The Hidden Village is a premium feature. It is an area accessible by those who have a Pass. It offers additional services, cheaper prices, easier ways to travel around.


Reached through hidden village teleporters located in all major cities. Players with a Hidden Village Pass can also double click the pass in their inventory to be transported to the hidden village from anywhere.

Features of the Hidden VillageEdit

  • 15% discount on purchases of items and services
  • 50% bonus on Lak trades
  • Teleportation services at a reduced fee
  • Additional teleportation locations away from cities for a fee
  • Faster and longer lasting mounts
    • Lydian
    • Quilin (only usable if the character is Lv120 or above)
  • NPC which can give buffs to characters

The NPC Madosa Kart can give Buffs, which increases P.Atk, Atk.Speed, P.Def, M.Atk, M.Def, Cast.Speed and Mov.Speed for 3,000 rupees each. They last 1 hour.


There are some quests you can get from the NPC Quest Broker Syah Quest Broker Syah]. These quests give a large amount of Experience Points, while giving a decreased amount of Job Points.


  • Auction Broker Frat
  • Auction Broker Giselle
  • Auction Broker Lini
  • Blacksmith Geon
  • Breeder Neville
  • Guide Tammy
  • Job Supporter Kira
  • Quest Broker Syah
  • Soulcrafter Nanoa
  • Teleporter Yurie
  • Teleporter Jacu
  • Warehouse Keeper Mae
  • Warehouse Keeper Patrick


  • Adventure Guide Cane
  • Armor Trader Rahu
  • Grocery Merchant Yuna
  • Lak Trader Rubinsky
  • Merchant Lukin
  • Weapons Trader Zeke


  • Adventure Guide
  • Armor Trader
  • Auction House
  • Breeder
  • Blacksmith
  • Grocery Merchant
  • Job Supporter
  • Lak Trader
  • Merchant
  • Quest Broker
  • Soulcrafter
  • Teleporters
  • Warehouse
  • Weapons Trader
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