Level: 1
Race: All
NPC: Summoner Rudmiyu
Zones: Area: Trainee Island
Town: Trainee Town
Objectives: Learn
Creature Control Lv1
Creature Taming Lv1
Summon Creature Lv1
Experience: 193
JP: 14
Rupees: 6,600
Gen Points: 27
Basic: The Illustrated Guide to Creature Taming
Choice: Poultry Card: Empty
Tortus Card: Empty
Pantera Card: Empty
Previous Quest: Going to Summoner Rudmiyu
Next Quest: Report to Gildas


"There are three skills that are most important to success than any other, Creature Control, Summon Creature, and Creature Taming. Your other skills will vary depending on your class, but all adventurers should have these basic skills."


After accepting the quest, open the Skill window. Players will need to be job level 10 to complete the quest. Raise the required skills to level 1. If more JP is needed, kill monsters until enough has been acquired.


"Good job! You're learned all of the skills. Now you can find a companion to aid you in battle. Please take this card, and this guide, one of my most prized possessions. If you ever need help taming a creature, you can refer to this guide on creature taming, written by the Master of Taming himself. You can find monsters to tame all around Trainee Island, so give it a shot! After taming a creature, open your creature formation by pressing ALT+Y.

The window will allow you to 'form' the creature and prepare it for summoning."