Each race has its own set of job options. Within each race you may choose from among 3 broad job classes:

typically have high physical attack (P.Atk) or physical defense (P.Def) capabilities.
typically have magical attack (M.Atk) or healing/buffing capabilities.
typically focus on strengthening Pets through buffing or healing or with the help of passive skills.

Your chosen race determines which set of jobs are available to you. Job transfer refers to the process where you change your job to the next Job Class.

There is no overbreeding before 1st Job transfer.
You may overbreed up to JLv50 before your 2nd job transfer.

Your character's job determines the skill tree you have access to. Every costume is restricted by Race and/or Job Class.

Table of JobsEdit

Asura Deva Gaia
Beginner Stepper Guide Rogue
Warrior 1st Strider Holy Warrior Fighter
2nd Assassin Knight Champion
Master Slayer Templar Berserker
Hunter 1st Strider Holy Warrior Fighter
2nd Shadow Hunter Soldier Archer
Master Deadeye Mercenary Marksman
Magician 1st Dark Magician Cleric Kahuna
2nd Chaos Magician Priest Battle Kahuna
Warlock Bishop Druid
Master Void Mage Oracle War Kahuna
Corruptor Cardinal Magus
Summoner 1st Sorcerer Breeder Spell Singer
2nd Battle Summoner Soul Breeder Evoker
Master Overlord Master Breeder Beast Master

Job level progressionEdit

Your character's job level (JLv) is a measure of the progress you have made unlocking the skill tree. JLv should not be confused with plain Lv. Your character's Lv increases (or decreases) automatically as you gain (or lose) Experience Points. Your JLv however, must be increased manually by yourself and choosing to spend JP on the next JLv rather than spending JP to learn the next higher skill level for an already unlocked skill.

Your JLv can't be higher than half of your Lv, this means that you won't be able to reach JLv 10 (and perform your first class transfer/Job change) before you reach Lv 20.

Certain skills require a minimum job level in order to learn, and increasing job levels will also increase your maximum hit points and magic points. The job level required for a spell is not the same for all classes that have the same spell. For example Strider gets Deep Evasion Lv2 long before Dark Magician gets it.

See: Job Level Table

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