Caveat: A modifying or cautionary detail to be considered when evaluating, interpreting, or doing something.

There are some hazards in the game other than mobs. The trickiest hazards are created by other players. The easiest hazards to avoid come from your own human error!

Protect your passwordsEdit

Character Selection Screen Lower Right

This should go without saying but people forget or get lulled into a false sense of security. You have two passwords for your account. Make them difficult to guess and don't share either one with a friend.

The first password is used to login to the Webzen servers. The only place to modify that password is at the Webzen web site:

The other password is set for each Rappelz game server (Tyrant, Baphomet, Undine, Unicorn (PvE)) that you access. You can change this password at the Alt+Z Character Selection screen - just look for the Password change button.

Be wary of files you download. Keylogger programs are popular and have many clever ways of entering your PC. Simple ways to protect yourself from them are..

  • Do not click any "attachments" in e-mails you don't know or are considered spam. 
  • Do not download anything that promises free items or free services in Rappelz. Not only is it against the rules, but it also puts your account in danger!
  • Avoid suspicious websites you're not sure about. Sometimes Keyloggers can be installed by simply clicking a URL. (If you don't have anti-virus/anti-spyware and/or its not up to date.)
  • Also, make sure your anti-virus/spyware is up to date!

Finally, beware of people sitting or standing near you. Accidentally typing your warehouse password with someone around is one way for the password to be leaked. Also, a good rule of thumb is never use the same password on multiple games/sites.

Be smart. Don't disclose your passwords to anyone; and change your password often.


When mouse clicks and character movements on screen are out of sync or when frame rate is lower then normal you are experiencing lag. Sometimes it will occur at the most unfortunate of times resulting in your character's death or maybe you'll be unable to pick up that empty Angel card that just dropped from a mob!

Lag has three possible sources -

  • client side lag,
  • server side lag,
  • communication lag.

Rarely is the communication delay between your PC and the server a cause of lag but it is mentioned for completeness. You can very readily eliminate the communication delay as a possible cause by pinging the Webzen server from a DOS command prompt.

There is nothing you can do about Server side delay. The more players using a server the higher the probability of server side delay problems occurring. Currently the only way to check the server usage is via a color coded square along side each server in the list at the Server Selection Screen. Alt+Z Character Selection then click the logout button and re-enter your AccountID and password. If the server status box is very red then it is very congested. If it is just pink or yellow or green then you should not be experiencing lag due to player congestion.

Client side lag is the only lag that you can do anything about. here are the usual tips and tricks:

  • Close any other application running in the background. Periodic updates of virus signature database, automated downloads of windows updates, another network user accessing your PC's hard drive for some video or music files, etc. All these activities can cause the game to stop responding briefly or seem intermittent.
  • Adjust the Graphics options to reduce the amount of work you are demanding of your video card. Simple shadows instead of specific shadows, water reflections, trees, weather effects, etc. Each one of these options places a load on your video card and/or your system memory.
  • Double check that the resolution you are using is the native resolution for your display.
  • Be aware of shared broadband connections. If you use a router to share a broadband connection with several PCs and other networked devices then traffic from another device can cause your communication with the server to be interrupted or delayed: other users and file downloading or file sharing activity, VOIP telephony or fax, etc.
  • Finally, double check that your hardware and drivers meet the advertised minimum system requirements.


There are plenty of sincere players in the game. Don't read too much into the forum chat about scams and so forth. It is very much a case of the vocal minority creating a mountain out of a mole hill.

Having said that, just a little common sense and trusting your instincts will serve you well. Dishonesty is at the heart of most scams although incompetence can also lead to the same effect.

  • So be safe and trust no one!
  • Verify everything you read using at least 2 independent sources
  • Take small risks early on and learn with small losses
  • Only play chance games with items you can afford to lose or destroy
  • Be advised that GM's have stated they will only intervene in player scams involving creature taming services.

Dishonest shop ownersEdit

Falsely advertised JP-free or "Fresh" tamed creature cardsEdit

When purchasing a pet from another player, always assume that the pet is skilled in the worse possible manner. Phrases like "all JP free" cannot be proven without trading the pet to look at, and should be assumed as false. Likewise, "perfectly skilled" pets are largely a matter of opinion, and should be assumed to be badly skilled. Pet respecialization potions are available through the Cash Shop. Update (April 2012): with the current release of the game, you can right click the pet card and go to the skill page to check out what skill it has. If you see nothing, it means the pet is JP-free.

A "fresh" tamed pet is a creature that has been sealed in a creature card (tamed) but never placed into a creature formation slot or summoned. The card will appear with no level number but labeled in yellow text with the type of creature sealed in the card and the words "evo. level: basic" If you see a level number next to the text denoting the type of pet, or the word empty it is not a fresh pet!

A shop selling at high price and another buying at a higher priceEdit

ItemA has a market value of 100m. PlayerA opens a Sell shop, selling ItemA at 115m. No problem with that, market rules apply (no one's gonna buy). But PlayerB opens a Buy shop, buying ItemA at 120m.

Wow! Buy at 115m (because you don't have that item), sell at 120m! 5m profit for you! W00t! No. 15m profit for PlayerA.

Most likely, PlayerB equipped himself with lots of Strength boost item, and received the best Strength buffs out there, allowing him to carry much more weight that he usually could. He then loaded his inventory with heavy junk then waited the buffs to expire and unequipped his Strength gear, rendering him overloaded. He then opened his buy shop, knowing that even if he had the money to buy the items advertised, he could not accept them because he was overloaded.

So you buy overpriced from PlayerA and can't sell to PlayerB.

PlayerA and PlayerB may well be run by the same human, on two different accounts.

Another variant: PlayerA opens up a Sell shop, selling uncommon ItemA at 15% over market value. PlayerB is spamming the chat "WTB ItemA for [20% over market value], pm me please". You tell to yourself "Wooaa nice profit over a dumb lazy ass!". You hurry and go buy ItemA from PlayerA's shop, then try to contact PlayerB via PM. "[From: system]: You may not whisper to this character." Because he's logged out as soon as you bought the item from PlayerA. Damn. Then you go back to see PlayerA's shop... nowhere to be found.

You spent 1) too much money 2) on something you don't need. You don't feel too well after that.

If something's looking too good to be true, it's probably a scam.

Dishonest player provided servicesEdit


Creature Taming is a necessary service of Rappelz, but it's also an easy way for someone to rob you of your hard earned pet cards. There are a number of steps that you can take, when using a tamer to make sure that you (and your pet card) don't fall victim to a scammer.

  • Ask around.
While every tamer has to start somewhere, it takes a lot of work to get +3 level 10 taming (or higher!). chances are, someone knows your tamer, and can vouch for their trustworthiness
  • Ask to see their card.
Some tamers are superstitious about removing their card before a tame. But when in doubt, or if no one can verify their taming skill, ask to see the taming card. The tamer should be able to unequip the card and show it to you in a trade window. if they refuse, its probably wise to take your business elsewhere.
  • Make sure your tamer is a pet class
Only Battle Summoners, Soul Breeders and Evokers have level 10 taming. Your tamer should be at least rank 3 (the common level is rank 4 or higher but some tamers may delevel to farm).
  • Take screen shots.
In the event that you are scammed by a tamer (or someone pretending to be one) screenshots are your proof. Take pictures of the conversation with the tamer agreeing to tame for you and any agreed upon amount for payment, the trade window as you are giving the pet card to the tamer, and take another picture of the taming status message if the pet succeeds.

Know what to expect during a taming attempt Taming experiences may very from attempt to attempt and from tamer to tamer, however there are some things that should always happen during a tame.

  • The tamer should invite you to a party.
  • You should go with the tamer while they attempt the tame
  • You will need to give your empty pet card to the tamer.
  • The tamer will cast a spell on the correct type of creature (listed on the empty card).
  • You should see a message that says "Attempting to tame creature name"
  • The tamer will kill the creature.
  • You will see a message that says "Taming creature name has failed (or) succeeded." and a heart animation over the creatures head. If the taming fails the heart will break. If the taming succeeds the heart will stay whole as the creature collapses.
  • The tamer should give you back your tamed card if the tame was successful, and you should give the tamer any payment due (or donation).

If you believe you have been scammed during a tame you should email customer service with your character's name, the type and number of cards, the name of the tamer, a description of what happened, and any screen shots you may have. GM's may take up to three business days to reply but even without screenshots a GM will usually intervene if you have been scammed during a taming attempt.


First rule for new players, never give your pets to another player for leveling up.

There are some people that may offer to level up your pet, unless you know the player, never give your pet to someone else or you run the risk of losing it.


IF your going to repair a weapon with E-Repair then you are better off buying a new weapon and enchanting it again. But if its a good equip and is worth alot E.G. a +7 lvl 10 r4/r5/r6/r7 then your better off buying e-repair. PM me for MORE QUESTIONS ON BAHUNMUt "xxArcDarkAngelxx

AH biddingEdit

Dishonest player-to-player transactionsEdit

Bait and switchEdit

Common tactic used mainly on inattentive/new players.

First a desired item, lets say Widget A, is asked to be bought. Then a player (scammer) says they have Widget A to sell (bait). You open up trade and you see it's Widget A that they are giving you. The scammer cancels the trade and tries to trade you again. Depending on their experience the scammer may do this several times until finally, they try to make the switch.

They will try to trade Widget B instead, but since you are so tired of them restarting the trade you don't notice the wrong item and you end up paying for the, very likely, poor item.

Note: it never hurts to screenshot a trade (or any player-to-player transaction/interaction), as these are your only proof of anything in Rappelz.

Drop and runEdit

This technique may have been in use before player to player trade interface was released. It is prone to exploitation. PlayerA invites PlayerB to trade some item and persuades PlayerB to drop the item on the ground and then to pick up whatever item PlayerA has dropped on the ground. (A bit like the prisoner exchange at the border from those cold war movies about espionage and intrigue!)

PlayerA's partner in crime swoops in or uncloaks to pick up PlayerB's dropped item and of course PlayerA picks up whatever PlayerA had dropped before PlayerB gets to it.

PlayerB is left with a sick feeling in the stomach!

Be warned of such con-artists.

Let me borrowEdit

This one should be obvious. Never loan any item to another player. If you do let someone borrow an item and it is not returned then customer support will not help you in any way.

  • The only exception to that policy is the necessary loaning of an empty creature sealing card to a tamer for the purpose of taming. See the Pet article for a description of that process and then read the Taming section on this page for the recommended safety measures.


You are PlayerA and want to trade Item1 for Item2. PlayerB comes up and say "Hey, I want your Item1, but I don't have the Item2 you ask. However, PlayerC has that Item2 you ask, and wants the Item3 I have to offer. So all we have to do is simple: You give me Item1, I give him Item3 and then he gives you Item2 and everyone goes on farming happy!"

Fair? No.

Once you give Item1, they're is now way to make sure you'll end up with the Item2 because trade windows are made for 2 players, not 3. And often, these player may run two account at once to make you believe they are two different players. If they never speak to you at the same time but alternating, you can figure out easily that it's a scam. If they use same language, start to be mad at you and pushing you to conclude the trade at the same time, it's all techniques seen to make you give your item.

Dishonest chatEdit

Masquerading as GMEdit

A message from a Webzen authorized Game Master (GM) appears as orange font whether it is seen in General chat or as a Whisper privately to you.

  • A Webzen employee will never ask for your password!

Price checkEdit

The best way to check prices for items is in the auction house, the sellers in the cities often set their prices too high.

Shouting "PC item name" in chat usually does not provide very accurate responses. You might as well shout WTS (want to sell) because the players responding will probably be bargain hunters happy to take whatever item off your hands.

Be sure the price is fair before buying or selling.

NPC buy-back pricesEdit

Not exactly a scam but for the new player comparing the price that another player is offering to buy an item against, the price they get if selling to an NPC shop can be a bit misleading. NPC shops buy back items for 25% of the price the NPC would sell the same item for. This is almost always much less than the current market price.

The best point of reference for price checks is to visit the Auction House and see what bids people have placed. Not the minimum bid and not even the Buy Now price, but the actual bid prices. (Sometimes even those bid prices can be manipulated by an agent of the seller.)

Matters of chanceEdit

  • Have you ever bought a lottery ticket or scratch-it card?
  • Have you ever gambled at an online casino?

If you answered no to both questions then you may be a conscientious objector when it comes to gambling. If you answered no only to the second question then you might be just a little taken aback to realize that certain aspects of Rappelz are played just like a game in a casino or a lottery draw.

If you are a Cash Shop user then enjoy the game but set yourself a budget. The game is addictive and therefore exercising the necesary discipline to stick to your budget might require some assistance from a 3rd party.

The following wikipedia articles are good reading about matters of chance and not just the subject of gambling. If you find your game play influenced by superstition circulated as rumor via in-game chat or forum discussions (or even in this wiki!) then a read of the following articles might help clear your head and help you to look at those matters of chance with greater objectivity and less subjectivity.

  1. Texas sharpshooter fallacy
  2. Confirmation bias
  3. Gambler's fallacy
  4. Correlation does not imply causation
  5. Post hoc ergo propter hoc
  6. Clustering illusion

Some of these may be dry reading if you are not familiar with some basic principles of probability theory such as independent events and dependent events.

If your eyes glazed over attempting to read the above then here is an important take away:

  • When it comes to matters of chance and money, the house (casino owner or whomever sets the rules) always wins.

Unsolicited AttacksEdit

PK AttacksEdit

It happens. It's part of the game. Don't take it personally. Move on with your game play after you are revived.

You can avoid repeated PK attacks by reacting in a mature manner to your assailant. Strike a up a conversation but don't whine. Ask them about what they are doing and how many kills they've had but don't encourage them needlessly. Most PK-ers are bored and will be grateful for the chat. You may even receive some nice buffs or gifts from them if you don't make remarks as though you expect it.

Know that your assailant receives "immo" (negative morality points) when they PK another player. Once their morality score goes negative they become red-named and may be attacked by any player in the game. Just don't attack unless you are confident you can defeat them.

Of course if you relish a good fight against a non-AI character then unleash those Luna chips and your pet and give your assailant a run for their rupee.

If you feel you are being harassed then take screen shots and contact customer support via ticket. (Must be logged into the portal to submit a ticket.)

Mob trainsEdit

Some less experienced players running to meet a friend may pick up aggro from nearby mobs and over time a string of mobs forms in pursuit of one player. It's funny enough to watch but it's not so funny if you did not see the train coming. Suppose you are wearing low P.Def armor (e.g. a mage class or hunter class or even a summoner class) and just at that moment you are casting some healing spell or some other usually benign skill. Your activity may steal aggro away from one or more mobs in the train and before you know it you are under attack by mobs.

It is common courtesy within dungeon corridors and rooms to stop and take care of your train of mobs before proceeding past a group of players. If you can't take on the train of mobs then "log" temporarily so that the mobs in the train lose the source of aggro (you) and return to their spawn points.

Log does not mean log out but rather press Alt+Z then click Character Selection and then click Confirm. Immediately double click the same character and in no time at all you are back where you were but no train is following you.

If you see a train coming then stop casting skills. Step out of the way and do nothing to raise your threat level.

Always be aware of your surroundings. Zoom out your view to maintain good situational awareness.

Farming etiquetteEdit

Some players farming a particular area for some specific drop can snap rather easily if your new farming activity (and sometimes quest activity) encroaches on the area that is being farmed. Bear in mind that the farmer may been there for four minutes or four hours and four minutes. You don't want your visit to be the straw that breaks the camel's back!

Good judgment is all that is required.

If you are on a quest then the chances are the farmer knows that the mobs they are slaying are also quest targets so is unlikely to begrudge you a few kills. You can always grease the skids by announcing your intentions via a Whisper, Fierce Blue Pixies 2/7 ok? or something along those lines. Treat no response as consent do your business and get out of Dodge! Now may not be the best time to engage in chit chat.

On the other hand, a late-comer farmer is best advised to farm an area adjacent and occasionally check on your favorite (occupied) spot for a vacancy. If you muscle some other player out then you can expect some form of retribution later on. Not necessarily when you expect it either.

It's not complicated, it's just common sense.


If you think you are being harassed take screen shots. Then review the TOS and PvP rules to see if your situation counts as harassment. (Note : Now that Webzen has control of Rappelz, the older version of the PVP rules is no longer in effect. The new version can be found by clicking "PvP Rules")

If it does then email Customer Service with details and your screen shots.

Please don't whine at the forum just do the above and leave it in the capable hands of Webzen staff. Anything else you do will either aggravate the situation in-game or annoy forum viewers.