Combat in Rappelz is comparative. Attacks are either Physical or Magical in nature. The larger the total attack points are compared to the corresponding total defense points, the greater amount of damage will be dealt. Therefore, defense points are either Physical or Magical as well.

Some physical strikes are boosted by consuming MP. A good understanding of Battle Abilities and Basic Stats is essential to plan your character's build for the most effective combat. Most job classes deliver physical damage using melee (hand to hand combat) weapons however, two ranged weapons are also available for delivering physical damage. There is no difference between ranged damage and melee damage. The weapons for delivering Magical damage also serve as melee weapons to deliver physical damage but of course they are not as effective at P.Atk as other melee alternatives.
You defend yourself by either evading the attack or absorbing the damage to some degree. Well chosen armor helps with both evasion and withstanding damage. A character has more slots for equipping armor items than it does for equipping weapons.

At the most fundamental level, damage dealt is based on the difference between the attacker's total attack points and the defender's total defense points however, other factors that will usually come into play include:

Player versus Player (PvP)Edit

Attacking mobs all the time can become routine and rather predictable. Locations that were once scary to pass through become no-brainer in a short time even when you play a lower level alternate character. This is due to limitations of programming effective artificial intelligence (AI) for mobs.

The ultimate in unpredictable opponents is another character controlled by another human player. PvP play is designed to support this. Arenas are provided for duels but the whole mainland is available for PvP play if you understand the PK rules and mechanics.


Also referred to as PK (Player Kill) or /pkon.

If you are attacked by another player don't take it personally. Have a pleasant chat with your assailant and part on good terms because that is more likely to discourage a repeat ambush than whining about it. Of course if you are confident in your ability to do battle then you could always put up a good fight, you have nothing to lose but a little play time.

The (Alt+H) in game Help window details the mechanics of using PKMODE mode so that will not be discussed here. Sufficient to say the /pkon is used to enter PKMODE and/pkoff is used to exit PKMODE. Instead, we'll focus on what in-game Help does not tell you!

You are not able to see your opponent's level, HP or MP however, you can see the job type, any buffs your opponent has and of course any equipment they are wearing. These clues may give you a lower bound estimate of your opponent's level.

As you slay other players you may find you have gained Immo (a.k.a. Immorality, negative morality or Evil Morality) points and possibly even a Red Name. Once again in game (Alt+H) Help recommends solutions for this. One solution not mentioned is donating items at an Altar of the Goddess in each of the village areas. Refer to Places for its location. It can be useful to donate items to earn positive Morality points so that when you occasionally enter PKMODE and slay (or even slaughter) another character, you avoid going negative on the Morality scale and so avoid attracting the stigma of a Red Name.


A slaughter is what happens when you defeat another player whose level is more than 10 below your level. Since you cannot see another player's Lv you won't know before your attack if it will be a slaughter or not. However, you ought to be able to judge from the visible damage after your initial strike just how weak or strong your victim is.

If you slaughter a player then you earn a debuff called Wrath.

Character BuildEdit

In this context "build" refers to the combination of equipment, skills and buffs that you invest in your character in order to prepare it for battle, quests, PvP, farming, taming or for whatever activity you have in mind.

The build of your summoned creature is just as important as your character's build especially if you are a Summoner Class.

A thorough understanding of both Stats & Ability and Skill Tree is essential for planning an effective build. There is no one build that suits all styles of game play.

Of course equipment includes basic weapons and armor but special consideration should be given to how that equipment is optimized via:

If you plan on playing with more than one character on your account then give some thought to what equipment can be shared among characters. You may even share some items among fellow Guild members or trusted friends. For example,

  • the costume (body armor) for a particular job class might be suitable for use by only one race whereas
  • another costume for the same job class is free to be equipped by a character from any race

The cost of Rank 1 and Rank 2 items is not very high so duplication is not too harmful but Rank 3 and higher equipment becomes very expensive and so careful planning will save you millions of rupee and make your mob hunting much more effective.

There are also:-

  • accessory items (rings, earrings, necklaces, masks, ears, etc.) specifically designed to boost either basic stats and/or specific abilities
  • Lv40 or above creature cards that are suitable for equipping to your character's belt for a "belted bonus"
  • Soul Stones may be socketed in certain weapons and armor to boost one or more basic stats


With reference to Stats & Ability the abilities which help your character strike a target and most effectively deliver damage are:

Strike Ability Contributing Stats
P.Atk Str[m], Agil[r], Dex[r]
P.Acc Dex
M.Atk Int
AtkSpd Agil
M.Acc Wis Dex
CriRatio Luck
Melee combat
Ranged combat
Recast is an ability listed in the (Alt+C) Character window and sounds like a strike ability however, it seems to be a constant! The author can find no information on if or how it affects the time to recast skills. There appears to be no stat or consumable that affects Recast. (Applies to Epic 4 in April 2008) **This is the cooltime on ur skills. DMs get a passive called Cool Time Reduce, or something simular, which effects this stat. Generally its 100 (100% cool time as the skills say). The passive reduces it max to 90 (90% of what the skill says).**

The next section will discuss choice of weapon however any item (including armor) that you equip and which boosts one of the above basic stats will give a boost to the corresponding Strike Ability and this will help your combat effectiveness.

Some job classes can cast an active skill that uses the Shield as a weapon. Knowing your character's skill tree is very important to effective combat.


When studying your choice of weapon, 1H refers to 1-Handed weapons and 2H refers to 2-Handed weapons. 1H-weapons accept 2 Soul Stones and 2H-weapons accept 4 Soul Stones.

Dual wielding two 1H-weapons is possible after a dual wielding skill has been acquired. Configurations for job classes that do not support dual wielding are

  • one 2H-weapon
  • one Shield and one 1H-weapon

Bow and crossbow require a quiver of arrows to be equipped otherwise your strike will be ineffective.

The columns in the table below may be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking the sort arrow in each column header cell. The Battle Ability modifier numbers listed are for Rank2 Lv1 weapons however, the relative rank order for the three abilities is the same at higher ranks, higher upgrade levels and higher enchantment levels. However, the relative magnitudes do not remain in the same proportion at those higher ranks, upgrade levels and enchantment levels. The table does not account for any buffs from potions or spells.

Atk per 120sec
Remembering that: AtkSpd = #strikes per 120sec
the last column lists the product (P.Atk * AtkSpd).
Since CastSpd = 100casts/120sec is constant, an (M.Atk * CastSpd) column is not necessary.
  • This product is not equivalent to "damage per 120sec" but it ought to be in linear proportion to average damage per unit time. Although the colored bars in the last two columns are drawn to the same pixel scale the reader is reminded that M.Atk is opposed by M.Def and P.Atk is opposed by P.Def. Since M.Def and P.Def vary from target to target so too will the average damage delivered per unit of time.
Hand Weapon AtkSpd P.Atk M.Atk P.Atk per 120sec
1H Dagger 105
1H Staff 095
1H Sword 095
1H Mace 090
1H Axe 090
2H Staff 080
2H Crossbow 080
2H Spear 080
2H Sword 075
2H Mace 070
2H Axe 070
2H Bow 045
  • Ultimately a weapon's effectiveness is measured as damage per second (dps or DPS and not DPs). The above table provides only a partial picture because your character will use buffs that enhance the effect of one weapon more than another. Generally speaking:
    • when not buffed: the slower the weapon, the better the dps
    • when buffed (e.g. cleric & kahuna buffs): the faster the weapon, the better the dps
    • the difference is rather small in both cases

When choosing a weapon you should also consider the skill tree for your current job class and your intended 2nd Job class. It may not make sense to equip your Kahuna with a 1H-sword and shield since the skill tree provides special advantages for Axe wielding but not sword wielding. On the other hand if you have several characters to equip and plan to share equipment among them then a reasonable compromise at least while your characters are Rank 2 might be a 2H Mace.

Remember to equip your summoned creature with weapons and armor as well.

Spamming & Mashing... what the?Edit

In the forums you'll sometimes read posts about "spamming" skills or "mashing" skills. This has nothing to do with unsolicited advertising in your email or how you make your peas balance on your fork at the dinner table!

Spamming is the rapid tapping of a hot-key (or sequence of keys) to repeatedly perform some action(s).

Beginner and Intermediate

The most common would be spamming (Tab, F1) repeatedly to select the next target in range (Tab) and attack it (F1). Of course if you've mapped the Attack with Creature skill to some hot-key such as F2, then spamming (Tab, F2) might also be useful.

Advance and Expert

Some classes can unleash their burst damage with their spamming skills. Therefore a fast spamming speed is required for anyone who wants to master their class. Skills that are good for spamming have instant or short cast time and low cooldown time. Select those skills in your class's skill tree, adjust the level of the skills for MP/damage management and place them on hot keys (eg, F3 through F12, Ctrl/Alt F1 through F5, etc.). There are two methods which will be used for fast spamming speed, as described below.

  • Keyboard + Mouse: I'm not really used to with this one, so i cant tell you much about it. It was announced in the Deva section of gPotato forums. Basically, your left hand's fingers are placed on the skill keys on the left side of keyboard (F3-F8) and you control your mouse and click the rest of the keys on the right side (F9-F12). After pressing 2 or 3 keys with fingers, click on 1 or 2 skills with the mouse.
Pros: Fast spamming speed.
Cons: Bad for low latency connection, need to click right skills before moving to next skill.
  • Keyboard only: Use your left hand's fingers for the F2 through F5 keys and right hand's fingers for F6 through F9 and F9 through F11. The little fingers of both hands are for controlling keys F1, F2, F11 and F12. After pressing 2 or 3 keys on the left hands simultaneously (Pianists will know how to slide their fingers on keys, it works the same), you can use your right fingers to click 2 or 3 skills on Function Key group in the middle(F5 through F8) and move your right hands to next Function Key group (F9 through F12)or vice-versa. If you can predict the key skills order and keep it in your mind, you can spam keys fast without thinking much.
Pros: Fast spamming speed. Average for low latency connection and less concentration than with mouse + keys.
Cons: While you are spamming keys, your right hand isn't free to use your mouse to move around (ie, reduce spamming speed while chasing mobs and opponents). To fix this use your left little finger for TAB and move your hands back when you get near opponents.

How to practice spamming skills?: Pick an R2 weapon, no buff damage, no strength stones or rings, get any low level field boss (ie, Funny Mask, etc.) and try to release all of your skills as fast as possible within stun time. With a low rank weapon, you wont kill mobs fast so they can't kill you. Field bosses have enough HP to survive your combo and as an added benefit, they respawn fast.

Another method is to do this with the Scarecrows.

Mashing is a little more subtle. Although there is no event queue for key strokes, it can clearly be demonstrated that two attacks can be delivered at the same time if you are agile enough with your key tapping.

  • The most common form this takes is to cast an Active Skill and immediately follow up with a plain F1 attack. If you study the chat window messages detailing damage you will see the effect.


With reference to Stats & Ability the abilities which help your character survive an attack are:

Defense Ability Contributing Stats
P.Def Lvl Vit
Evasion Lvl Agi
M.Def Lvl Wis
M.Res Lvl Wis

Each item of armor that you choose to equip will either directly affect one of the above defense abilities or it may contribute to one of the basic stats listed.

As a practical matter the choice of main armor is usually limited first by job class and second by race although some armor of a given job class may be worn by characters from any race.

The Magic Defense and Magic Resistance abilities are important only when your opponent uses magic attack skills. So called "Boss" mobs use magic attack skills and you will encounter mobs in dungeons that use magic attack skills. Finally, other players may use magic attack skills.


Just like any item the performance of armor may be improved by

These upgraded defense abilities become increasingly important as your character progresses to higher levels. For example, the R2 armor you wear at character level 20 can be used from Lv20 on up to Lv50 however, if you do not upgrade it becomes increasingly more difficult to evade or withstand creature damage.

Before improving your armor examine the gain to be had. The increased ability points from Blacksmith and Enchantment upgrades to items such as gloves, boots and helmets are very small however these items are perfect for socketing soul stones to boost basic stats which subsequently affect one or more abilities. These items can easily be shared by other characters on your account so give thought to what Soul Stone upgrades you want to be transferable and which you don't mind being locked into just one character or just one job class.


Finally never underestimate the defense value of evasion! Not just the Battle Ability named Evasion but really high-tailing it and running from your attacker! (a.k.a. kiting)

  • In the immortalized words of "Top Gun" trainer 'Viper'
Better to retire and save your EXP than force a bad position.

Choose a Fast RideEdit

An Ornitho costs 1100R at the Adventurer NPC and can be a valuable tool in battle when you need to extend and escape! Just be sure to distance yourself from the attacker first to give time to mount your ride.

Escape to Character Selection ScreenEdit

In game this is also referred to as "logging", "relogging" or just plain "log/relog". It is effectively a log out for your current character but without disconnecting from the game server or logging out from your game account.

When the heat is on your tail and you've got no chance of finding safe harbor or making a decent stand then you need to retire and save your skin. This is especially valuable in a dungeon as you might be running to join your party in the bowels of the earth and along the way you have picked up a train of mobs that want to kick your butt.

This is also known as "pulling aggro"! When you have pulled aggro like this you just need to lose the mob's source of aggro so that you don't place your party members in jeopardy as you arrive.

  • While you are running from the heat
  • Press Alt+Z and (quickly)
  • click [Character Selection] button and (quickly)
  • click [Confirm]

Oh and by the way be quick about all of that, you can still be attacked and killed while you are clicking your way through those escape steps! You can also proceed all the way to the last last [Confirm] [Cancel] pair of buttons but then drag that final window off to one side in readiness.

R.I.P. Logout TimerEdit

In Epic 4, a logout timer was introduced, disabling the possibility to escape to Character Selection screen by keeping your character logged in for 10 seconds. Soon after its introduction however, it was discovered to be causing server instability and an item duplication exploit, causing the logout delay to be reduced to 0 seconds (instant logout).

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