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Berserker Berserker
Race Gaia
Job Change Master Class
Job Class Warrior Class
Previous Job Champion
Common role(s)
Job preferred Weapon(s)

Swords, Two Handed, Bows, Spears, Axes, One Handed, Axes, Two Handed

Gaia Warrior Master Class
Defensive warrior who can defend from multiple targets. It has good combination whit Magician. It can use spiracle skills freely by earning some knowledge for spiracle charge.

Gaian Champions who have completed the Master Trials will be able to become Berserkers. Berserkers are very powerful physical damage based warriors. They are most notable for their Energy Bomb skill which does a significant amount of damage to their opponents. They are capable of using two handed axes or dual axes both of which have their own unique skills. They function as damage dealers in most parties, however if a tank is required, they can activate their Steel Presence toggle (+20% threat) to fill in the spot. They are excellent in PvP due to their "nuke" skills, the possession of some Archer skills like Spiracle Shock Shot and Freezing Arrow, as well as the ability to reduce the enemy's cast speed (up to 120 reduction) with their Hysteria skill. 

Berserker's using the Spiracle Tree can get up to 10 Spiracles at once!



1. Very high strength and vitality especially at higher job levels.

2. Can function as a tank (2h axe) or damage dealer (dual axes)

3. Has the strongest P.Atk based spike damage skill - Energy Bomb.

4. Has a few good debuffs - Essence Of Thunder: -30% Attack Speed / Movement Speed.


1. Very Expensive if you want to use both dual axes and 2h axe

2. MP Pool still low and will run out very fast with high spam skills

Notable SkillsEdit

Energy Bomb - Throw 8 Spiracles at the enemy dealing devastating damage.

Wave Cut - 4 Strikes that can deal significant damage to the enemy (AOE).

Earth Shatter - Spam-like skill that deals damage and reduces the enemy's movement speed by 50%.

Hysteria - Increase attack speed by 60 and reduce the enemy's cast speed by 120.

Essence of Thunder - Your attacks have a chance to reduce the enemy's attack and movement speed by 30%

Barbarian Rage - You have a chance to deal an additional attack when using melee.


[List of broken skills and features, if applies]

Recommended BuildsEdit

  • The Berserker can easily solo. Why? Simply because by having a higher attack speed to 200 (recommended 250), a party does not need to level up or farm the game... may even go to the dungeon with a hard core Blue Pixie or a Unicorn.
  • To play alone is highly recommended a Blue Pixie not less than stage 3, or a Unicorn in the same wingspan.



  • Any soul pet healer (Human is the best)


  • 3x S3 Cerberus + 2x S4 Skeleton (For 2x 1h axe)

Your main goal pet wise in a DP is to increase DD on the mob and help increase your own DD. Depending on your dura build, certain pets work better than others. Being Master Class, you should have enough money for S5 T2's with +10 or higher weapon gears. Armor doesn't matter: we are Berserkers, how is a pet going to out aggro us? (lol)


  • 2 x level 90 skeletons s4 greatly increases the Atk Spd
  • Kentauros s1 or Hawkmen s4
  • Yeti s4-s5 or Golem s0-s5 Vit/P.Def



[Table of costumes that can be worn by the job


[Table of helmets that can be worn by the job]


Dura Setups 2h Axe
Dura / Effect Why #'s Commanding / Patk Higher Patk = More DD PATK > 10k
Ruthless / Crit. Power Criticals need Max Power Crit Pow > 170
Unrelenting /Crit Ratio More Crits = more DD easier Crit Rate > 40%
Tenacious / Pdef Less damage for Tanking Pdef > 4k
Mercurial / Mp Recov In case Mana pool Runs low Mp Recov > 700

For Dual 1h Axes, same reasons as above but add

Devouring / Attack speed More Attacks HIt Per Chip Atk Spd > 175

Job level bonus statsEdit

edit data
JLv Str Vit Agi Int Wis Dex Luck
48 6 5 5 3 3 4 1
49 6 6 4 3 3 5 2
50 6 5 5 2 4 4 1


Berserker skills

Left ColumnEdit

Icon Name Price Level Description
Steel Presence Steel Presence 1 TP

Per lvl

2/2 Toggle: +50% Threat, +15% MAX HP, +15% Vitality. Requires: 3mp every 5sec, CD = 30sec.
Earth Shatter Earth Shatter 1 TP 1/1 Dual and Two-handed Axes: AOE attack (up to 3 targets); applies a -50% movement speed debuff thats last 2 sec. 4 sec CD.
Short Temper Short Temper JP 2/3 Passive: Enhances Skill by increasing the duration of the de-buff.
Provocation Provocation JP 10/10 Toggle: Increases the threat of your basic attacks and skills by 100%
Wave Cut Wave Cut JP 20/20 Dual axes and two-handed axes; ranged attack (5m), 4 hit skill, CD = 25sec (lvl 20).
Earth Shaker Earth Shaker JP 20/20 Dual and two-handed axe skill that does AOE damage and applies a 4 sec stun. CD = 50sec (lvl 20)
Zephyr Strike Zephyr Strike JP 10/10 Dual and two-handed spam-like skill that does AOE damage and applies a 14 sec DOT; causes high threat. CD 4 sec (lvl 10)
Final Defense Final Defense JP 10/10 Passive: If HP is less than 30%, 10 sec defensive buff gets activated: all incoming damage is reduced by 33%
Shield Barrier Shield Barrier JP 10/10 Passive: You have a chance when being struck to increase your P.Def by 7% (stacks 5 times)

Middle ColumnEdit

Icon Name Price Level Description
Berserker Rage Berserker Rage 1 TP

Per Lvl

2/2 Passive: Upon attacking, chance to reduce the CDs of the following skills: Barbarian Rage CD reduced by 3sec, Essence of thunder CD -3sec,
Hysteria Hysteria 1 TP 1/1

Toggle: Your basic attacks and skills have a 100% chance of increasing your attack speed by 6 (stacks 10 times)

Your basic attacks and skills have a 100% chance of decreasing your opponents cast speed by 9 (stacks 10 times)

Blind Fury Blind Fury JP 1/3

2/3 3/3

Reduces Hysteria's MP consumption
Barbarian Rage Barbarian Rage JP 8/8 Allows Player to perform two successive attacks, for 5 min Barbarian rage is active, 49% chance to attack twice, CD = 10min.
Thunder Slayer Essence Of Thunder JP 5/5 Consumes 5 Spiracles; your melee attacks have a 9% chance of applying a -30% atk.spd and movement speed debuff on your enemy for 5 seconds. Buff lasts 5min. CD = 7mins (lvl 5)
Storming Serial Cut Storming Serial Cut JP 20/20 Dual axes only, 3 hit skill, 5sec stun, CD = 15sec (lvl 20).
Log Split Log Split JP 30/30 Dual and Two-hand axe skill that deals damage and applies a -270 P.Def debuff for 10 seconds. CD = 8sec (lvl 30)
Thunderbolt Wind Cut Thunderbolt Wind Cut JP 9/9

Dual axe skill that does AOE damage and applies a 16 sec DOT.    

CD = 45sec.

Whirlwind Assault Whirlwind Assault JP 20/20 Dual axes only, AOE around target, 3 hits, radius 4m,CD = 3min.

Right ColumnEdit

Icon Name Price Level Description
Deadly Spiracle Charge Fatal Charge 1 TP

Per Lvl

2/2 Passive: Your melee attacks and skills have a 5% chance of creating a Spiracle
True Spiracle Charge Spiracle Rush 1 TP 1/1 Summons all spiracles and recovers a large amount of HP and MP, CD = 1min.
True Spiracle Charge Training Blood Rush JP 1/3 

2/3 3/3

Passive:  Reduces the cooldown of Spiracle Rush by 5, 10, 15 seconds respectively for each level.
Energy Charge Energy Charge JP 10/10 Consumes spiracles to recover 2122 HP and 10% of Max HP. Also recovered are 216 MP and 10% of Max MP. 
Spiracle of Vitality Spiracle of Vitality JP 10/10 Self Buff: Consumes 10 Spiracles and applies a +80 Vitality buff for 10mins. CD = 5mins
Behemoth Force Behemoth Force JP 10/10 Self Buff: Consumes 10 Spiracles and applies a +80 Strength buff for 10mins. CD = 5mins
Essence of Invulnerability Essence of Invulnerability JP 5/5 Self Buff: Consumes 5 Spiracles; 100% chance to reduce incoming damage from melee and P.atk skills by 300% for 10 sec CD= 20min
Spiracle Cannon Spiracle Cannon JP 9/9 Ranged Skill: Consumes a Spiracle to deal damage. Causes high threat. CD = 10 sec (lvl 9)
Energy Bomb Energy Bomb JP 20/20 Ranged Skill: Consumes 5 Spiracles to deal 8 hits that deal massive damage. CD = 45sec (lvl 20)
Spiracle Mastery Spiracle Mastery JP 10/10 Allows up to 10 spiracles to be summoned simultaneously.

Gaia Racial BuffsEdit

Icon Name Cost Level Description
Gaian Strength Gaian Strength JP 7/7 Buff: +1.9% Critical Ratio, +5.9 Critical Power for 30m, CD=15s MP: 385
Gaian Resilience Gaian Resilience JP 7/7 Passive: +7% resistance to Sleep, Petrify and Fear.
Wheel Of Destiny Wheel Of Destiny JP 7/7 Passive: 210% of your Critical Ratio is converted into P.Atk
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