Level: 28
Race: All
NPC: Warehouse Keeper Sasha
Zones: Area: Laksy Area
Region: Laksy Field
Field: Harvesting Woods
Objectives: Defeat
1 x Red Drill (Boss)
Experience: 32,959
JP: 2,535
Rupees: 29,600
Gen Points: 119
Choice: 40 x Luna Chips
5 x Cold Spaghetti
5 x Black Bean Noodles
Previous Quest: Questionable Test 2
Next Quest:


"Keep your voice down. I can't explain the particulars, but I work for an... organization which intends to protect Gaia from things that threaten it. But on to what's important... Not long ago, an Orc chieftain united the divided orc clans. They have grown rapidly in strength, and they have become powerful enough to begin to threaten even Laksy itself. This is why we are seeing so many orcs in the area.

We have received reports that they are planning a major offensive against the Floating City. The ones you have slain so far have been advanced scouts for a larger army. Even more worrisome is that Orc Chieftain, Red Fang, has already advanced into the Harvesting Woods to the northeast. We believe he is intending to weaken our force before the assault. We have sent many assassins to get rid of him, but he has proven too strong, and too well guarded.

You must eliminate this threat to the city, or the city will be overrun."


Head down to Laksy's Anchor and take the road heading north. When the road forks and heads northwest, turn northeast into the Harvesting Woods. Head to the northeast corner in the back of the Woods. You will find Red Drill with three followers. If you miss killing him or can't find him don't worry, Red Drill re-spawns every 10 minutes. It is easier to kill the followers first as to minimize the number of monsters attacking you. Once you have killed Red Drill head back to Warehouse Keeper Sasha.


"We have heard of your achievements through messengers. You have accomplished feats that we could not. Being what it is, our organization cannot inform people of your great achievements but we will always remember you. Thank you, You have saved a lot of people. And remember. This is not the first time we faced such danger, nor will it be the last. Someone is spreading evil in the world. Please, do not ignore are call when another crisis has to be faced.

We are the Inquirers of the Sunset. The ones that seek light from the other side of the world."