A Soul Stone provides a boost to one of the six basic stats In Rappelz Epic VI: Resurrection. was added stones that provides a boost to basic battle abilities.

  • If an item has 2 sockets then you can socket only one stone per basic stat.
  • If an item has 4 sockets then you may socket up to 2 stones that boost the same basic stat

To Socket a stone into a piece of equipment, you must visit a soulcrafter.

Types of Soul StoneEdit

A Soul Stone is identified by:

  • color according to which basic stat it affects
  • name according to whether it is a:
    • Basic stone - dropped by a normal mobs and "Champion" [+] mobs in the field
    • Rare stone - dropped by normal [++] and "Boss" [**] mobs in dungeons or by some "Boss" [*] mobs in the field
    • Epic stone - dropped by a "Dungeon Boss" [??] mob

Basic stones provide the smallest boost to any given stat. Epic stones provide the largest boost.

Description Example Icons Rec. Lv Color Basic Rare Epic
Basic Rare Epic Str Potent Might Valor
Vit Health Life Guardian
Agi Nimble Grace Spry
Int Mind Mystic Wizard
Wis Insight Foresight Perception
Dex Lucid Finesse Precision
.. Shard Soul stone Str Basic 20 - Potent Shard Soul stone Str Lair 20 - Might Shard Soul stone Str Epic 20 - Valor Shard 20 +1 +3 +4
.. Fragment Soul stone Vit Basic 40 - Health Fragment Soul stone Vit Lair 40 - Life Fragment Soul stone Vit Epic 40 - Guardian Fragment 40 +3 +5 +7
Raw .. Stone Soul stone Agi Basic 60 - Raw Nimble Stone Soul stone Agi Lair 60 - Raw Grace Stone Soul stone Agi Epic 60 - Raw Spry Stone 60 +5 +7 +10
Minor .. Stone Soul stone Int Basic 80 - Minor Mind Stone Soul stone Int Lair 80 - Minor Mystic Stone Soul stone Int Epic 80 - Minor Wizard Stone 80 +7 +9 +13
.. Stone Soul stone Wis Basic 100 - Insight Stone Soul stone Wis Lair 100 - Foresight Stone Soul stone Wis Epic 100 - Perception Stone 100 +9 +12 +16
Great .. Stone Soul stone Dex Basic 120 - Great Lucid Stone Soul stone Dex Lair 120 - Great Finesse Stone Soul stone Dex Epic 120 - Great Precision Stone 120 +11 +15 +19
Collosal .. Stone File:Soul stone Str Basic 140 - Collosal Potent Stone.jpg Soul stone Str Lair 140 - Collosal Might Stone File:Soul stone Str Epic 140 - Collosal Valor Stone.jpg 140 +13 +18 +22

In the Description column above, replace the ellipsis (...) with one of the six names in each column header according to whichever basic stat is of interest.

Str:Strength-increases P.Atk. (14/5 Melee)

Vit:Vitality-increases HP (33) and P.Def. (5/3)

Int:Intelligence-increases M.Atk. (2) and MP (30)

Wis:Wisdom-increases M.Def. (2), M.Res. (1/2) and M.Acc. (2/5)

Agi:Agility-increases Evasion (1/2), Atk.Spd. (1/10) and Ranged P.Atk. (6/5)

Dex:Dexterity-increases Acc. (1/2), M.Acc. (1/10) and Ranged P.Atk. (11/5)

Ethereal Soul StonesEdit

Main article: Ethereal Soul Stone

Epic 6 Part 2: Resurrection has increased the range of soul stones available. Prior to Resurrection, soul stones came in the 6 types listed above. The 6 types of soul stones each increased 1 of the 6 character basic stats, and thus also increased the character abilities derived from those basic stats. For example, a mind shard boosts the basic stat "Intelligence", thus boosting the abilities "Max MP" and "M Atk". The new soul stones introduced in Resurrection directly increase usually one or occasionally 2 of character abilities. For example, a bane shard directly increases "M Atk".

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