Level: 50
Race: All
NPC: Red-Haired Girl Luci
Zones: Area: Red Farm
Field: Rondo
Objectives: Defeat 8 x Fanatic Ambushers
Experience: 298, 998
JP: 59,799
Rupees: 100,000
Gen Points: 165
Basic: Wolf Card: Empty
Previous Quest: Elohim's Trial: Lucid Spirit
Next Quest: History of the Land: Prelude of Blood
Quest Line: Red Farm Quest Line


"The last test is called the Stout Heart, you must accomplish a task to help the weak. This Red Farm has been constantly attacked by the Fanatics, so all the villagers had to leave except me. I have no help in this farm outside Rondo. Please drive away the Fanatics for me."


Head west from Red Farm until you reach the green grass part of red farm, there should be patrols of 4-8 Fanatic Ambushers and a commander. Kill them to complete the quest.

Red farm fanatics 2


The Fanatic... Were here... *Pant Pant* I can't breathe... Congratulations, you've earned the title of Elohim. Ugh! You've been chosen to see the past and the future... *Pant Pant* Be responsible for... Your actions... I... I can't breathe... Wah, so hot... My chest, it's... I have to tell your future... (Luci mumbles, and then falls unconscious.)

Additional Information

This quest has a special Conclusion background. Elohim's Trial Stout Heart Quest conclusion background

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