For R5 (level 100+) you will meet 2 scenarios:

Palmir Plateau Dungeon Parties (DPs): Edit

From level 100 to 115 you will keep doing DPs in The Shrine of Palmir Plateau dungeon, with the same basic rules of R4 DPs.

  • Healer: At this level 1 single well skilled Healer should be good enough: either a Priest with an RP or a Bishop with a BP will do fine. No secondary healer is needed.
  • Tank: The best choice will be a Knight but a well skilled Soldier, or even a Champion with good Pets can be a Tank. The main job of the Tank is to take agro. A special association with the Healer is desirable: if the Tank takes aggro from the Healer, the Healer will keep the Tank alive and the DP will be succesfull.
  • Huna: Kahunas as usual are most desirable and welcome in any DP. Druids will be better for Crowd Control and revive the Healer if he/she dies. Druids also assist in healing. Battle Kahunas are also great DDs.
  • Pet Class: Soul Breeder and Battle Summoner are desirable for Buffs on Pets and act as Damage Dealers. The SB's job is to keep all the party Pets alive too. BS's provide Aura buff and good DD.
  • Chipper/Puller: A well trained Archer will be the best choice as a Puller. But an Assassin can do it pretty well and provide good damage. HERE you can find a great guide on how to be a good Puller.

Corner Party

This is the hardest part for an Dungeon party in Palmir Plateau: it consists in having the dungeon party in one of the Boss Rooms; particularly Soulseeker's Room (this Boss is lvl 108). In this place, there not only 3 monsters, but around 6 and more at the same time.

This kind of party usually starts with killing Soulseeker, and popping Stamina Saver before it dies.

It's a real cemetary for the healer, because of the multiple aggroes, due to healings, and as a squishy class, it is down after a few hits. As a healer, i already died there numerous times. To have a good Dungeon party there, here are some pieces of advice:

  1. When Soulseeker is dead, the healer should cast Restoration skill on the Tank / Chipper before this one runs; this way, the tank could restore his Hps and take all the aggro before the healer starts healing.
  2. The Tank must not rush directly in the South-East corner, otherway, there might have too much monsters around to keep aggro from the healer. So he moves slowly, and the DP stays around him.
  3. Arrived in the corner, the monsters might always respawn around, and to keep them in a decent number, it is needed that every Damage Dealer in the party uses his skills to generate more damages and kill faster. There are usually 2 mobs at the same time, that's why a second chipper is needed sometimes.
  4. If you notice that the monsters respawn to far from the party, a member with a decent P.Def should run a little bit in the room and pull more mobs. It is called "Train". A smart healer would not throw a heal when the Trainner comes back or he would die.
  5. Each 20 minutes, it is possible that the party wants to move back in the corridor and kill SSK for extra experience. In that case, every member stops attacking, and one of the damage dealers leads till corridor, where he will logg or Cloak if it's a Assassin. The tank and the healer stay behind so that when they reach corridor, the tank can start attaqking SSK and the healer heals.
  6. When SSK dies, the party does as on First Step.
  7. The most important is: every member in the party have to watch out for the Healer's Hps and Mps (and use HP/MP scrolls if needed).

Potential issues:

  • When you work on killing SSK, you have to deal with the "1 Minute Rule", which is one of the most important rule when attacking a Boss in Rappelz: in the case you would stop healing the tank or attacking SSK for an entire minute (60 secondes) and attacks again after this period (or heal the tank), SSK will automaticaly aggro you and there is no tank in the world that could take it out of you. To avoid such a situation, here are some pieces of advices:
  1. Never stop what you were doing for an entire minute.
  2. If you still get the aggro, run is useless, and will break the dungeon party; further more, SSK will return to his first location
  3. Don't ask for heals: it will only drain the healer's Mps. Just Relogg (move on character selection window, then come back).
  4. If you have a decent P.Def (another Knight, Soldier, etc...), you can stay there and keep attacking while the healer heals you. In the meanwhile, the main Tank stops attacking for a minute, which will automatically give him aggro back.
  • The archers are a race of monster that you can only find in Palmir Plateau dungeon. They have a slow and ranged attack. In a corner dungeon party, they might cause troubles to the healer if the trainner brings some. Due to their range, they attack the healer (once this one healer the trainner), and if the rest of the party doesn't pay attention, the healer might die in 4 basic hits: healer in corner is supposed to have his full Intelligence built in order to keep the dp alive, but this gives him his minimum Vitality built which makes him weakest as usually. To avoid such a situation:
  1. The trainner saw he pulled Archers, so he warns the rest of the DP to pay attention.
  2. When the trainner arrives, he doesn't stop in the middle of the DP, but crosses the group until the archers goes in the middle of the party, so they can become a priority to kill.
  3. At this moment, the DP can kill the archers while the tank takes the aggro from the rest of the train.


With the advent of the Epic 6 Resurrection, things have changend in the way we do DPs, and what you read before may not be possible to achieve for most DPs.

This is because the dungeon mobs now are stronger.

Very few parties dare to challenge Soulseeker Boss or Takin now.

Most DPs now take place in the 3 mobs rooms.

The monsters may be stronger than before but they also give a lot more exp per kill. Thus a DP in a 3 mobs room may now have a low kill speed, but they also get more exp than before with the bonus. NoelAeon 17:54, April 5, 2010 (UTC)

The island DPs rules (following section) keeps the same on Epic 6 Resurrection.

Note #2: if you cant seem to kill boss 1 or boss 2 please dont try to.. it will result in you to degrade(loss exp so much that you will go back a lv (level))