Level: 32
Race: All
NPC: Adventure Guide Firia
Zones: Area: Katan Area
Region: West of Katan
Town: Katan
Field: Sinking Swamp
Objectives: Collect
14 x Finnedman's Eggs from defeating Finnedman
in the Sinking Swamps
Experience: 29,779
JP: 2,290
Rupees: 28,800
Gen Points: 116
Basic: 10 x Red Potions Lv 2
Choice: 50 x Luna Chips
10 x Cold Spaghetti
10 x Black Bean Noodles
Previous Quest:
Next Quest: City of Arrogance


"Well, I've got a story for you! I was out venturing in the Sinking Swamp (Northwest from town) and I came across a pack of Finnedmen. Finicky creatures they were, and I've long heard that eggs they lay are quite the delicacy. I wasn't equipped with any weapons to take some of those morsels for myself, so I headed back here to see if I can get someone to help me out. How about you go get some of them for me? I bet you can take on 14 of them."


After accepting the quest, head west out of Katan and follow the road for some time in a northwestern direction until you reach the Sinking Swamps. Kill Finnedman throughout the Sinking Swamps until you have collected enough eggs. Return to Adventure Guide Firia with the eggs.


"Back already! Well, c'mon now - hand 'em over! I'm starving!
(You hand over the Finneden's eggs. Firia cracks one open and takes a bite.)
...U-uuagghhhh! PFFATHFFF! Wow, these are nasty! I've never tasted something so gross in my life! YECH! UGH! Hurry up and choose your reward, I need to wash my mouth out!"