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Our goal is to provide as much information and documentation about the Rappelz MMORPG (US version) as possible.

Latest Wiki News

2019, November 5 - Exclusive Apps

We had developped 2 exclusive Apps to help you, one is a Belt Calculator wich will help you to figure out the best pets for your belt, and the other is a Taming Simulator wich will help you to tame your dream pet. Enjoy!

BlueMystical (Talk)

2019, October 7 - Discussion

I'm happy to announce that the Discussions feature is now enabled on the site. Discuss all about the wiki and about the game!

Hunter789 (talk)

2019, September 15 - Daily Quests

You now can follow all your Daily Quest here, enjoy.

BlueMystical (Talk)

2019, July 18 - Main Quest Lines

There is now an Updated version of all the Main Quest Lines to level up.

BlueMystical (Talk)

2018, April 20 - Wiki - Soul Pets

Check out the Soul Pets section with all you want to know about your pets.

Hunter789 (talk)

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