Helmets Edit

These are general use helmets for all jobs and races:

Invisible Helmets Visible Helmets
R1 Rank 1: Cap IconCap Bandana Icon Bandana Santa Claus Hat icon Santa Claus Hat
R2 Rank 2: Wooden Helmet Icon Wooden Helmet Kypa Icon Kypa
R3 Rank 3: Metal Helm Icon Bone Helmet Metal Helm Icon War Gear
R4 Rank 4: Metal Helm Icon Excellent Helm Metal Helm Icon War Helm
R5 Rank 5: Metal Helm Icon Ancient Helm
R6 Rank 6: Guard Helm Icon Guard Helm
R7 Rank 7: Mirage Helm Mirage Helm

These helmets can be used by a certain job of any race (All of these are visible):

Warrior Hunter Magician Summoner
Rank 2 Guardian Helm IconGuardian Helm Feathery Hood Icon Feathery Hood Circlet of Concentration Icon Circlet of Concentration Floppy Casquette Icon Floppy Casquette
Rank 3 Bloody Horn Icon Bloody Horn Hidden Avenger Icon Hidden Avenger Spirit Linker Icon Spirit Linker Soul Breeder Icon Master Breeder's Hood
Rank 4 Fierce Fang Icon Fierce Fang Silent Gale Icon Silent Gale Vision of Soul Icon Vision of Soul Valient Roar Icon Valiant Roar
Rank 5 Warmonger Hood Warmonger Hood Shadow Veil Shadow Veil Illusionary Mind Illusionary Mind Primal Mask Primal Mask
Rank 6 Brutal Crown Brutal Crown Tempest Vision Tempest Vision Enlightened Sight Enlightened Sight Soul Eye Soul Eye|
Rank 7 Lv 150 Itzmunas Guardian Helmet Sterling Guardian Helmet Hunting Gods Safekeeping Ivory Hood Icon helmet priest whitedragon Crystalline Coronet Icon helmet summoner whitedragon Brilliant Jewel Helm
MCWarrior4 Warrior's Master Helmet MCHunter4 Hunter's Master Helmet MCMage4 Magician's Master Helmet MCSummoner4 Summoner's Master Helmet
Lv 155 Voidwarp Helm Voidwarp Helmet Obsidian Helm Obsidian Helm Nemesis Crown Nemesis Crown Ashenslate Helmet Ashenslate Hat
Lv 160

Costumes Edit

Shields Edit

Deffense Magewall
Rank 1 Light Shield Icon Light Shield
Rank 2 Heavy Shield Icon Heavy Shield R2MW Ruby Magewall
Rank 3 Lv 50 Bone Shield Icon Bone Shield R3MW Azure Magewall
Divine Protection of Steel Icon Divine Protection of Steel
Lv 65 65 shield 1-1- Mirror Shield 65 magewall 1-1- Symbiotic Shield
Rank 4 Excellent Shield Icon Excellent Shield R4MW Magewall of the Minotaur
Rank 5 Lv 100 Ancient Shield Icon Ancient Shield R5MW Magewall of Bloodthirst
Lv 110 110 shield 1-1- Bloodcharge Shield 110 magewall-1- Watcher's Shield
Rank 6 Windcrust Windcrust R6MW Magewall of Eternity
Rank 7 Lv 150 Dragon Spiked Shield Dragon Spiked Shield R7MW150 Ivory Magewall
Lv 155 Wall of Blue Diamond Scales Wall of Blue Diamond Scales R7MW155 Obsidian Magewall
155 shield-1- Imbued Shield 155 magewall-1- Eclipse
Lv 160 Shield of Sacred Souls Shield of Sacred Souls R7MW160 Golden Magewall
Master Class MCSh Ancient Dragon Shield MCMW Mask's Mirror

Gloves Edit

Rank 1 Light Glove Icon Light Gloves
Rank 2 Wild Leather Glove Icon Wild Leather Gloves
Nightfall Gloves Icon Nightfall Gloves
Tweed Leather Gloves Icon Tweed Leather Gloves
Rank 3 Silky Glove Icon Silky Gloves
Plate Glove Icon Plate Gloves
Knuckle Gloves Icon Knuckle Gloves
Tacky Light Glove Icon Tacky Light Gloves
Rank 4 Strider Gloves Icon Strider Gloves
Dignity Gloves Icon Dignity Gloves
Quilted Gloves Icon Quilted Gloves
Rank 5 Luna Raid Glove Icon Luna Raid Gloves
Rank 6 ZenisharianG Zenisharian Gloves

Warrior Hunter Magician Summoner
Rank 7 Lv 150 Sterling Gloves Sterling Guardian Gloves HuntingGG Ivory Gloves Ancient white majester gloves Crystalline Gloves Glacial Gloves Glacial Gloves
ErgonWarrior2 Ergon Cratos Gauntlets ErgonHunter2 Ergon Cratos Gloves ErgonMage2 Ergon Cratos Mitten ErgonSummoner2 Ergon Cratos Gage
MCWarrior2 Warrior's Master Gloves MCHunter2 Hunter's Master Gloves MCMage2 Magician's Master Gloves MCSummoner2 Summoner's Master Gloves
Lv 155 Voidwarp Gauntlets Obsidian Gauntlets Nemesis Gauntlets Ashensltate Gauntlets
Lv 160

Boots Edit

Rank 1 Adventurer Shoes Icon Adventurer Shoes
Rank 2 Wild Leather Shoes Icon Wild Leather Shoes
Tanning Boots Icon Tanning Boots
Malleable Shoes Icon Malleable Shoes
Rank 3 Silky Shoes Icon Silky Shoes
Plate Boots Icon Plate Boots
Shadow Shoes Icon Shadow Shoes
Combat Shoes Icon Combat Shoes
Rank 4 Strider Boots Icon Strider Boots
Dignity Shoes Icon Dignity Shoes
Assault Shoes Icon Assault Shoes
Rank 5 Luna Raid Boots Icon Luna Raid Boots
Rank 6 ZenisharianB Zenisharian Boots

Warrior Hunter Magician Summoner
Rank 7 Lv 150 Itzmuna'sGB Sterling Guardian Boots HuntingGB Ivory Boots Crystalline Boots Crystalline Boots Glacial Boots Glacial Shoes
ErgonWarrior3 Ergon Cratos Greaves ErgonHunter3 Ergon Cratos Boots ErgonMage3 Ergon Cratos Slippers ErgonSummoner3 Ergon Cratos Shoes
MCWarrior3 Warrior's Master Gloves MCHunter3 Hunter's Master Gloves MCMage3 Magician's Master Gloves MCSummoner3 Summoner's Master Gloves
Lv 155 Voidwarp Boots Obsidian Boots Nemesis Slippers Ashenslate Slippers
Lv 160

Belts Edit

In addition of a small P.Def & Weight bonus, belts also allow you to equip a pet card. A pet with the right skill can give you various bonuses once belted.

Also from level 150 there are other kinds of belts with different effect and stat and can be checked on Jewelry Sets page.

Rank Name P.Def Max Extra Weight Weight
R2Rank 2: Light Belt icon Light Belt 6 200 22
R3Rank 3: Great Belt icon Great Belt 12 700 24
R4Rank 4: Excellent Belt icon Excellent Belt 18 1300 26
R5Rank 5: Ancient Belt icon Ancient Belt 25 2000 28
R6Rank 6: Guard Belt icon Guard Belt 31 2800 30
R7Rank 7: Lv 150 Corona Belt icon Corona Belt 37 3600 32
Master Class BeltMC Master Belt 38 3600 32
Lv 155 Belt155 Ash Belt 38 3600 32
Lv 160 Belt160 Riptide Belt 39 3600 32
Lv 160 Bearskinbelt Bear Skin Belt 41 3960 + 3% 36

Cloaks Edit

R1 CloakR1 Icon Skinny Cloak Cloak of Honor Cloak of Honor  Halloween cape Halloween Surprise Mantle Christmas Mantle icon Christmas Mantle
R2 CloakR2 Icon Guardian Cape CloakR2b Icon Protector Cape CloakR2c Icon Woven Cape
R3 CloakR3 Icon Archaic Cloak CloakR3b Icon Cloak of Dignity CloakR3c Icon Cloak of Fighting Spirit Cloak of unity Cloak of Unity/ Rank6 for Thai Server
R4 CloakR4b Icon Mantle of Bravery CloakR4 Icon Mantle of Angels CloakR4c Icon Mantle of Hope Raptor Raptor Cape
R5 CloakR5 Icon Mantle of Hero Force of deva Force of Deva Ess of gaia Essence of Gaia Energy of asura Energy of Asura
R6 Mantle of Blue Dragon Mantle of Blue Dragon Divine wings Divine Wings Monarch Monarch Cloak Dark wing Wings of Darkness
R7 CloakObsi Obsidikar Spine Cloak CloakSeren Cloak of Holy Serenity
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