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Character skills are either passive or active. Passive skills are in effect all of the time. Active skills take effect only when the player uses/casts that skill. Active skills may be assigned to a hot-key. By default an active skill bound to a hot-key will be cast at the max strength according to whatever level you have mastered for that skill. You may dial in a partial strength for any Active skill.

Study your character's skill tree and plan what weapons, armor, skill cards, etc. can best take advantage of current or future skills.


Rappelz Library

This is a wiki-style site but it is currently closed to edit by the general public. (Presumably you could ask to become a contributor.) The character descriptions and skill trees are complete but the information is limited to whatever information is printed on the tool tip for each skill. There is no information about prerequisites for each level of each skill.

Bookmark that link because it will probably become much more comprehensive over time.


Fills in much of the detail that is missing from in-game tool tips:

  • JP cost per JLv
  • Cast time
  • Cool time
  • the effect of each skill level on:
    • cast cost
    • cast time
    • cool time
    • duration
    • ability
    • damage
    • threat
    • probability, percent, etc.
  • prerequisite level and/or job type.

There are some skills for which data is missing but this remains the most comprehensive reference.

Adjusting Skill Level

Adjusting the Skill level can be done by clicking on the small arrows to the left (lower the rank of the skill itself) or to the right (augment the rank of the skill itself).

This can be particularly useful when you are running out of mana and you do not have the requiered amount of mana left to cast the skill at high rank. [In the example below, you can see Smite has been decreased to lvl 2 -> Lower mana use but also lower damage.]

Set a lower skill level to reduce the threat you present

Skill Cards

Explains what a skill card does, how to take full advantage of a skill card and what the rewards and risks are for enchanting a skill card.


Describes how to enchant items in general (including skill cards).