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Pets are at the core of Rappelz: one needs to tame (capture) them, then use them, either by allowing them to fight by player's side, or by equiping them to boost the character's stats.

This page describes the core mechanics of the gameplay related to the Pets.

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Job Level Icon Skill Name Description
5 Creature Control.png Creature Control Affects the amount of creatures you can have in your creature formation at one time.
8 Summon Creature.png Summon Creature Summons the formed creature.
8 Recall Creature.png Recall Creature Recalls the summoned creature.
10 Creature Taming.png Creature Taming Tries taming a monster. You need the proper type of creature card for the corresponding target and the target must be at full health.
10 Creature Mastery.png Creature Mastery Increases the attack power of the summoned creature. The higher this skill is, the higher the increase in attack power.


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You need to have an empty creature card in your carried inventory. You must target a mob of the same type. The targeted mob must be at full health before you use the Creature Taming skill to attack it. You may be subject to attacks while the skill is being cast because it has a long casting time.

Once the Creature Taming attack spell has been cast, attack and defeat the creature as normal. You will be notified of the status of the taming attempt in your chat window. If you are successful you will have a tamed creature card in your inventory. If the taming fails then the empty creature card will have disappeared from your inventory!

The typical Pantera Card encountered on Trainee Island can be used to attempt to tame a Pantera. However, the initial level of the newly tamed pet is always level 1. That is, if you have a pantera card available, you will get get the same result by successfully taming a level 6 Longtail Opud as you would from successfully taming a Level 12 Opud Bigfoot Prime. There is no point seeking out the higher level pantera for taming.

An item is available to help you tame the creature you want: the T-Protect Mirror. It acts the same way as the other *-Protects: before enchanting, make sure you have it in your inventory. When you cast Creature Taming, it will protect your empty pet card from being destroyed in the case of a failure. The T-Protect Mirror will be destroyed whether the tame succeeds or fails. Warning Before taming, make sure that you do or do not have the T-Protect Mirror in your inventory: using a T-Protect Mirror to protect a Poultry Card is not a so uncommon mistake.

Tame rate

There is no officially released information on probability of successful taming, however, the empirical data ensures us that the chance of a succesful tame is determined by the following:

  • The Creature Taming skill level.
  • The Creature Taming card Enchantment.
  • The Tame Chance of the Creature.
  • If a random value is equal or less than your taming chances, then the tame is successful.

A few items can improve your tame chance:

If you equip one of those items make sure that you re-place the Creature Taming Skill at you skills bar since the bonus is not automatically updated.

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Try our new Taming Simulator.

Equipping A Pet

The creature formation window allows you to prepare pets for summoning as well as equipping the pets with various items.

To form a pet

First bring up the Formation window, the hotkey for this is Alt+Y. Next drag your creature card from your inventory to the first slot in the Formation window. You will then need to summon your pet using the Summon Creature skill in order to use it. It only needs to be in your Formation to have it gain experience.

To equip a pet with an item

You will first need to buy a plain (blue) unit card from any of the NPC merchants and combine one unit card with one item of equipment (armor, weapon, ring, etc.) in the enchant window. When you have sealed the item in a blue unit card a special badge appears superimposed over the icon for that item in your inventory. Now you can equip your formed pet with that "badged" item by dragging the item to an open slot on the pet you wish to equip. Although there are 6 slots below the named pet, in Epic 7 your pet may only use two of those slots. Staged pets(Durability Pets) can also use additional slots. Dual wielding of weapons by a pet is not supported.

To upgrade a pet's equipment

If you wish to upgrade an item sealed in a unit card you must first restore it to a normal item using a Chalk of Restoration. To do this simply combine the chalk with the item you are reverting as you did with a unit card.

Tip on pet skills

Right-clicking a pet's skills when hotkeyed causes them to blink in similar fashion to a ticking buff like Unity. This indicates that the pet will use this skill whenever possible. (Autocast)

Equipping to a Belt Slot

At level 40 pets can learn a passive skill which will increase a particular attribute of the character if the pet card is equipped to the first slot on the character's belt. At level 90 pets can learn a second skill of this type, so that equipping the pet card to the character's belt increases two different attributes of the character. When a pet is equipped in a belt slot it cannot be summoned or put into the creature formation window. This pet skill does not benefit the pet in any way when it is summoned or put in the creature formation window.

List of card abilities

Pet Card Rarity

Empty creature sealing cards are also commonly referred to as empty pet cards or e-pet (ex: e-skele, e-hawk, etc.).

Tier 1 cards (Normal Basic cards (Poultry, Pantera, Tortus)) are only available for sale from NPC merchants, they do not drop from monsters.

All other creature cards are drop-only items, although cash shop sales are often available offering bonus e-pet cards. Empty pet cards do not drop exclusively from mobs of the same type as specified on the card.

History Fact: Since Epic 7, all Tier 2+ cards drop from all level mobs, including Trainee Island.

How to get High level Pets (Lower Lv players)

There are multiple ways to get high level pets. It is known that it is not always easy to get a high lvl pet to aid you in combat or to tank for you while you are a low level due to the missing rupees. (Especially when you are completely new on a server)

The first way could be to have a friend playing on the same server that is willing to give you a pet to help you level, farm etc. But the chances of this happening are slim.

An other option on the other hand, (which helped me a lot) is to buy a pet slightly higher than you and start farming for rupees, items, empty pet cards, skill cards etc, that you sell in the Auction House. When you have enough rupees, you can sell your pet to buy a higher level pet, and start the process again.

Placing pets in the creature stable only levels up your pet up to your level. Therefore, this is not a way to get a high level pet.

(When using Item Shop Stable passes you can level your Pet higher then your level.)

With the addition of soul pets, regular High level pets are no longer useful. Any ranged pet with Pick relic Unity can out tank a r7 hawk easily, even if the hawk is well equipped. The soul pets are much cheaper to obtain and can be as powerful as Tier 5 or Tier 6 pets.

Note: Do not buy the first best pet you see. Keep in mind what pet is the most useful for your class. Also, browse in the auction house and check pets players are selling. There will be an opportunity for you to buy a good pet for a good price. For example (In my case): Just by waiting and looking regularly in the Auction house, I found myself a +10 Lv 100 Red pixie for 55% of it's current market value.

Conclusion: The key for getting high Lv Pets is patience, eye for good deals, and a lot of rupees. Buy regular pets only if you need to belt. Most of them aren't worth the money.