Creature Artifacts are special pet items, which can be used by Enhanced Pets only.

The pet is required to be Stage 3 for the first artifact slot and Stage 5 for the second slot.

Creature artifacts cannot be stored in the warehouse, so they cannot be shared between your characters.

Types of Creature ArtifactsEdit

There are two types of creature artifacts, which we will call generic creature artifacts and species-specific creature artifacts.

  • Generic creature artifacts may be equipped by any pet species. Species-specific creature artifacts may only be equipped by a particular species, such as a Tortus. (In either case, the pet still needs to meet the stage requirements noted above.)
  • This difference is reflected in the item's name. "Artifact of Brawn" is generic creature artifact. "Tortus' Artifact of Brawn Lv1" is a species-specific creature artifact which may only be equipped by a Tortus.
  • Generic creature artifacts are easier to obtain, being dropped directly by mobs. (Suspicion: Not dropped by basic class mobs.) Species-specific creature artifacts are manufactured from a Creature Spirit and an Artifact Fragment. (Described in more detail below.)
  • To compensate for the more difficult creation process, species-specific creature artifacts give a higher bonus than generic creature artifacts.
  • Species-specific creature artifact were released in Epic VII: Awakening. Generic creature artifacts were released later. (It isn't clear exactly when. They don't seem to be referred to in any release notes.)
  • All creature artifacts are identified as Level 1. There is no option to upgrade them to higher levels.

How to Create a Species-Specific Creature ArtifactEdit

  1. Decide what pet you want to enchant. Farm that species of pet to gain a Creature Spirit. The full name of this item identifies the species. For example, "Tortus' Spirit".
  2. Buy an Artifact Fragment at the "Creature Enchanter" NPC.
  3. Talk to the NPC again, selecting "Trade creature spirit for an artifact". The NPC dialog for this task is misleading. The NPC first asks you which creature spirit (tortus, pantera, etc) you want to use. It lists all types you have in your inventory. After you select this, the NPC offers to sell you an artifact fragment. However, if you don't yet have the artifact fragment in your inventory, selecting the yes option does not buy one. In fact, you need to already have purchased the artifact fragment and have it in your inventory. When the NPC asks if you want to buy an artifact fragment, selecting the yes option will use the one in your inventory rather than buying another.

The artifact you obtain will have a randomly selected bonus from the table in the next section.

Types of BonusEdit

Icon Stat Affected Generic Creature Artifact Species-Specific Creature Artifact
Name Bonus Name Bonus
Creature Artifact Evasion icon Evasion/Mov.Spd Agility +4%/+4 Agility? +6%/+6
Creature Artifact PDef icon P.Def. the Guardian +4% Steelskin +6%
Creature Artifact AtkSpd icon Atk.Spd./Cast Speed Quickness +5 Fury +6
Creature Artifact Accuracy icon Acc./M.Acc. Gazing +4% Precision +6%
Creature Artifact CritPow icon Crit Power Blowing +20 Striking +25
Creature Artifact MPRecov icon MP Recovery Mana +5% Cunning +7%
Creature Artifact PAtk icon P.Atk. Sharpness +4% Brawn +6%
Creature Artifact MAtk icon M.Atk. Attack +4% Mayhem +6%
Creature Artifact MDef icon M.Def. Prophecy +4% Prophecy? +6%
Creature Artifact CritRate icon Crit Rate Insight +3% Chance +4%
Creature Artifact HPRecov icon HP Recovery Regeneration +5% Regeneration? +7%


Creature Artifacts commence with 137 durability.

Durability is replenished via the Repair option in the inventory window. If durability drops to 0, the artifact is broken. Broken artifacts can be repaired with an extra artifact. (More detail needed.)

Equipping a Creature ArtifactEdit

A pet must be stage 3 or higher to be able to equip an artifact. Open the creature formation window (Alt-Y). Drag the creature spirit to the 4th of the 6 equipment slots. At stage 5, the 5th slot becomes available for a 2nd creature artifact. (Currently the 6th slot is not used for anything.)

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