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There are Three Races available to be played in Rappelz: The Asura, the Deva, and the Gaia. Each race have their own characteristics and Job options - each Race may choose from one of three Jobs - a warrior job, a magician job, or a summoner job. Warrior Jobs typically involve having high Physical Attack or Physical Defense capabilities, Magician Jobs typically have Magical Attack or Healing/Buffing capabilities, and the Summoner Jobs typically focus on strengthening Pets through buffing or healing.

  • Asura - The Race of Dark Angels.
  • Deva - The Race of Light Angels.
  • Gaia - Human Beings.

The world was being kept in order by the two elements, creation and extinction. There were two gods who were in charge of those two elements that were more respected and trusted than other gods. They thought the human race was too ignorant to develop its own civilization so they sent the Deva and Asura to assist the human race. The Deva represented lightness and the Asura represented darkness. --From the Rappelz Main Webpage

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