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Master Breeder.png Master Breeder
Race Deva
Job Change Master Class
Job Class Summoner Class
Previous Job Soul Breeder
Common role(s)

Pet Buff, Pet heal, DD

Job preferred Weapon(s)

Maces or Staves

Deva Summonser Master Class
Summoner who can freely control 2 creatures. It is good at healing creatures and support party members with creature buff.

[General job description and expected roles]



Strongest pets! Using a 2h staff after "uping" the 2nd and 3rd trees from the master skills, the Master Breeder can now be called a full arsenal that can deal damage, buff and heal pets and tank; the better the gears and pets, the better damage a Master Breeder can deal!

Beside that the 2-0-3 build brings a lot of damage power when both pets are fully buffed (with right pets damage is ~ same as Mage-MB with +20 staff). The mp upkeep of Perm-DS is possible with atk spd build, long/crossbow (for HC) and Queen Eva Card. You gain enough mana to use your heals too.

MBs are able to solo HC (even with dots) with a dt (+s5 bp for dots) and akt-spd-macebuild, since the dt heals himself by up to 35k every 30 seconds (only on MB).

Heal pets heal power skyrocks on MB due to high matk boost.


Slow magic skills are the worst weakness for the Master Breeder, this gives his opponents the time to use nightmare, stun, petrify, etc.

And, the low MP regain -- that will always be his problem because Master Breeders rely on MP to heal, attack (Magic attacks), buff, etc. which is his job in a DP; therefore, dual summon mastery is a hard option to take.

Notable Skills

Law of Exchange - 12 / 14 / 15 % of pets HP is added to pets Patk | 8 / 9.32 / 9.98 % of pets MP is added to pets Matk

Defense Mastery - reduces damage taken: 1. basic damage by 18% | 2. skill damage by 38% | 3. magical damage by 18%


Perm DS and Magepath is only possible with full MP rec build. BUT, you deal far less damage then. Law of exchange is a must have. (Second TP point into Summon Mastery fixes this. The mana cost/10sec goes from 560m/10, to 40m/10) [List of broken skills and features, if applies]

Recommended Builds

[List of suggested builds. Do not overwrite others' but add your own.]

Basic Build for Starters


You can use any pets with this seeing as it cost so little to have them out constantly while having best heals and buffs for your pets. This build does lean towards ranged/melee pets but MB is well known for having most strength with these pets as well as never causing magical pets to suffer.

I personally use Agi/Eva/Mov Spd build with melee and ranged pets that have atk spd buffs and Pick Relic. Another amazing build would be STR/INT which i have seen before as well. On my second breeder i use STR/VIT and am more than unstoppable (just slow as hell when running! =P).

I still use a mace no matter what; the casting times aren't short enough for me even though my spells do more damage than p atk it is still a slower kill. I can easily see staff being used so that is up to user as well, i just suggest cast spd be a big part of your build if so.

Matk Build for t1~3

1-1-3 TP build with a Blue Pixie unity for enough MP Recovery. With added blue pots and scrolls you should keep mprec up with ease on 6 Int, 3 Wis and 3 Vit stones. Belt: 4 Angels, 1 s5 Siren and 1 Bosscard. Recomended Golem, Staged if possible.

SOLO - Dura: 80% atk spd, 20% crit power | Stones: 6x Str, 2x Vit, 4x Atk Spd(perm ds-Yes)

Hc Party - Longbow/Xbow, atk spd dura, 6x Dex, 2x Vit, 4x Atk Spd (perm ds - Yes)

Matk Build (T1 + T2):

ergon cratos set, 2 Koala on belt, crit power dura, New Type Staff, Dura helmet, BM luck-buff (get a slave maybe)

-> close to 100% base crit rate and 150+ crit power (perm ds - No)


Int/Vit(using a healer pet and an attacker)

Evasion/Int - Evasion/Vit - Evasion/Crit.Pow (using dual heavy attacker pets which has got stun,sleep skills etc.)


With 3 TPs on third tree the pets become stronger than on any other class.

Melepets still deal higher total damage than magepets.

Presonally recommend Meele Unique pets, Great amount of HP, Attack Speed and Crit rate base.



[Table of costumes that can be worn by the job]


Any Summoner Helmet Is Avalible For Master Breeder


Maces or staves

Job level bonus stats

edit data
JLv Str Vit Agi Int Wis Dex Luck
42 4 4 4 5 5 4 2
43 3 4 3 6 6 4 1
44 4 5 4 5 5 5 2
45 4* 4* 4* 5 5 4* 1
46 3 4 3 5 5 4 1
47 4 4 4 5 5 6 2
48 3 4 3 6 6 2 1

-* Not verified


Left Column: Healing/Pet Path

Icon Name Cost Level Description
Summon Mastery.jpg Summon Mastery 1 TP
per lvl
Permanent Dual Summon toggle: 530MP for every 5sec
Permanent Dual Summon toggle: 80MP for every 5sec (E7P3=more base MP regen).
Rejuvenating Roar.jpg Rejuvenating Roar 1 TP 1/1 15 sec Self-Buff: +30% M.Atk, +200%HP Recovery, CD=3min.
Feral Aspect.jpg Feral Aspect JP 1/3
Passive: reduces CD by 15sec
Passive: reduces CD by 30sec
Passive: reduces CD by 45sec
Healing Wave.jpg Healing Wave JP 10/10 Heal that travels from one target to another up to 8 times: 900HP recovered total, HP recovery reduce 10% every, Distance 4m, CD=1min. (Changes in 9.5 Epic)
Creature Restoration.png Creature Restoration JP 20/20 12sec Heal Over Time, ~1200HP Recovered every 2sec, CD=30sec
Mass Soothing.jpg Mass Soothing JP 10/10 Party Pet AOE Heal, radius 8m, 12 sec restoration, ~950HP every 2sec, CD=20sec.
Bestial Cry.jpg Bestial Cry JP Creature Buff: +30 Attack Speed, (Change to toggle) 9.5 Epic
Creature Mastery.png Creature Mastery JP 30/30 Passive: Increases Combat Ability of Summoned Creatures.

Middle Column: Mage Path

Icon Name Cost Level Description
Critical Resonance.jpg Critical Resonance 1 TP
Per Lvl
2/2 Passive: When spell crits, chance to Self-Buff: 10sec of +280 M.Atk, Crit Ratio +2%. Buff can stack 5X.
Glacial Whorl.jpg Glacial Whorl 1 TP 1/1 10sec. Debuff (Move Speed -50%) and DOT (~13k dmg every 2sec), CD = 6sec.
Frozen Core.jpg Frozen Core JP 1/3
Passive: Reduces CD by 0.5sec.
Passive; Reduces CD by 1.0sec.
Mighty Energy Beat.jpg Mighty Energy Beat JP 10/10 ~13k atk, CD=0.6sec
Acid Spray.png Acid Spray JP 30/30 18sec Debuff (-1170 P.Def. and -1170 M.Def) and DOT (~500 dmg every 5 sec), CD = 45sec.
Flash icon.jpg Flash JP 20/20 ~6k Atk and Debuff (-40 Accuracy)
Mortal Coil.jpg Mortal Coil JP 10/10 Passive: M.Atk. increases by 50% of Intelligence & P.Def increases by 50% of Vitality
Mind Mauler.jpg Mind Mauler JP 10/10 Passive: Chance to Debuff Attackers (10sec. of -10% M.Def.)
Primal Concentration.jpg Primal Concentration JP 10/10 Passive: +10% Intelligence, +5% Vitality.
Creature Breeding.png Creature Breeding JP 16/16 Passive: EXP gained by summoned creatures = 80%, EXP for pets in formation = 16%

Right Column: Pet Buff Path

Icon Name Cost Level Description
Grim Desire.jpg Grim Desire 1 TP
per lvl
2/2 Creature Buff Toggle: Chance to increase attack speed and cast speed by 30% when this effect is granted, 60MP consumed every 10sec. CD = 3sec.
Law Exchange.jpg Law Exchange 1 TP 1/1 Passive: Converts a 12% of a creature's Max HP into P.Atk. and 8% of a creature's Max MP into M.Atk.
Potency.jpg Potency JP 1/3
Converts a 13.5% of creature's Max HP into P.Atk. and 8.66% of a creature's Max MP into M.Atk.
Converts a 15.5% of a creature's Max HP into P.Atk. and 9.98% of a creature's Max MP into M.Atk. (Changes in 9.5 Epic)
Pass Damage.png Pass Damage JP 16/16 Spell where creature takes damage in place of Caster, consumes MP continuously.
Defense Mastery.jpg Defense Mastery JP 6/6 100% Probability to: Reduce Physical damage by 19%, Skill damage by 38%, and Magical Damage by 19%, Lasts 30min, CD = 3sec.
Trait Mastery.jpg Trait Mastery JP 4/4 Creature Buff: +8.4 Str, +8.4 Vit, +8.4 Int, and +8.4 Wis. +45 P.atk,+45 M.atk, +45 P.def, +45 M.def. duration 30min, CD = 5sec. Doesn't stack with Master Support
Empowering Scent.jpg Empowering Scent JP Toggle: +25 Str, +25 Vit, +25 Int, +25 Wis, +250 P.atk, +250 M.atk, +250 P.def, +250 M.def, consumes 22mp/5sec, CD = 3sec. Doesn't Stack with Master Boost (Changes in 9.5 Epic)
Breeders Synergy.jpg Breeder's Synergy JP 10/10 Passive: Creature Gains +80% of Breeder's Strength, +80% of Breeder's Intelligence
Expert Caretaker.jpg Expert Caretaker JP 10/10 Passive: Increase creature's MAX HP +10% and MAX MP +10%

Deva Racial Buffs

Icon Name Cost Level Description
Heavenly Restoration.jpg

Heavenly Restoration/

Angel Restoration

Heal Over Time: 2% of max HP per tick for 17s, CD=6m 30s MP: 565
Divine Purpose.jpg Divine Purpose JP 7/7

Target range buff magic. Increase M.Acc and Accuracy at a certain amount of time Buff: +14.3 P. & M. Accuracy, duration = 30m, CD = 15s
MP: 385