Altar of the Goddess in Horizon

There is an Altar of the Goddess in each village area.

At the Altar of the Goddess you may donate items. If you donate enough items then you are rewarded with positive morality points. This is important if you have earned a red name and/or wrath by PK-ing another player.

It may also be useful to maintain a positive morality point balance:

  • Just in case you feel the urge to PK someone and don't want to earn Evil morality points
  • You can spend Good morality points at the Altar of Goddess to purchase a container that may contain one of the items in the listed in donation rewards.
  • The top 10 ranking donators of every month on each server will be rewarded Decorative Angel Wings.

The best items to donate are those useless excess items you pick up from mob drops - Counterpoison Scrolls, Return Scrolls, etc.

An alternative is to purchase items in Auction House that are at their lowest possible value and donate them: they'll count 4 times the price you paid.

You earn 0.0001 Moral points per rupee donated (10,000 rupees = 1 Moral point). Moral points from item donations are based on NPC selling price of the item, so if you donate an item that an NPC sells for 10,000 rupees, you will gain 1 Moral point.

Donation Rewards
Moral Points Donation in Rupees Required Name of Item Possible Items Contained
1,000 10,000,000 Metal Box
  • Metal Rupee Bag - Randomly gives between 1,000,000 R and 10,000,000 R when opened.
  • Random Soulstone
  • +2 Skill Card
5,000 50,000,000 Bronze Box
10,000 100,000,000 Silver Box
30,000 300,000,000 Gold Box
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