Level: 28
Race: All
NPC: Warehouse Keeper Sasha
Zones: Area: Laksy Area
Region: Laksy East
Objectives: Defeat
17 x Crude Orc
13 x Orc
Experience: 12,768
JP: 982
Rupees: 22,400
Gen Points: 90
Choice: 40 x Luna Chips
3 x Cold Spaghetti
3 x Black Bean Noodles
Previous Quest:
Next Quest: Questionable Test 2


"Please, don't ask any questions. You must kill the Orcs in the region north of the Ancient Remains. Before I entrust a true quest to you. I would like to test your abilities."


Head down to Laksy's Anchor and take the road heading north. Follow the road north until you enter Laksy East. Move northwest to find the Orcs. Kill what you need and then return to Warehouse Keeper Sasha.


"That was great. You are much more capable than I thought."