Monsters (a.k.a mobs) are your most frequent combat opponents. See the Mobs category page for a list of mobs.

Epic 6 World Map with mob levels and location

Relative level by colorEdit

The color of font used in a mob's level is an indication of it's level relative to your level.

Color Relative Level
Purple 9 or more levels below
Dark blue 6 or more levels below
Light blue 3 or more levels below
White within +2/-2 levels
Yellow 3 or more levels above
Orange 6 or more levels above
Red 9 or more levels above


If a mob defeats you then you lose EXP, any buffs and any aggro. If you are not in a party or do not have a special self resurrection (rez) skill then you may have to re-spawn at whichever village you set as your return location. The return location can be set at a Teleporter NPC in whichever village you want to return to as you die.

If you are in a party then you can ask a party member to rez you and you'll re-spawn on the spot.

If you are in the field soloing then it is sometimes wise to create a party for just your character. That way if you do die then you may be able to call out for any players nearby and then invite one to your party so they can see your location on the mini-map and come rez you.

If you are carrying a GFB (Godmothers fairy bottle) then a window will appear upon death, this will offer you the option to ressurect yourself with no loss to EXP and will fully restore all HP an MP on the spot, unlike a normal rez scroll which will only restore 10% of your HP and MP and will not retreive any EXP points.

Mobs also have their own version of 'noclip' (meaning they walk through solid objects like scenery and walls). This is most noticeable when in dungeons when mobs appear to run up the sides of the dungeon and run back down. Mobs in a dungeon also have a large leash. They generally won't stop following until you run to a completely different room, often meaning you agro the mobs there instead.


As you defeat mobs you may gain:

  • EXP always
  • JP always
  • Rupee often
  • Lak sometimes (you must be wearing a necklace)
  • Drops sometimes

The probability of mob dropping rupee or items is the same for any mob Light blue or higher.

Said differently, although you can easily defeat purple mobs you will never see rupee or items dropped from a purple mob. You can also easily slay dark blue mobs but you will mostly see rupee (and only infrequently see items) drop from dark-blue mobs.

So if your goal is to farm for valuable item drops you are best to focus on light-blue and white mobs because these are still relatively quick to defeat and the probability of a drop from light-blue and white mobs is the same as the probability of drops from mobs that are slower to defeat.

Why farm at all? Well some items are so-called drop-only items, meaning that they cannot be purchased at NPC shops using rupee or the Cash Shop (CS) using G-Potato. If you are lucky enough to pick up such a drop then you will make a very handsome profit!

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Monster ClassEdit

Below the monster's level there is an icon denoting the monster's class. Since Epic 8.2, there are 6 classes.

Monster Class Basic Icon Basic

Monster Class Rare Icon Rare

Monster Class Special Icon Special

Monster Class Unique Icon Unique

Monster Class Veracruz Icon Veracruz

Monster Class Instance Icon Instance

Prior to Epic 8.2 there were a larger number of classes, called qualifiers, listed below.

Between the level and the name of the mob you'll see a small colored square containing a certain number of arrows. This is an additional indication of mob rank and behavior. Also different types of soul stones will drop from mobs of different rank.

Mob Strength Field Mob:Field basic mob. Will drop only basic soul stones.
Mob Strength Field Boss:Field Boss mob. Will drop Rare soul stones. Field bosses have roughly five times as much HP as regular mobs.
Mob Strength Elite:Field Champion mob. Will drop basic soul stones. Champion mobs have more HP, Atk and Defense than Field Basic mobs but less than Dungeon basic mobs.
Mob Strength Dungeon Mob:Dungeon basic mob. Will drop Rare soul stones.
Dungeon advanced mob. Will drop Rare soul stones. Advanced dungeon mobs have more HP, Atk and Defense than dungeon basic mobs.
Mob Strength Dungeon Boss:Dungeon Boss mob. Will use magical attacks. Will drop Rare soul stones.
Mob Strength Unique Boss:Unique boss.
Mob Strength Dungeon Main Boss:Dungeon Chief mob. Will use powerful AoE magical attacks. Will drop Epic soul stones.
Mob Strength Ursa Basic Mob Strength Ursa Low Mob Strength Ursa Intermediate:Ursa Caverns mobs.
Mob Strength Ursa Boss:Ursa Caverns boss.