Level: 35
Race: All
NPC: Trader Elmin
Zones: Area: Horizon Area
Region: Horizon North
Town: Horizon
Field: First Valmore Mine
Objectives: Collect
1 x Shining Topaz from defeating Scrotha
Experience: 26,945
JP: 2,072
Rupees: 28,000
Gen Points: 112
Previous Quest:
Next Quest: Secret of Abandoned Mine


"Hey, you are an adventurer aren't you? Are you interested in helping a damsel in distress? Damn hunters are so afraid of monsters that they left the jewels in the mine and ran away. They just wouldn't want to go back. Could you please get it for me? If you bring me the jewels, I will pay you a great deal. The hunters left the jewels in First Valmore Mine. It's where scrotha are rioting so they must have taken the jewels.

Please get it back."


Take the road north out of Horizon and when it forks take the right path heading east. The road will fork twice more and each time take the left. Once in the First Valmore Mines,head west of the entrance to find Scrotha. Kill then until one drops the Shining Topaz and then return to Trader Elmin.


"Wow! These are the jewels? Good, I wasn't wasting my money then. I like your work more than the rubbish hunters'. It's hard to find talented person. Would you like to work with me perhaps?"