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This page is about the non-ethereal Soul Stones. To read about those, visit Ethereal Soul Stones.
Sockets for soul stones in armor

A soul stone provides a boost to one of these six basic stats: (Str, Vit, Agi, Int, Wis, Dex).

Of course any ability that is derived from that stat will also receive a boost when such a soul stone is activated.

Armor, Gloves, Boots, Helmets, Shields and 1H Weapons, have sockets for 2 soul stones, while 2H Weapons have 4 socket slots.

  • If an item has 2 sockets then you can socket only one stone per basic stat.
  • If an item has 4 sockets then you may socket up to 2 stones that boost the same basic stat.


To socket items, take your item and soul stones to the soulcrafter at any of the villages. They will socket an item for a small rupee fee.

To socket two lucid shards you must make two separate requests of the soulcrafter: socketing just one lucid shard per request. The end result is two lucid shards socketed on your equipment. (You cannot have two of the same soul stones in the same equipment now unless it is a 2H weapon then you can have two of one type of soulstone and two of another.)

Once socketed, a stone cannot be removed from an item however, the soulcrafter will socket another stone over the top of an existing stone. The existing stone is lost in the process. Just be sure to drag and drop the new stone onto the correct socket!

To activate socketed stones you must equip the item and your character level must be equal to or higher than the Limit Level advertised in the tool tip description for the stone. If you are not high enough level then you receive zero benefit from that stone.

As you use a socketed item its Soul Power is slowly drained. The soulcrafter will consume some of your available lak to recharge Soul Power to 100%. You do not pay any rupee for a Soul Power recharge.

The drain of soul power is in proportion to how much the item is used. Weapons drain fastest followed by armor, boots, gloves, and helmets.

Types of soul stone

A soul stone is identified by:

  • color according to which basic stat it affects
  • name according to whether it is a:
    • Basic stone - dropped by a normal mobs and "Champion" [+] mobs in the field
    • Rare stone - dropped by normal [++] and "Boss" [**] mobs in dungeons or by some "Boss" [*] mobs in the field
    • Epic stone - dropped by a "Dungeon Boss" [??] mob

Basic stones provide the smallest boost to any given stat, while Epic stones provide the largest boost.

Description Example Icons Rec. Lv Color Basic Rare Epic
Basic Rare Epic Str Potent Might Valor
Vit Health Life Guardian
Agi Nimble Grace Spry
Int Mind Mystic Wizard
Wis Insight Foresight Perception
Dex Lucid Finesse Precision
.. Shard Soul stone Str Basic 20 - Potent Shard.jpg Soul stone Str Rare 20 - Might Shard.jpg Soul stone Str Epic 20 - Valor Shard.jpg 20 +1 +3 +4
.. Fragment Soul stone Vit Basic 40 - Health Fragment.jpg Soul stone Vit Rare 40 - Life Fragment.jpg Soul stone Vit Epic 40 - Guardian Fragment.jpg 40 +3 +5 +7
Raw .. Stone Soul stone Agi Basic 60 - Raw Nimble Stone.jpg Soul stone Agi Rare 60 - Raw Grace Stone.jpg Soul stone Agi Epic 60 - Raw Spry Stone.jpg 60 +5 +7 +10
Minor .. Stone Soul stone Int Basic 80 - Minor Mind Stone.jpg Soul stone Int Rare 80 - Minor Mystic Stone.jpg Soul stone Int Epic 80 - Minor Wizard Stone.jpg 80 +7 +9 +13
.. Stone Soul stone Wis Basic 100 - Insight Stone.jpg Soul stone Wis Rare 100 - Foresight Stone.jpg Soul stone Wis Epic 100 - Perception Stone.jpg 100 +9 +12 +16
Great .. Stone Soul stone Dex Basic 120 - Great Lucid Stone.jpg Soul stone Dex Rare 120 - Great Finesse Stone.jpg Soul stone Dex Epic 120 - Great Precision Stone.jpg 120 +11 +15 +19
Colossal .. Stone Soul stone Str Basic 140 - Colossal Potent Stone.jpg Soul stone Str Rare 140 - Colossal Might Stone.jpg Soul stone Str Epic 140 - Colossal Valor Stone.jpg 140 +13 +18 +22
Polished .. Stone 150 n/a n/a +33
Teardrops .. Stone 1 n/a n/a +45

In the Description column above, replace the ellipsis (...) with one of the six names in each column header according to whichever basic stat is of interest.

As a quick tip, here are what each stat influences:

  • Str: increases P.Atk. (2.8 Melee)
  • Vit: increases HP (30), P.Def. (1.67)
  • Int: increases M.Atk. (2), MP (30)
  • Wis: increases M.Def. (2), M.Res. (0.5), M.Acc. (0.4), MP Recov.(4.1)
  • Agi: increases Evasion (0.5), Atk.Spd. (0.1), Ranged P.Atk. (1.2)
  • Dex: increases Acc. (0.5), M.Acc. (0.125), Ranged P.Atk. (2)