Armor, Weapons, and Skill Cards can be enchanted by combining one of these items with the right type of Cube. There are Cube-Skill, Cube-Strike and Cube-Defense which are designed for use on skill cards, weapons and armor respectively. Once you have successfully combined the two the item description will show a single digit +n bonus. The highest level of enchantment possible is +10 for skill cards and +20 for weapons and armor. The probability of losing an item increases at higher levels.


These are drop only items and therefore must be procured from other players via the Auction House or shops or trading.

DefenseCube Defense Cube - Increase the defense power of a piece of armor

StrikeCube Strike Cube - Increase the attack power of a weapon

Cube skill Skill Cube - Increase the effect of a skill card

AncientSkillCube Ancient Skill Cube - Same function as Skill Cube but with 30% higher chance of success

Reduction Cube Reduction Cube - Unenchant the item and recover some Cubes.

For weapons and armor you will need a cube of the same Rank as the item you are enchanting, so for a Rank 2 armor, add a Rank 2 Cube-Defense, Rank 3 for Rank 3, etc. For weapons do the same but use a Cube-Strike.

You must first unequip an item in order to Enchant it.

For Skill Cards you will need 2 cards of the appropriate level and one Cube-Skill. Example: to create a +2 card you will need two +1 cards of the same type and a Cube=Skill, for a +3 card you will need two +2 cards etc.

Caveat IncantareEdit

Before enchanting an item, bear in mind that there is a chance of failure and the consequence can be the loss of the item and the cubes. With each successive enchantment on any item, the chance of failure will go up. It is generally felt that enchanting up to +3 or +4 is safe, but beyond that the chance of success gets dramatically lower.

A few expensive craftsman tools are available to insure against failure or to recover from failed enchantments.


Reduction Toolkit Reduction Toolkit - Used with a reduction cube to unenchant.

E-Protect Powder E-Protect Powder - Used with a enchantment cube to prevent item from breaking on failure.

E-Repair Powder E-Repair Powder - Used on a failed enchantment to recover the broken item.


To avoid breaking an item, you can purchase E-Protect Powder from the Cash Shop or from other players that are selling them in-game. Add the E-Protect Powder in the combination window when enchanting your weapon/armor. The E-Protect will be consumed regardless of the enchantment succeess or failure. E-Protect Powder does not increase the chance of success of the enchantment. E-Protect Powder cannot protect Skill Card enchantment.

Considering how expensive this item is, only use it on items that you cannot afford to replace if the enchantment fails and have a high chance of failure.


If the enchantment failed and you did not protect the enchantment with an E-Protect Powder, you have an option to repair it to its original state before the failed enchantment. Combine the E-Repair Powder with the broken weapon/armor.

Considering how expensive this item is, only use it on items that cost more than the Powder.


If you cannot afford E-Repair powder, you can either sell the broken item to the NPC to regain some rupee at the cost of all the cubes, or you can try to unenchant it and recover half of the cubes that was in the weapon at the cost of the reduction cube and the weapon's value at the NPC.

To unenchant, you need to combine the Reduction Toolkit (purchasable from Town Merchant) with the broken weapon/armor and the same rank reduction cube (also purchasable from Town Merchant). Reduction cube and the broken weapon/armor will be consumed but the Reduction Toolkit is preserved and reusable. You will gain half of the cubes you successfully enchanted of the broken weapon/armor prior to the failure.

Step By StepEdit

Combination Box Skill

To enchant an item, open the Inventory window (Alt + I) and click on the [Combine] button at the bottom of the window. Alternatively, type /union at the General chat input line and press enter. This will open a second pane with a single slot at the top and a 3x3 grid of slots below it.

Drag the item you wish to enchant from your inventory into the solitary slot at the top, and an appropriate cube into the grid below it. Once you have done this, click the [Confirm] button and the enchantment will be attempted. If successful, you can hover your mouse above the icon of your item and see the enchantment bonuses in green font beside the base values.

Weapon GlowEdit

See: Weapon Glows

When a weapon is enchanted greater than +5, it will glow. The glow color and size change according to the enchantment level.

+5 is light blue
+6 is light green
+7 is light yellow
+8 is light purple
+9 is red
+10 is blue
+11 is green
+12 is yellow
+13 is purple
+14 is redish pulsing glow (white undertones)
+15 is blueish-white high rate pulse glow
[1] [2]

Glow size is small for +5 to +9.
It is medium for +9 to +14/+15.
It is large for > +15.