A buff is a spell that does good things to a recipient. Usually it boosts one or more stats or abilities. You use an Active skill to cast a buff at a target or yourself. You may use certain consumable items to receive a buff for yourself. Common buffs include:

  • Spells from a mage class player
  • Self buffs
  • Stamina Saver
  • Quick Potion, Wind potion, Spell Potion, etc.

A buff may either increase an attribute of the target or give a positive status effect.

List of Positive Status EffectsEdit

Added DamageEdit

Gives additional damage (usually damage of a specific element) to basic attacks or skill attacks depending on the buff description. In the case of additional damage to basic attacks, the damage will usually appear as a +xxx to the right of damage animation for normal hits but not for critical hits. For both normal hits and critical hits the damage will appear in the chat dialog. For additional damage buffs which affect skill damage, the damage will not be displayed separately. It will be added to the skill damage, but only the final damage is displayed. Examples of skills which give this effect:


Abbreviation which stands for "heal over time". For a period of time, this effect will heal for a specific amount stated in the skill description per interval of time which is also stated in the skill description. Each individual heal by the effect is commonly referred to as the heal per "tick" (as in the tick an antique clock makes). An example would be a skill which has a duration of 12 seconds and heals for 100 at intervals of 2 seconds. In this example, the "tick" would be 2 seconds, and the "heal per tick" would be 100. The total number of ticks would be 12 seconds / 2 seconds per tick = 6 ticks. The total healing of the effect would be 100 healed per tick * 6 ticks = 600 healed. Examples of skills which give this effect:

Reduced DamageEdit

For a period of time, this effect reduces incoming damage to the recipient by a percentage. This effect occurs after and in addition to the defense points applied to the incoming damage. Therefore, this type of buff "stacks" with the recipients existing defense. This buff also applies to some damage effects which are not normally affected by the players defenses such as DOTs. Examples of skills which give this effect:

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