Equipment listsEdit

Click on any item's name to see an in game screen shot of the item. The following pages have pictures and info on where the items may be bought. *Performance/ability data may be added later.

  • Most Equipment items may be transferred from player to player.

For Information on the new equipment added with Epic 6: Resurrection please visit the Ethereal equipment Page.

Can't decide on a weapon?

Hand Weapon AtkSpd P.Atk M.Atk P.Atk per 120sec
1H Dagger 105
1H Staff 095
1H Sword 095
1H Mace 090
1H Axe 090
2H Staff 080
2H Crossbow 080
2H Spear 080
2H Sword 075
2H Mace 070
2H Axe 070
2H Bow 045
  • Ultimately a weapon's effectiveness is measured as damage per second (dps or DPS and not DPs). The above table provides only a partial picture because your character will use buffs that enhance the effect of one weapon more than another. Generally speaking:
    • when not buffed: the slower the weapon, the better the dps
    • when buffed (e.g. cleric & kahuna buffs): the faster the weapon, the better the dps
    • the difference is rather small in both cases

I would make a small parenthesis here, to say that also your hero stats (str when melee, dex and agi when ranged) will also affect your DPS, and more then that your hero skills. That adds much for when you're planing on your next char, thinking how a soldier with 2 hnd mace will need str stones and !! mana regen !!, an assassin will need str stones (always on melee toons) and agility for even faster swings, and a champion will need str and increase crit chance, or higher crit damage. And of course, one will also need vit or pdef stones, when solo or tanking.

See also: Combat

Equipment costsEdit

Here you can find equipment prices and the cost of upgrading:

Note: These are not the prices an item should be sold to another player. It is just a reference so you can see how much an item costs from NPC shops. Equipment prices and upgrade costs have a 15% discount in Hidden Village.

Item restrictionsEdit

Rappelz only restricts gear by Job type or by Race. The only items currently affected are body armor (a.k.a. costumes), and some helmets. Body armor may be restricted to Warrior, Hunter, Magician, Summoner job classes. Different types of armor have a different ratio between the physical and magical defense they provide.

Warrior ~72%~28%Focused on physical defense
Hunter ~57%~43%Balanced, better physical defense than magical
Summoner ~43%~57%Balanced, better magical defense than physical
Mage ~28%~72%Focused on magical defense

The distinction between Warrior and Hunter is not made until the 2nd job transfer. Warrior body armor emphasizes defense while Hunter armor emphasizes mobility.

Magician body armor is all the same, be it healer or damage dealing. Mage body armor focuses on Magic Defense.

Summoners are the Pet specific jobs. Their armor is a hybrid between Hunter and Mage armor.

Rank or tierEdit

Rank (or tier) refers to the level range of an item or player. In chat, the rank is referred to as "rN","RN","tN" or "TN". In the Tool Tip description for an item the Rank is displayed as a Roman numeral.

To equip, use or otherwise benefit from an item your Lv must be equal to or higher than the advertised Limit Lv. If an item description also displays a Rec. Lv. (Recommended Level) then you must meet that Rec. Lv. in order make full use of the item's characteristics. The benefit is diluted if your Lv is lower than the Rec. Lv. The diluted benefit is displayed in orange font.

Rank Roman Level Range
1 I 1-19
2 II 20-49
3 III 50-79
4 IV 80-99
5 V 100-119
6 VI 120-149
7(t1) VII 150-154
7(t2) VII 155-159
7(t3) VII 160-?

As your character level increases you will want to replace your lower rank items with higher rank items. Items of ranks 1-4 can be purchased at NPC shops. Higher rank items must be purchased from other players (AH, shops or trade), or you may be lucky enough to find one dropped by a mob. You may also be able to acquire them by purchase of a HV or Hidden Village Pass in the gPotato cash shop(where merchants may also sell R5 items).

Additional info about the three tiers of the Rank 7 equipment can be found here: Rank_7_set_bonus

Level upgradeEdit

An item can be upgraded at the blacksmith. Every item has an "item level" after its name. The level ranges from Lv1 to Lv10 for most items - the notable exception being Rank 1 items which can upgraded as far as Lv5 only. In chat these item levels are referred to as: Lv1, Lv2, Lv3, Lv4, etc. The higher an item's level the better the performance characteristics.

To upgrade an item it must be equipped on your character, and you must have enough rupee to pay for the upgrade. Upgrades become very expensive at higher levels.

  • The process for upgrading pet gear has a few extra steps to complete before and after your visit to the blacksmith.

Upgraded items have a Rec.Lv (recommended level). This refers to the character level necessary to realize the full benefit of the upgraded item. This does not mean that a lower level character cannot use the item. It will still be better than equipping a lower level item. However, a lower level player will only experience a partial benefit rather than a full benefit.

A Lv25 character wielding a Lv4 weapon that advertises "Rec.Lv 25" will get the full benefit of that weapon.
A Lv23 character wielding a Lv4 weapon that advertises "Rec.Lv 25" will get only a partial benefit from that weapon. However, the partial benefit is still greater than what the character would receive if the weapon was only Lv3.
  • A higher level item will always be more powerful than a lower level item of the same enchantment value.
  • A higher rank item will always be more powerful than a lower rank item of the same enchantment value.

Blacksmith Upgrade ItemsEdit

New to Rappelz Ressurection is the blacksmith store. Items used to make lvl 10 equipment are sold. These Items Upgrade your Armor/Weapon to lvl 10 regardless of what lvl they were before.

Note: These items are NOT sold in Hidden Village.

Note: It costs slightly less to manually upgrade your items, though it takes more time. Blacksmith upgrade costs are even lower in Hidden Village.

Note: These items do NOT work on Ethereal equipment (more commonly known as dura equipment, these items have a special characteristic {e.g. "armored" which has an enhanced block defense})

One Handed Upgrade Items

Name Price
R21hLvl10Rank 2 one handed weapon blacksmith upgrade lvl10 620,800
R31Hlvl10Rank 3 one handed weapon blacksmith upgrade lvl10 2,706,000
R41hLvl10Rank 4 one handed weapon blacksmith upgrade lvl10 6,732,000
R51hLvl10Rank 5 one handed weapon blacksmith upgrade lvl10 13,714,000
R61Hlvl10Rank 6 one handed weapon blacksmith upgrade lvl10 32,340,000
R71hLvl10Rank 7 one handed weapon blacksmith upgrade lvl10 84,077,000

Two Handed Upgrade Items

Name Price
R22HLvl10Rank 2 two handed weapon blacksmith upgrade Lvl 10 937,500
R32HLvl10Rank 3 two handed weapon blacksmith upgrade Lvl 10 4,090,000
R42HLvl10Rank 4 two handed weapon blacksmith upgrade Lvl 10 10,176,000
R52hLvl10Rank 5 two handed weapon blacksmith upgrade Lvl 10 20,717,000
R62Hlvl10Rank 6 two handed weapon blacksmith upgrade Lvl 10 48,861,000
R72HLvl10Rank 7 two handed weapon blacksmith upgrade Lvl 10 127,029,000

Magician/Summoner Upgrade Stones

Name Price
R2MSlvl10Rank 2 Magician, Summoner armor blacksmith upgrade stone Lvl 10 398,100
R3MSLvl10Rank 3 Magician, Summoner armor blacksmith upgrade stone Lvl 10 1,728,000
R4MSlvl10Rank 4 Magician, Summoner armor blacksmith upgrade stone Lvl 10 4,309,000
R5MSlvl10Rank 5 Magician, Summoner armor blacksmith upgrade stone Lvl 10 8,786,000
R6MSlvl10Rank 6 Magician, Summoner armor blacksmith upgrade stone Lvl 10 20,723,000
R7MSlvl10Rank 7 Magician, Summoner armor blacksmith upgrade stone Lvl 10 53,881,000

Hunter/Warrior Upgrade Stones

Name Price
R2WHlvl10Rank 2 Warrior, Hunter armor blacksmith upgrade stone Lvl 10 434,000
R3WHlvl10Rank 3 Warrior, Hunter armor blacksmith upgrade stone Lvl 10 1,885,000
R4WHlvl10Rank 4 Warrior, Hunter armor blacksmith upgrade stone Lvl 10 4,700,000
R5WHlvl10Rank 5 Warrior, Hunter armor blacksmith upgrade stone Lvl 10 9,579,000
R6WHlvl10Rank 6 Warrior, Hunter armor blacksmith upgrade stone Lvl 10 22,592,000
R7WHlvl10Rank 7 Warrior, Hunter armor blacksmith upgrade stone Lvl 10 58,741,000

Soul stonesEdit

Soul Stone Sockets

A soul stone provides a boost to one of these six basic stats: (Str, Vit, Agi, Int, Wis, Dex)

Of course any ability that is derived from that stat will also receive a boost when such a soul stone is activated.

Armor, Gloves, Boots, Helmets, Shields and 1H Weapons, have sockets for 2 soul stones, while 2H Weapons have 4 socket slots.

  • If an item has 2 sockets then you can socket only one stone per basic stat.
  • If an item has 4 sockets then you may socket up to 2 stones that boost the same basic stat.


To socket items, take your item and soul stones to the soulcrafter at any of the villages. They will socket an item for a small rupee fee.

To socket two lucid shards you must make two separate requests of the soulcrafter: socketing just one lucid shard per request. The end result is two lucid shards socketed on your equipment. (You cannot have two of the same soul stones in the same equipment now unless it is a 2H weapon then you can have two of one type of soulstone and two of another.)

Once socketed, a stone cannot be removed from an item however, the soulcrafter will socket another stone over the top of an existing stone. The existing stone is lost in the process. Just be sure to drag and drop the new stone onto the correct socket!

To activate socketed stones you must equip the item and your character level must be equal to or higher than the Limit Level advertised in the tool tip description for the stone. If you are not high enough level then you receive zero benefit from that stone.

As you use a socketed item its Soul Power is slowly drained. The soulcrafter will consume some of your available lak to recharge Soul Power to 100%. You do not pay any rupee for a Soul Power recharge.

The drain of soul power is in proportion to how much the item is used. Weapons drain fastest followed by armor, boots, gloves, and helmets.

Types of soul stoneEdit

A soul stone is identified by:

  • color according to which basic stat it affects
  • name according to whether it is a:
    • Basic stone - dropped by a normal mobs and "Champion" [+] mobs in the field
    • Rare stone - dropped by normal [++] and "Boss" [**] mobs in dungeons or by some "Boss" [*] mobs in the field
    • Epic stone - dropped by a "Dungeon Boss" [??] mob

Basic stones provide the smallest boost to any given stat. Epic stones provide the largest boost.

Description Example Icons Rec. Lv Color Basic Rare Epic
Basic Rare Epic Str Potent Might Valor
Vit Health Life Guardian
Agi Nimble Grace Spry
Int Mind Mystic Wizard
Wis Insight Foresight Perception
Dex Lucid Finesse Precision
.. Shard Soul stone Str Basic 20 - Potent Shard Soul stone Str Rare 20 - Might Shard Soul stone Str Epic 20 - Valor Shard 20 +1 +3 +4
.. Fragment Soul stone Vit Basic 40 - Health Fragment Soul stone Vit Rare 40 - Life Fragment Soul stone Vit Epic 40 - Guardian Fragment 40 +3 +5 +7
Raw .. Stone Soul stone Agi Basic 60 - Raw Nimble Stone Soul stone Agi Rare 60 - Raw Grace Stone Soul stone Agi Epic 60 - Raw Spry Stone 60 +5 +7 +10
Minor .. Stone Soul stone Int Basic 80 - Minor Mind Stone Soul stone Int Rare 80 - Minor Mystic Stone Soul stone Int Epic 80 - Minor Wizard Stone 80 +7 +9 +13
.. Stone Soul stone Wis Basic 100 - Insight Stone Soul stone Wis Rare 100 - Foresight Stone Soul stone Wis Epic 100 - Perception Stone 100 +9 +12 +16
Great .. Stone Soul stone Dex Basic 120 - Great Lucid Stone Soul stone Dex Rare 120 - Great Finesse Stone Soul stone Dex Epic 120 - Great Precision Stone 120 +11 +15 +19
Colossal .. Stone Soul stone Str Basic 140 - Colossal Potent Stone Soul stone Str Rare 140 - Colossal Might Stone Soul stone Str Epic 140 - Colossal Valor Stone 140 +13 +18 +22
Polished .. Stone 150 n/a n/a +33
Teardrops .. Stone 1 n/a n/a +45

In the Description column above, replace the ellipsis (...) with one of the six names in each column header according to whichever basic stat is of interest.

Str:Strength-increases P.Atk. (2.8 Melee)

Vit:Vitality-increases HP (30) and P.Def. (1.67)

Int:Intelligence-increases M.Atk. (2) and MP (30)

Wis:Wisdom-increases M.Def. (2), M.Res. (0.5), M.Acc. (0.4), and MP Recov.(4.1)

Agi:Agility-increases Evasion (1/2), increases Atk.Spd. (1/10)

Dex:Dexterity-increases Acc. (0.5), M.Acc. (0.1) and Ranged P.Atk. (2.0)

Ethereal Soul Stones Edit

Main article: Ethereal Soul Stone

Epic 6 Part 2: Resurrection has increased the range of soul stones available. Prior to Resurrection, soul stones came in the 6 types listed above. The 6 types of soul stones each increased 1 of the 6 character basic stats, and thus also increased the character abilities derived from those basic stats. For example, a mind shard boosts the basic stat "Intelligence", thus boosting the abilities "Max MP" and "M Atk". The new soul stones introduced in Resurrection directly increase usually one or occasionally 2 of character abilities. For example, a bane shard directly increases "M Atk".

The Ethereal Soulstones are the only ones that have any available to increase Critical Power or Critical Ratio.

R7 Soul Stones Edit

Main article: R7 Soul Stones

Level 150 soul stones which came with Epic 7.4.

Level 150 stones, or also known as Polished stones, give +33 of a single stat, as compared to the colossal stones these are much stronger [epic colassal gives +22].The good thing about this stone is that the critical power stones also give critical rate.

Teardrop stones

Teardrop stones are for all levels, but come from the Cash Shop, and only available on weekends [for 400gp/ea]. They add +45 to each single stat. The good thing about this stone is that the critical power stones also give critical rate.

May also drop from wooden boxes at very low rate.

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