Rappelz consists of a vast continent with a Trainee Island located off the southeast coast. The main continent is comprised of many different environments including fields, forests, swamps, deserts and ice covered mountain ranges. All players begin on the Trainee Island and then progress to the main continent after meeting certain requirements. Where they begin on the main continent is dependent on the race they selected. Deva begin in Laksy, Asura begin in Katan, and Gaia begin in Horizon.

Rappelz Epic 7

Besides the main continent and Trainee Island, there is also Veiled Island located off the northwest cost and designed for high level players, the Flea Market where players can set up Item Shops, and the Hidden Village which is a town only accessible to those who have purchased a pass in the Cash Shop.

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There is an World Map from Epic 6 with general mob levels and their locations. Please note that this map is an older version of the current in game map and some information may be outdated.

English detailed Version


The Rappelz map can be divided into several areas based on the coloring of the map, the location of the towns and the destination choices of the teleporters in those towns.

Rappelz Epic 7 - Sepia - Areas


Towns are where players tend to congregate when not out in the world fighting monsters or other players. Many NPCs are found within the towns and players can obtain and store items easily within them.

All towns, except for Mare Village, are safe areas where most monsters are unable to follow players once they cross their boundaries. As such, players cannot attack monsters and other players or cast damaging spells while in towns.


Dungeons are separate areas in Rappelz that players can reach through portals. They contain monsters that are a higher difficulty rating than those found in the fields. Dungeon Sieges also take place in them where Guilds battle for control over ownership.