Level: 50
Race: All
NPC: Fenrir Reinke
Zones: Area: Red Farm
Field: Rondo
Objectives: Collect 7 x Tortus Meat
Experience: 35,880
JP: 7,176
Rupees: 0
Gen Points: 0
Basic: 3 x Raw Tortus Meat
Previous Quest: Meeting the Oracle
Next Quest: Elohim's Trial: Strong Legs
Quest Line: Red Farm Quest Line


A gril who befriends wolves, huh? Very strange. Maybe befriending the wolf will make Luci more talkative. Perhaps some nice, juicy tortus meat from the nearby tortuses?


Deliver the previous quest to the girl Luci.

To be able to make the next quest available, you have to give a treat to the wolf Reinke, so talk to him and take the quest A Treat for Reike then go back the building and get 7 Tortus Meat pieces to satisfy Reinke.

Make sure you jave your loot pet on.

When you get the meat go back to the wolf and deliver the quest. Now interact with him as follow:

  1. (Give Reinke a treat.)
  2. (Remove the blade.)
  3. Quickly double click on Red-Haired Girl Luci
  4. (Remove blade.)
  5. You're the red-haired girl?
  6. I want to know who I am.
  7. Please. Help me.

You'll be able to repeat the quest in case you don't succeed in removing the blade and run out of food. However, repeating the quest won't result in gaining more quest rewards (EXP/JP).


This should be plenty of meat for Reinke.

Additional Information

Prior to Epic 7.3, this quest was repeatable and the amount of EXP/JP would be given upon completion. This was an easy way to get JPs for overbreeding a character.

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