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Quests are one of the aspects of the game. They are a way to earn Job/Gen/Experience points. They are also a way to reward you with different types of items. And finally, they're a way for the newcomers to learn the basics of the game.

Here are various information about quests:

  • You can open the quest screen with Alt+Q.
  • You can only have 20 open quests.
  • To complete quests, you have to do one of the following
    • Defeat a certain quantity of mobs
    • Collect a certain quatity of quest items off the ground
    • Collect a certain quatity of quest items from defeating mobs
    • Talk to someone
  • Your pets don't get the Experience Points given to you by completing the quest.
  • The amount of Experience Points you get from completing the quest is not increased if there is an exp rate event.

Quest Difficulty Indications

Difficulty of quests can be estimated by the colour of their heading in your Quest List. If the text is white, the mobs associated with the quest have similar levels to you or lower, green - quest is little bit harder, yellow - harder still, Orange and red - mobs have much higher lvl than you.

It should be noted that Boss quests will display in this same way (as you approach the level of the boss, the indicator color moves closer to white,) but be aware that boss monsters are much higher difficulty than normal monsters and may require help to defeat. (example: Oforia and Abhuva)

Quest information

To see information about quests, either

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