Level: 16
Race: All
NPC: Guild Official Oveli
Zones: Area: Horizon Area
Region: Horizon North
Town: Horizon
Field: Yak Farm
Objectives: Defeat
1 x Blue Whistle (Boss)
Experience: 2,119
JP: 163
Rupees: 14,400
Gen Points: 58
Choice: 40 x Luna Chips
6 x Cheap Shrimp Sushi
6 x Spicy Noodles
Previous Quest: Ken's Test 1
Next Quest: Ken's Test 3


The next test is... the blue... blue whistle? That's a weird name. Anyway, he wants you to catch a Monster by that name. It won't take long since the Monster is said to be at the Yak Farm. God speed~


After accepting the quest, take the road north out of town. When the road forks, head west and when it forks a second time, head north again until you reach the Yak Farm. Blue Whistle can be found in the Yak Farm and the surrounding area. Kill one and then return to Guild Official Oveli.


Wow, was that Monster that strong? Your clothes are a mess. There are 3 tests left now. I think you'll be able to finish them faster that I thought.