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Alt+C opens this Character window

Most of the basic stats and abilities can be viewed via the (hotkey C) Character window.

Basic stats increase as you increase your character's job level however, you can also boost them by equipping accessory items or a regular item that has one or more soul stones socketed in it.

Each ability is derived from the 8 basic stats via a simple formula. Certain equipment, skills and buffs may also directly affect an ability.

Study this section and especially the Ability vs Stat Table to help you plan how to best build your character for a given task.

Basic Stats

An important stat that can easily be overlooked is your character's level (Lv). There are 7 basic stats although one could argue that a character's available HP, MP, JP, EXP, stamina and even rupee are also "basic" stats.

Stats and abilities can be improved with Soul Stones.

Bsic Stats
Stat Abr. Description
Strength Str – strength is your Physical Attack (P.Atk) power and is used for carrying capacity and physical melee damage

1 Str = 2,8 P.Atk (Melee only)

1 Str = 10 carrying capacity

Vitality Vit – vitality is your physical toughness – Hit Points (Max.HP) and Physical Defense (P.Def)

– vitality is important for nearly every character and is often used in builds for all classes

1 Vit = 1,6 P.Def and 33 Max HP

Agility Agi – agility is your ability to evade and increases Evasion and some Atk.Spd.

1 Agi = 0.5 Evasion

1 Agi = 1.2 P.Atk (Ranged)

1 Agi = 0.1 Atk.Spd

Intelligence Int – intelligence is mental ability – it increases mana or Magic Points (Max.MP) and Magic attack power (M.Atk)

1 Int = 2 M.Atk and 30 Max MP

Wisdom Wis – wisdom is your mental toughness – this is a very underrated attribute

– wisdom increases magical accuracy (increases chance of spells to be effective)
– wisdom increases magic resistance and magical defense

1 Wis = 2 M.Def, 0.5 M.Acc, 0.5 M.Res and 4.1 MP Recov.

Dexterity Dex – dexterity is your prowess – it increases physical attack with ranged weapons (bows) and accuracy.

1 Dex = 2.2 P.Atk (Ranged), 0.5 Accuracy, and 1/8(or 0.125) M.Acc

Luck Luck – luck affects critical hit ratio and Drop Rate.

1 Luck = 0.2% Critical Ratio and Drop Rate.

Basic Abilities
Ability Abrv. Description
Hit Points HP or Max.HP this is your health, when it reaches zero you die.

Max.HP = (BaseStats.Vitality + SCStats.Vitality) + 20 * Level

Magic Points MP or Max.MP this is your magical energy, used to cast skills.

MP = (BaseStats.Intelligence + SCStats.Intelligence) + 20 * this.Level

Physical Defense P.Def This is your first defense line against physical damage. P.Def absorbs part of the received damage.

2 defense points = 1 point of damage reduction (if a mob hits you for 10, and you add 2 pdef, it will then hit you for 9).

P.Def = Vit * 2 + Lv

Physical Attack P.Atk your attack power with physical weapons:

P.Atk(Melee) = Str * 2 + Lv

P.Atk(Range) = (Dex * 13 + Str *3)/8 + Lv

Physical Pierce P.Pierce makes your physical attacks pierce through the enemy, ignoring their P.Def.

1 pierce point reduces the mob's damage reduction by 1 P.Pierce adds additional damage to an attack's before chip, CritPow, or other multipliers. Ex. 100 Pierce removes 100 Defense

Physical Ignore P.Ignore P. Ignore and P. Pierce have been merged into one stat. Reference
Accuracy P.Acc determines chance to hit successfully.

Accuracy = Dex / 2 + Lv

Attack Speed Atk.Spd how fast you can attack, see Attack Speed Plateaus bellow.

Atk Spd = Fixed 100

Evasion Eva your ability to evade/dodge hits.

Evasion = Agility/2 + Lv

Magical Attack M.Atk determines the power of your spells or any other magic attacks.

Healing is also determined by this. M.Atk = Int * 2 + Lv

Magical Pierce M.Pierce Same as P.Pierce but with Magical Attacks.
Magical Ignore M.Ignore M. Ignore and M. Pierce have been merged into one stat. Reference
Magical Accuracy M.Acc – your ability to hit successfully with spells/magic

– or your ability to overcome a targets magic resistance

M.Acc = (Wis*3 + Dex) /8 + Lv

Magical Defense M.Def Your ability to soak or defend against magic damage.

2 defense points = 1 point of damage reduction (if a mob hits you for 10, and you add 2 M.Def, it will then hit you for 9).

M.Def = Wis*2 + Lv

Magical Resistance M.Res your ability to resist / avoid magic spell effects

– like evasion but for magic attacks.

M.Res = Wis /2 + Lv

Movement Speed Mov.Spd how fast you can move or run.

Mov Spd = Fixed 120

Expanded Abilities
Ability Abr. Description
Hit Point Regeneration HP Regen percentage of hit points regenerated in a certain time
Magic Point Regeneration MP Regen percentage of magic points regenerated in a certain time
Block Percentage Block Per percentage chance to block an attack with your shield
Perfect Block Perf.Block percentage of Blocked attacks which inflict no damage
Block Defense Block Def defense of your block – how much damage it soaks from an attack hit
Critical Ratio Crit Percentage chance to get a critical hit
Critical Power Crit.Pow what % of your damage is added to your damage when you critically hit
Cast Speed Cast Spd how fast you cast a spell
Hit Point Recovery HP Recov how fast you recover your health (HP)
Magic Point Recovery MP Rec how fast you recover your magic points

Understanding your Defenses

Understanding defenses.png


Alt+I opens this Inventory window

There are basic abilities and battle abilities but no real distinction is made other than how they happen to be grouped within the (hotkey C) Character window. Strike abilities and defense abilities are just two subsets of all abilities mentioned in this section.

MaxWt is viewable in the (hotkey I) Inventory window.

  • HP recovered per minute is derived from HP.Recov, HP.Regen and MaxHP: Increasing Max HP increases the amount of HP regained per tick
  • MP recovered per minute is derived from MP.Recov, MP.Regen and MaxMP: Increasing Max MP increases the amount of MP regained per tick

If your character is equipped with a bow or a crossbow then the displayed P.Atk is calculated using a formula for Ranged P.Atk. Otherwise a formula for Melee P.Atk is used.

Increasing a Basic Stat

As you earn job points (JP) you must decide whether to spend those JP to increase your job level (JLv) or to acquire active or passive skills. The incentive to acquire new skills is rather obvious but the incentive to increase your job level is bit more subtle.

At each new job level your character may see an increase in any of the 7 basic stats. The pattern of increments is different for each job in the game. Study the Races and jobs links in the nav bar at left and especially note the table of "job level bonus stats" for each job. Familiarizing yourself with the job level bonus stats may be helpful when you are deciding how best to spend your disposable JP. Sufficient to say that:

  • your stats trend upwards as your JLv increases; and
  • just prior to each job transfer you must decide whether or not you choose to overbreed your character for an optional set of bonuses; and then
  • upon each job transfer you automatically receive a multi-point increase in most, if not all, basic stats.

An example

Consider the case of an Asura character progressing from Stepper to Strider to Assassin to Slayer. Do not confuse your initial trainee title - stepper (or guide, or rogue) - with your first job. Those initial titles merely reflect your choice of race and are not your first job. (See also: First Class Transfer)

  • the three relevant "job level bonus stat" tables are:
    1. Stepper#Job_level_bonus_stats
    2. Strider#Job_level_bonus_stats
    3. Assassin#Job_level_bonus_stats
  • a single increment in zero or more of the 7 basic stats occurs at each new JLv Exception being Master Class, which gives a good amount of stats for every job level, even more so after JLv 40, for example a Cardinal (MC Bishop) gains 5 wisd and 5 int from getting JLv 44)
  • the opportunities for larger than a single increment in any one stat occur in-game at:
    1. initial choice of race (a.k.a. new character creation) - Stepper JLv 1
    2. first job transfer - Strider JLv 1
    3. first job overbreeding - Strider JLv 41...50
    4. second job transfer - Assassin JLv 1
    5. second job overbreeding - Assassin JLv 41...50
    6. master class job transfer - Slayer JLv 1[1]
    7. master class job levels - Slayer JLv1...50

The opportunity to overbreed is an option whereas the job level transfers are an unavoidable part of progressing to the next higher job(s) available.

Belt Pet

The other way to increase your character's stats is to equip a pet card on your belt. All standard pets in the game have the ability to increase the character's stats at level 40, and again at level 90 while soul pet have only one at level 35. The increased stat will apply as the pet stays on your belt, and dissapears if it is taken off.

For example; the Tortus pet gets the "Card Ability: Vitality (Passive Skill)" at level 40, which enables the pet card to be equipped on the player's belt slot and increases the player's Vitality by 5%. Also, at level 90, the Tortus gets the "Card Ability: Pdef (Passive Skill)", which increases the player's Physical Defense by 5%.

However, a pet that is equiped on your character's belt, cannot be summoned and does not gain experience from killing monsters.

See Card Abilities for a full list.

Increasing an Ability

All Abilities are derived from the basic stats plus any equipped items or acquired skills that directly boost one or more of the abilities. Some items and some buffs negatively affect an ability.

  • Examples:
    • the Half Bladed Axe illustrated above is a weapon that increases P.Atk & M.Atk but decreases AtkSpd
    • Offense Training is a passive skill which increases P.Atk by 3 for each skill level acquired
    • Smite is an active skill which increases P.Atk on a one-time basis

Some buffs modify one or more abilities for a period of time. Buffs may come from consuming certain items (potions, scrolls, etc.) from a self-buff skill that you cast on yourself or from a buff spell that another player (or creature) has cast on you.

  • Example:
    • Consuming a spell potion gives your character a Spell potion effect buff that increases CastSpd by 5% for 10 minutes.

Six of the basic stats can be boosted by equipping an item with soul stones socketed in it. The Half bladed Axe pictured above has four (Empty) boxes where soul stones may be socketed to boost Str, Vit, Agi, Int, Wis or Dex.

Most equipped items directly boost one or a few specific abilities. Some accessory items (rings, earring, necklace, mask, cloak) are specifically designed to boost one or more base stats. Of course, any derived Abilities also benefit. The formula for deriving each battle ability is discussed next.

For those abilities that are not affected by any of the basic stats, examine your character's skill tree. You should find a passive skill or an active skill that does boost the ability of interest.

Derived Ability

So we have 8 basic stats that affect 26 derived abilities. We also have a few other sources that contribute directly to one or more abilities:

  • Equip = equipped items
  • Skill = passive skills
  • Buff = buffs
  • Const = a fixed constant

In the formula and tables that follow these are abbreviated to Equip, Skill, Buff. So when you see Equip referenced in the first formula for MaxHP then you should be thinking of the sum total MaxHP contribution from all equipped items for your character. Likewise for Skill and Buff.

By the way a fixed constant is just that - an ordinary number (100, 80, 48 , 3, 5, etc.) baked into the formula by the game designer. For a specific ability, if the value of this fixed constant is zero then it is omitted to make the formula or table easier to read. The number 100 in the simple formula for AtkSpd is an example of a fixed constant.

Fortunately the equations describing how each stat contributes to each ability are not very complicated. Simple multiplication and addition is all that is required.

If mathematical equations make your eyes glaze over then skip the Formula section and jump to the Ability vs Stat Table.

So first we'll list the formula and then we'll show exactly the same information in a table form. Some people relate to one better than the other.


If mathematical equations make your eyes glaze over then skip this section and jump to the Ability vs Stat Table in the next section. The Japanese wiki site via AlizarinHQ[2] deserves credit for determining the initial formulae.

MaxHP = 33*Vit + 20*Lv + Equip + Skill + Buff
MaxMP = 30*Int + 20*Lv + Equip + Skill + Buff
P.Atk Melee = (14/5)*Str + 1*Lv + 9 + Equip + Skill + Buff
P.Atk Ranged = (6/5)*Agi + (11/5)*Dex + 1*Lv + Equip + Skill + Buff

If your character has a bow or crossbow equipped then the Ranged formula is used, otherwise the Melee formula is used.

Acc = (1/2)*Dex + 1*Lv + Equip + Skill + Buff
M.Atk = 2*Int + 1*Lv + Equip + Skill + Buff
P.Def = (5/3)*Vit + 1*Lv + Equip + Skill + Buff
Evasion = (1/2)*Agi + 1*Lv + Equip + Skill + Buff
AtkSpd = 100 + (1/10)*Agi + Equip + Skill + Buff
M.Acc = (4/10)*Wis + (1/10)*Dex + 1*Lv + Equip + Skill + Buff
M.Def = 2*Wis + 1*Lv + Equip + Skill + Buff
M.Res = (1/2)*Wis + 1*Lv + Equip + Skill + Buff
MovSpd = 120 + Equip + Skill + Buff
HP.Regen = 5 + Equip + Skill + Buff
MP.Regen = 5 + Equip + Skill + Buff
BlockPer = Equip + Skill + Buff
CriRatio = (1/5)*Luck + 3 + Equip + Skill + Buff
CastSpd = 100 + Equip + Skill + Buff
HP.Recov = 2*Lv + 48 + Equip + Skill + Buff
MP.Recov = 4.1*Wis + 2*Lv + 48 + Equip + Skill + Buff
BlockDef = 0 + Equip + Skill + Buff
CriPow = 80 + Equip + Skill + Buff
Recast = 100 + Equip + Skill + Buff
MaxWT = 10*Str +10*Lv + Equip + Skill + Buff
HP recovered each minute standing = MaxHP * HP.Regen + HP.Recov
MP recovered each minute standing = MaxMP * MP.Regen + MP.Recov
  • This amount of HP & MP is recovered every 30s when sitting.[3]

Ability vs Stat Table

With the following table you should be able to scan the column headings to find a basic stat and then very quickly see which abilities that stat affects. Alternatively, scan down the first column to find an ability of interest and you should quickly see which stats affect that ability as well as the relative weight of each one. The "weights" are the numbers and fractions in the table cells. (Updated for Epic 7)

Ability Str Vit Agi Int Wis Dex Luck Lv Const Equip Skill Buff MaxHP MaxMP
MaxHP 33 20 1 1 1
MaxMP 30 20 1 1 1
Melee P.Atk 2.8 1 1 1 1
Ranged P.Atk 1.2 2.2 1 1 1 1
Acc 0.5 1 1 1 1
M.Atk 2 1 1 1 1
P.Def 1.6 1 1 1 1
Evasion 0.5 1 1 1 1
AtkSpd 0.1 100 1 1 1
M.Acc 0.4 0.1 1 1 1 1
M.Def 2 1 1 1 1
M.Res 0.5 1 1 1 1
MovSpd 120 1 1 1
HP.Regen 5 1 1 1
MP.Regen 5 1 1 1
BlockPer 1 1 1
CriRatio 0.2 3 1 1 1
CastSpd 100 1 1 1
HP.Recov 2 48 1 1 1
MP.Recov 4.1 2 48 1 1 1
BlockDef 1 1 1
CriPow 80 1 1 1
Recast 100 1 1 1
MaxWT 10 10 1 1 1
HP recovered per minute HP Recov HP Regen
MP recovered per minute MP Recov MP Regen


Attack Speed Plateau

Attack speed is not directly proportional to the number of Attack Speed ability shown on character status window but is it bound to several plateaus.

The Attack Speed Plateaus had been reworked since Epic 9.6, the new Values are as follows:

AttackSpd Plateaus 2.jpg

That effectively says that there is no plateaus anymore. The old (pre Epic 9.6) plateaus were:

AttackSpd Plateaus.jpg

Numbers from the old Plateaus:

Attack Speed Plateaus


From To Attacks Per Second (Main-hand) Attacks Per Minute
96 103 0,833333333 50
104 104 0,866666667 52
105 115 0,916666667 55
116 116 0,95 57
117 129 1,016666667 61
130 130 1,066666667 64
131 147 1,133333333 68
148 149 1,216666667 73
150 171 1,3 78
172 174 1,4 84
175 205 1,533333333 92
206 209 1,7 102
210 255 1,833333333 110
256 261 2,133333333 128
262 338 2,266666667 136
339 348 2,833333333 170
349 501 3,033333333 182
502 958 4,2 252
959 ? ? ?

Attack Speed Plateaus


From To Attacks Per Second Attacks Per Minute
98 105 0,833333333 50
106 106 0,866666667 52
107 122 0,916666667 55
123 123 0,983333333 59
124 135 1,016666667 61
136 147 1,133333333 68
148 149 1,25 75
150 179 1,3 78
180 185 1,433333333 86
186 239 1,516666667 91
240 244 1,7 102
245 250 1,833333333 110
251 348 2,266666667 136
349 359 2,833333333 170
360 605 or 676 for crossbow 3,033333333 182
606 for bow only ? 5 300
677 for crossbow only ? 5 300

Note:Ranged Plateau Sheet has both bow and crossbow plateaus combined and so there are minor differences from the 4th to the 12th attack speed plateaus which are not mentioned above (negligible differences).


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