Level: 35
Race: All
NPC: Trader Elmin
Zones: Area: Horizon Area
Region: Horizon North
Town: Horizon
Field: First Valmore Mine
Objectives: Collect
12 x Rusty Tools off the Ground
Experience: 30,716
JP: 2,362
Rupees: 28,000
Gen Points: 112
Choice: 80 x Luna Chips
6 x Cold Spaghetti
6 x Black Bean Noodles
Previous Quest:
Next Quest: Delivering Tool Box


"Do you know what is the best in the world? Powerful weapons? Beautiful jewel?"


Take the road north out of Horizon and when it forks take the right path heading east. The road will fork twice more and each time take the left. Once in the First Valmore Mines,


"Oh, you come back. What took you so long? You know everything costs you money. Water, air, even time are not free! Oh, god..."