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Having a Dungeon Party in Palmir Plateau Edit


Mob Levels Map.

The Shrine of Palmir Plateau is one of the easiest dungeons due to its' large number of rooms which contain only 3 monsters. Controller rooms contain a ** Boss mob and usually have 5 mobs; 2 chains of 2 mobs and a 5th unrelated mob.. With an efficient killspeed (KS), a Dungeon party should be capable of having only one monster alive at a time in a 3-mob room.

Players may start to Dungeon Party (DP) in Palmir Plateau (PP) at lvl 80, but can still DP in Crystal Valley; it should be noted that Alien Brain room in Crystal Valley dungeon has mobs up to lvl90 and a fast-respawn rate to the extent that an early-mid R4 DP (80-85) may often get more experience and drops for the same length of time they would have spent in PP. Unfortunately Alien Brain (AB) room is located right at the back of Crystal Valley dungeon which deters many players.

Use of the classes in the dungeon party

As for the basis of the Dungeon Party, a Healing class (Priest or Bishop) is always needed. The rooms are small, so one healer only should be able to keep the whole dungeon party alive. Conversely, it is the responsibility of each member of the DP to keep the healer alive, whether by taking aggro'ed mobs off him by generating treat, healing him (even using a HP Scroll generates threat) or using CC (Crowd Control) skills to reduce the damage the healer is taking. Remember that if the healer is getting hit he will be most concerned about keeping himself alive rather than you, after all- who's going to resurrect the healer? Unless there is a druid in the DP, a Blue Pixie's resurrection restores less Exp so the healer often loses the most exp per death than any other party member.

A Tanking class (Knight, Soldier, Champion, or even an Evoker) is needed to take and hold the aggro. With only one person to heal, the healer then has time to use DD'ing skills and increase the DP's KillSpeed

Having a Huna (Druid or Battle Kahuna) in your party helps a lot, because of their [CC] Crowd control abilities and buffs to P.atk, P.def and Speed. In the case of druids, having a resurrection spell which restores the same amount of Exp as a priests' (which means that if the healer dies they do not lose 4% exp per death). Battlehunas are better DD'ers than druids (they have more DD skills and slightly higher P.atk) although druids have excellent CC skills. Druids have two CC skills which make players unable to attack a mob; Explosion of Petrification and Yak Advent. While this might sound like a bad thing, they uniquely give the druid the ability to direct the entire DP's attacks against one mob, preferably the one the Tank is attacking- this makes life easier on the healer (only the Tank needs to be healed) and KS increases as a result. It is necessary for the Tank to get aggro of the CC'd mobs otherwise the huna will get hit.

The Asura mage classes (Chaos Magician or Warlock) are also welcome because of their damage-increasing buffs, fast-casting Sleep spell and their high damage output. Warlocks have an array of debuffs and traps which reduce damage to the party and make mobs die faster, whilst Chaos Mages have higher-level buffs and access to the most powerful spells in the game. Both classes should always use the skill Darkness Saver in a DP- this reduces the threat generated from their spells and makes it less likely that they will get aggro.

The Pet classes Soul Breeder and Battle Summoner give abilities to all pets which makes them cause more damage, take less damage and hit higher-lvl mobs than normal. At Rank 4 a SB or BS with two pets at his own lvl is an excellent damage dealer (DD) and a SB has the ability to heal anyones pet and restore manapoints to all pets in the party! It should be noted however that in a DP most pet classes have one main pet around their level and Dual Summon a lower-level pet to allow it to gain experience and level-up. A player can tell which pet is the main by looking for its' unity on the pet class; if there is no unity either the pet-class forgot to switch it on at the start of the DP, they have disconnected, or they have missed their Recall and only the lower-lvl pet is summoned. A pet-class missing a recall at R4 or higher is frowned upon because their main pet has to be resummoned and re-buffed (when the mage classes have time and MP) which tends to slow the DP down and reduce KS.

The Ranged Attack Classes of Archer and Shadow Hunter are simple Damage Dealers which are often overlooked but can deal spike damage to pull mobs off a healer (Archer) and sustained high damage without generating threat (Shadowhunter). For advanced play, an archer or shadow hunter can be used to pull mobs from the furthest parts of the room due to their ranged attacks, thus allowing a steady flow of mobs to the DP for efficient KS.



Mob Levels and Portals.

In Palmir Plateau, you will have to deal with the Gates if you want to move in the dungeon.

It would be a mistake to think that the gates are only doors, because they are not. The gates (or teleporters) don't automatically bring you to the closest room in front of you. Each Gate has its own return area which can be a corridor (safe place) or a room (dangerous place).

remember,these gates are confusing,and If you don't learn how to use the gates, you will easily get lost when trying to run to the DP spot. Here is a piece of advice for using the gates:

  1. Always look at which gate you click on and check the map before and after. This will help to remind you where it leads.
  2. Do the same thing if you are following a player.
  3. Consider the gates as traps: they want to get you, and to avoid it, you have to engage in another way to find the real way. So when you imagine that you should go straight, just think the opposite and this will head you on the right way. There are always exceptions: Gate 7-1 leads to the closest room, but it's not as if there was another gate at this moment.
  4. Ask your party if you are lost. Most of the time, there is someone who can tell the way without even being there.

Be Careful: Sometimes, clicking on a gate might lag you; which may result in your death if there are mobs following you or mobs in the room you are teleporting to.

Rooms/cons to go to when you are in Palmir Plateau dungeon are:

  • Con 1: Use Gate 13
  • Con 3: Use Gate 13, then Gate 7-1, turn around and go through the same Gate (now called 7)
  • Con 4: Use Gate 13, then Gate 7-1, walk to the other side of the same room and then go through Gate 8 OR use Gate 13 and after that use Gate 2

3 Mob Rooms

The DP's in a 3 Mob room settle exactly as in any other Dungeon party: the healer buffs the party, the Chipper / Tank takes the chips from the members and chips during the dungeon party, and the rest do their jobs. A donation of 100 Luna chips per member is considered sufficient, though some players offer more for Boss Kills.

Tab + F1 Issue: It is said that having a Dungeon party in such a room makes the players lazier due to the low amount of work needed. That's where you hear about "Tab+F1", which is the basic way of playing: the Damage Dealer uses Tab to switch from a dead mob to the nearest living one, and pushes on F1 to use basic attacks and attack-with-pet. They do it the entire DP and it's obvious because their MP bar is virtually always full. All party members will see this and some may PM the tab-f1'er to prompt them to use skills. Most players that use this method of fighting are hard to convince to use skills, even more so if some of the party has use a Stamina Saver or Animal Cracker because they know most parties will keep them in party instead of kicking from the party and lowering the kill speed while they look for a replacement.

Using skills in a 3 Mob room increases the killspeed, which directly increases the amount of Experience and Job Points earned. In Epic 6 part 2, dungeon mobs recieved a boost to their Hp and magic defense, and also give more experience. However, this means that most mobs now require 2 chips to be killed during which time other mobs can spawn nearby and start attacking; as a result players are advised to use any CC skills they have to reduce incoming damage or take an Add from a mage class (blinds, freezes, holds, sleeps and stuns are the most commonly used, although even Fear is preferable to letting a mob beat-up another player, unless that player is the Tank).

Many players know how to use their skills in PvP, and think it's not needed in a 3 Monster Room, since it's easy.

A tank should never Tab+F1 otherwise he would lose aggro and give more work to the healer.

Keep in mind that the faster you kill, the more Experience you get.

Things to Remember about Palmir PlateauEdit

  • Say Please and Show manners/respect to those in your party. Rappelz was not created to mimic our daily realities and lives. Sometimes people wait long periods of time to join DP's. They aren't waiting to deal with your personal issues brought alive in Rappelz. Rappelz is an escape. Kindness is the best lubricrant. Need something? Then ask politely. It creates good mojo in your dp. Everyone is happy. Morale is up. Mobs die faster. You get the reward from kindness. Need to be a prick? Go off and solo.
  • Want to get healers faster? How about offer them a free Feather of Summons\Union. Have the DP members (except Healer) pitch in and buy a Union feather if healers are few and far between. This way the Healers will be more apt to want to join your party. It also shows that as a party you have some forethought or planning. (Typically is true and results in fast kill speed). Good DP's where people enjoy themselves have a tendency to go for 2nd or 3rd Rounds. That could be a level or 2 in a day for you and your pet.
  • This should be ingrained into you by the time you reach R4, but always remember to use Luna Chips. They allow for Physical and Magical Attacks from any class. Take note, nothing screams noob more than a person who chips over someone with a soul/force chip and Rappelz Wikia is not responsible for your death if pked for this reason.
  • If you are the buffing type of player, try to keep your party strong and buff them on a regular basis. This will increase killspeed and morality of the party members.