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Talent Points are used by Master Classes to acquire new, upgraded or improved versions of skills previously acquired. All classes upon completion of Master Trials and selecting there Master Class will receive 2 Talent Points (TP) and be able to pickup 3 quests from Hero Hector to acquire an additional 3 TPs right away.

In Epic 9.3 there was an additional 2 TP quests added that have level requirements of 160 and 170 to acquire and complete them.

Talent Point Quests from Hero Hector in Dead Spirits Altar Edit

These quests become available to players can be completed in any order. Note: all quests will teleport you to the NPC needed to begin the quest.


Eloim Ciape, King Of The Creatures Edit


Summoner Platforms

This quest is located at the Coast of Palmir Plateau (Teleport from Rondó) and starts once you talk with the NPC Elohim Siahpe. It consists of summoning creatures on different platforms located in the Coast region. (note: After each summoning a "rage" debuff is applied to you and you need to either wait it out or engage in a duel and then run away from each other forcing the duel to end to remove the debuff; alternatively you can enter and exit Ursa caverns to remove this debuff).

The bosses will remain summoned if you give up the quest.  Also, make sure that only one person in you party has the quest before summoning the boss–otherwise two bosses will be summoned simultaneously.

Quest Objetive Difficulty
King of Basic Creatures kill 1 Boss Soloable
King of Normal Basic Creatures kill 1 Boss Soloable
King of Special Basic Creatures kill 1 Boss Soloable
King of Normal Rare Creatures kill 1 Boss Soloable
King of Special Rare Creatures kill 1 Boss Soloable
Double Monarch kill 2 Bosses Hard
Triple Monarch Kill 3 Bosses Very Hard
Penta Monarch Kill 5 Bosses I'm Dead


Elenoir The Sand Protector, King Of Exploration Edit

Blue Cup
This quest starts in the Ceriu Desert when you talk with the NPC Desert Keeper Elenoir. The quest consists of collecting a total of 100 points given by "mana stones". There are 3 types of mana stones:
Color Points Respawn Time
Green 1 5 minutes
Blue 3 10 minutes
Red 9 15 minutes

The mana stones are located around the map in different zones with a maximum of 20-25 points being collected per zone. (Here is a Map for the Mana Spirits).


Exorcist Jeina, King Of Steel Edit

This quest takes place in Pyre Site with Charmer Jeina. This quest consists of making a rank 1 sword +20. This quest has been made easier over the years, but it is still an expensive quest with many players spending well over 500,000,000 rupee to complete it.

Talent Point Quest 160 Edit

Currently there is only 1 TP quest available to level 160 Master Class players. Does not require to complete previous series of quests to get 3 Talent Points. Quest-line for players is accessible straight after reaching level 160.

Lv Location NPC Quest
160 Rondo Mayor Ailrena Mysterious Request

Player has to enter all of 6 dungeon instances Stage 4 (except Labyrinth which is only one-staged) to find Strange Pillars there. It can be used to spawn a Revived boss with no additional requirements.
When a player kills a revived monster, he gets Dungeon Jewel automatically with 100% probability.

Those revived Bosses are not a walk in the park, they will one shot kill you (if you are an squishy class like me) Join a guild and get a high level tank willing to help you with this.Edit

Or.. you can look at the Auction House for those Jewels and just buy them if you can afford it, they sell for about 500m each.

Talent Point Quest 170 Edit

This quest starts when you talk to Warrior Hector at the City of Ruins, you must be level 170. 

This quest requires The ROA Quest completed, which you should already had done it by this level. So just talk to Hector and get your last TP, that would be 7 TPs in total, invest them wiselly.

Lv Location NPC Quest
170 City of Ruins Warrior Hector The Truth Revealed 

Source Edit

All information was gathered from observation and from the [Reference Guide Questing in Rappelz]

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