case of basic jewels).

Önemli Skilleri:

  • Assassin Impact - dual wield only (swords/dirks), chance of concurrent attack. Higher levels of this skill creates pure target decimation (Mob or Player).
  • Cloak of Shadow - Allows the Assassin to vanish from sight for 1 minute, but the cooldown for the ability is only 30 seconds, which allows them to effectively have indefinite invisibility. Also E6 will change this somewhat, as many (almost every) mobs will be able to detect cloaked movement - and If this is the case, then what's the point of being able to go invisible?
  • Apocalypse - dual wield only (swords/dirks). One of Two AOE skills for assassin Class. 9 concurrent hits. Raises threat, causes damage to all targets around you.
  • Deadly Dancing - dual wield only (swords/dirks). Damage can be on par with Apocalypse except is target on a single mob/player.
  • Fatal Wave - AOE skill. Does high damage. Will only AoE in the direct wave is thrown. Requires some practice.
  • Bloody Blade - Dual/Single/Two Handed Sword. Damages and Pulls HP from Target. Higher levels of this will return thousands of HP points.
  • Dark Strike - Dual/Single/Two Handed Weapon. 3 hits as once. Does high damage.
  • Head Breaker - Dual/Single/Two Handed Weapon. Causes Fear for decent duration.
  • Charge Stab - Low Mana Cost, Fast Cooldown. Useful in DP to quickly strike a mob.
  • Concentration- Increases Accuracy. Allows assassins to hit mobs/players much higher than their own level.
  • Shadow Rush - Assassin will move hyper fast across good distances to stun target. Excellent skill.
  • Shadow Wound - Must be cloaked. Once cast on target, will force assassin out of cloak, cause damage, add a damage-over-time effect and cause target to lose accuracy (40% at max level) for a short period of time.
  • Sudden Rush- Assassins base movement speed increases by 50% for short duration which allows long distances to be covered much faster. High cool down time on this.
  • Blinding Dust - Blind effect on target, basic attacks of mob/player sealed.
  • Sonic Cross - Dual Wield. Damages target with a chance to Stun in one motion.
  • Deep Evasion - Excellent temporary Evasion increase. Great for evading attack or mobs anywhere (field or dungeon). Not Broke contrary to opinion.
  • Crimson Turbulence - Deals high damage and has a chance to stun all mobs within a short range. It's AOE range is not listed on the skill descrition.


  • Cross Block - Intended to give a chance to block when dual wielding, but does not affect block rate as of yet.
  • Sonic Blade- Requires only one sword or dirk equipped; does not work with dual wield.
  • Attack speed and p.atk bonuses are applied at 100% to main hand and 64% to the off-hand.

Recommended Builds

  • Strength/Vitality is the preferred build, as Assassins are masters of melee, but there are some who profess to a Strength/Agility build. A single Dexterity stone in a build (assists with Accuracy), as well as a single Wisdom stone (assists with Stuns and Blind) can prove useful in building assassins. Either you want to evade the blow or you want to minimize the damage, but in the end, you will want to destroy the target.
  • Assassins have passive and active skills for Swords/Dirks/Crossbows. However, dual wielding is a preferred method. When dual wielding remember that daggers have faster attacks but low p.atk, and swords have a slower swing but more damage per hit. Furthermore, Assassins also have active skills which take advantage of 2 handed weapon damage, such as Dark Strike, Bloody Blade, Charge Stab, and Smite.
  • As with any other class, weapon and armor enchanting is highly recommended. Few assassins take advantage of their potential damage, as well as other classes, by not enchanting their weapons sufficiently. Enchanted swords/dirks on an assassin help them to inflict overwhelming damage.
  • Another preferred built is Str/P.Atk. With new stones going around this built with the right equips and cards will make you one force not to reckon with.


Tier 2.

  • Wolf It may be the best pet for reducing incoming damage for Assassins as its Belted stat. bonuses are +10% Agility (at lvl40) and +10% Evasion (at lvl90). With this Assassins can evade most of the attacks made by white mobs because their Agility is the highest compared to all other classes.
  • Skeleton Its' Belt-Card ability is Agility+10% (at lvl40) and Atk Speed+10% (at lvl90) allowing Assassins a higher dodge rate and faster attack speed. Dirks are the preferred weapon for the Sin to maximise attack speed. Skeletons are poor pets to use when farming (unless both the Sin and Skeleton are buffed) but are excellent and underrated DD's in a DP. It's highly advisable to use a dirk and hunter armour on the skeleton if it is the summoned pet; this equipment maximises it's attack speed and HP.
  • Orc Orcs are good all-round pets and are effective first pets for starting Assassins. Their unity gives p.atk and p.def to the pet and owner and they are good DD's also- their 1 hit debuff skill reduces the targets' p.def, allowing more damage to be done (great for using Bloody Blade).
  • Blue Pixie This might seem like an odd pairing at first, but the BP helps an Assassin's survivability when soloing. They have the best healing abilities of any pet and a unity that allows the Assassins' mana to be regenerated at a moderate rate so that they are able to continue using their skills. This makes a noticable difference even in dungeon parties when the healer can't get to you in time. However the BP doesn't offer much else apart form healing and if an Assassin uses one in a DP they will be expected to use it to heal themselves (and others if needed).
  • Octopus An odd pet, and somewhat unpopular because it's regarded as ugly by most players and it's quite different from all other tier 2 pets in terms of its' skills, equipment passives and unity. Most Assassins will use an octopus for its' life-leech buff which, combined with a fast attack speed and Sin Impact allows the Sin to recover large amounts of HP very quickly. It's unity is also effective on Sins as it allows attacks to do more damage and helps with mana recovery. However it is a squishy pet, much like a pixie.

Tier 3.

  • Hawkman The hawk is simply an upgraded Orc, with better stats, unity and looks. It does more damage, can take more damage and helps the assassin do the same.
  • Salamander A rarely-used pet on an assassin because of its' hybrid physical/magical DD abilities and unity. It does not help the Sin defensively at all and is best used in a DP where luna chips allow it to maximise its' DD.
  • Unicorn A somewhat unusual main pet for a Sin but surprisingly useful. Its unity (if the JP are spent on it) gives MP which are always welcome on a warrior-class, it has a good healing spell with a fast cooldown, an excellent Blind skill and a buff which allows the Sin to move faster. Its belted stat also gives 12% agility. For farming it's an effective pet (use it like a BP) and in DP's it's a helpful assistant healer and debuffer. Also, at Evo3 (preferably lvl115) you can ride it- it gives a movement speed similar to the Quilin.
  • Nightmare A tier 3 version of the Skeleton, it is a great DD. It's unity gives more HP to the Sin which can be the difference between surviving a hit or dying from it. Also, at Evo3 (preferably lvl115) you can ride it- it gives a movement speed similar to the Quilin. Its first attack skill gives the Bleed effect, where the target cannot regenerate HP and takes Damage over Time- this skill is particularly useful on Bosses in a DP (the prevention of HP regen is an overlooked form of DD) and on other Sins in PVP/Siege as it uncloaks them.
  • Harpy An uncommen used pet on an assasin. It's a great DD but it's ranged wich isn't very usefull when farming since it atks the mob from a distance while you have to run to the mob. But it's a great pet for a sin in a DP since it speeds the assasin up when already having a high atk. speed.

Tier 4.

  • Kentauros A summoned Kenta is a great DD in a dp and greatly increases the Sins' damage output in a DP. Its' unity plays to the strengths of the Sin Class and its' 1-hit debuff skill is effective at reducing incoming damage from a mob.
  • Angel Another odd-but-effective combo, it's unity adds p.def (more than orc, hawk or yeti) and it can heal. Its' 1-hit debuff reduces the targets' p.def and m.atk which allows more damage to be done but otherwise it does little to help the Sin DD. Possibly a good pet to use when farming (especially champ mobs) but you may get a few questions asked if you turn up to a DP with an angel!


Rank 2
Dosya:Link Mail.png R2 Link Mail Dosya:Pure Mail.png R2 Pure Mail Dosya:Asura Battle Mail.png R2 Asura Battle Mail Dosya:Light Claws.png R2 Light Claws Dosya:Picture Mail.png R2 Picture Mail
Rank 2
Dosya:Link Suit.png R2 Link Suit Dosya:Pure Suit.png R2 Pure Suit Dosya:Skull Tides.png R2 Skull Tides
Rank 3
Dosya:Progressive Armor.png R3 Progressive Armor Dosya:Demonhide Armor.png R3 Demonhide Armor Dosya:Hellish Armor.png R3 Hellish Armor
Rank 3
Dosya:Wind Suit.png R3 Wind Suit Dosya:Demonhide Tides.png R3 Demonhide Tides Dosya:Hellish Tides.png R3 Hellish Tides
Rank 4
Dosya:Grand Cross Armor.png R4 Grand Cross Armor Dosya:Shadow Mail.png R4 Shadow Mail Dosya:Knight of Belief.jpgR4 Knight of Belief
Rank 4
Dosya:Sacred Suit.png R4 Sacred Suit Dosya:Shadow Tides.png R4 Shadow Tides Dosya:Guard of Belief Icon.jpg R4Guard of Belief
Rank 5
Dosya:Bahamut Armor.png R5 Bahamut Armor Dosya:Sand Dragon Armor.png R5 Sand Dragon Armor Dosya:KnightOfProud Icon.jpg R5Knight of Proud
Rank 5
Dosya:Bahamut Suit.png R5 Bahamut Suit Dosya:Dragon's Horn Armor.png R5 Dragon's Horn Armor Dosya:GuardOfProud Icon.jpg R5Guard of Proud
Rank 6
Dosya:Falcon Armor.png R6 Falcon Armor Dosya:Knight of departed soul icon.jpg R6 Knight of Departed Soul
Rank 6
Dosya:Suit of Helios.png R6 Suit of Helios Dosya:Guard of Departed Soul.jpg R6 Guard of Departed Soul


Dual-wielding Daggers and Swords are highly recommended.


Rank 1 Dosya:Jungle Knife Icon.jpg R1Jungle Knife Dosya:Long Sword Icon.jpg R1 Long Sword
Rank 2 Dosya:Knight's Sword Icon.jpg R2Knight's Sword Dosya:Dark Curblade Icon.jpg R2 Dark Curblade Dosya:Balloon Sword Icon.jpg R2 Balloon Sword Dosya:Rapier Icon.jpg R2 Rapier
Rank 3 Dosya:Blazing Demolisher Icon.jpg R3 Blazing Demolisher Dosya:Flamberge Icon.jpg R3 Flamberge Dosya:Eternity Icon.jpg R3 Eternity
Rank 4 Dosya:Sword of Victory Icon.jpg R4 Sword of Victory Dosya:Aydakatti Icon.jpg R4 Aydakatti Dosya:Blood Seek Icon.jpg R4 Blood Seeker
Rank 5 Dosya:Beowulf Icon.jpg R5 Greywolf Dosya:Sovereign Sword Icon.png R5 Sovereign Sword
Rank 6 Dosya:Guard's Sword.png R6 Guard's Sword Dosya:Kaladbog.png R6 Kaladbog Dosya:Pragrarch.jpg R6 Pragrarch
Rank 7 Lv 150 Lv 155 Lv 160
Dosya:Unyielding Onslaught.png Dosya:R7.png Unyielding Onslaught Dosya:Relentless Assault.png Dosya:R7.png Relentless Assault Dosya:Cataclysm.png Dosya:R7.png Cataclysm


Rank 1 Dosya:Dagger Icon.jpg R1Dagger Dosya:Dirk Icon.jpg R1 Dirk
Rank 2 Dosya:Blade of Darkness Icon.jpg R2Blade of Darkness Dosya:Iron Dagger Icon.jpg R2 Iron Dagger Dosya:Knight Hawk Icon.jpg R2 Knight Hawk
Rank 3 Dosya:Hands of the Dark Icon.jpg R3 Blade of Shadow Dosya:Ornamental Silver Knife Icon.jpg R3 Ornamental Silver Knife
Rank 4 Dosya:Angelring Dagger Icon.jpg R4 Angelring Dagger Dosya:Breath of the Death Icon.jpg R4 Breath of Death Dosya:Saw Icon.jpg R4 Saw
Rank 5 Dosya:Chilanum Icon.jpg R5 Chilanum Dosya:Twist Dagger Icon.jpg R5 Twist Dagger
Rank 6 Dosya:Guard's Dagger.png R6 Guard's Dagger Dosya:Orihalcon.jpg R6 Orihalcon
Rank 7 Lv 150 Lv 155 Lv 160
Dosya:Ruthless Shredder.png Dosya:R7.png Ruthless Shredder Dosya:Render of Souls.png Dosya:R7.png Render of Souls Dosya:Bloodthirst.png Dosya:R7.png Bloodthirst

Job level bonus stats

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