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How to Tame a CreatureEdit

You have just acquired an empty creature card and you want to hurry up and show off your new pet to your in-game friends ... so what do you do?

The required steps are:

  • Carry the empty creature card
  • Find and select a full health mob that matches the description on the card
  • Cast the Creature Taming skill
  • When the mob rushes at you, attack and defeat the mob
  • Watch for a whole heart (success) or a broken heart (failure) icon

Read the card carefully! Select the card with your left mouse button to display the full description. It will list the names of mobs and the range of mob levels that can be tamed and sealed within that card.

The mob you target must have 100% health before you cast the skill. There is no advantage to choosing a higher level mob over a lower level mob just be sure that the mob and it's level matches the description on the card. Oh, and be sure that you can defeat the mob!

Other players may help you defeat the mob, there is no risk of kill stealing after the skill has been cast. If you do not defeat the mob then the taming will not be successful and you will have lost the empty creature card from your carried inventory.

If you did not notice the animated heart icon then you can also check the Others chat channel to see if the taming was successful or not.

After a successful taming the empty creature card in your carried inventory will be replaced by a creature card with a creature sealed inside. The initial level is Lv1 and the initial JP is one regardless of what level mob you needed to defeat to successfully tame your fresh creature. The name assigned to your freshly tamed creature is randomly generated. You cannot see the name of the creature until you drag the card into the Creature Formation (Alt-Y) window.

A Creature Name Change item is available from the Cash Shop.

There are six categories of creature rarity. The rarer creatures have a lower probability of being successfully tamed. You can counter this effect, to some degree, by employing a higher Creature Taming skill level however a taming attempt can still fail even if Creature Taming Lv10 is used.

Taming ServicesEdit

If you have a basic (Tortus, Poultry or Pantera) creature card then any job class can perform the taming (using Creature Taming Lv1) with a very high probability of success.

For very rare or valuable creature cards you'd be well advised to ask an experienced summoner class player with a high Creature Taming skill level to tame the creature for you. Some players will provide this service for free and some will ask for payment. Remember however, a taming attempt can still fail even if Creature Taming Lv10 is used.

Whether payment is asked for or not a generous gift is always a good idea. If you don't think the tamer deserves a generous payment then review the JP table above and also read about the cost/risk of enchanting Skill Cards. A character with even +3 Lv10 Creature Taming skill has invested a lot of Job Points and rupee to reach that level and to succeed with the additional enchantment.

Beware of scams. Since you must hand over your empty creature card for the other player to tame and seal a creature there is a risk that a dishonest player will not return your card. Trade something of comparable value to the empty creature card as security and take a screen shot to capture details of the agreement in your chat window. You will not offend an honest player by asking for this. The screen shot button is by f12 it says print screen. If the tamer does steal your pet you can report that person with the screen shot as evidence.

Template:Value - use sparingly Edit

It might grow confusing to editors if every reference to a value maintained at the datarecord for a skill was made using the presentation, Template:Value. I suggest using this only sparingly while each article is young and likely to be edited by more contributors. Najevi 12:49, 8 June 2008 (UTC)

Rappelz Pet Choice Guide Edit

by wiseitup07, Feb 6, 2008

najevi 13:25, 7 July 2008 (UTC)

NOTE: This is outdated (and with many distracting online adds). It seems more like an ad trap. Recommendation: Skip it.

Taming succes rates Edit

An insightful looking thread on this subject is Taming FAQs (for tamers and customers alike) It includes references to other posts that tend to support it's working theory. najevi 08:02, 16 August 2008 (UTC)

Conflicting data from Golladan can be read at this post: About Pet Card drops. najevi 15:23, 29 September 2008 (UTC)

Another promising source of current information on successful tames is najevi 01:57, 22 December 2008 (UTC)

T1 ~ 80%
T2 ~ 25%
T3 ~ 7%
T4 ~ 2%
T5 ~ 1.5%
T6 ~ 1.0%

These Rates are probably not Accurate since the aforementioned Taming DBs Results suggest ~30% Base Taming rate for T2 (basically for 25 % base tame rate, the success rate would be significantly lower than the taming DB suggests. I'd think 30% base tame rate is more realistic.

btw. I used data from myself (~2k taming attempts on T2s) and others trying to exclude data of people that only enter succs to the DB (basically only using the lvl 10 + 3 / 4 / 5 tames). Calculated rate would be ~40% at 10+3: measured rate for ~10k tames is ~47% 12:18, July 29, 2012 (UTC) Kiesch

Ah Sorry didn't take into account, that for these values a changed effect of the Taming level and skill card applies. My bad. 13:30, July 29, 2012 (UTC)

Pet skills - reference site Edit najevi 23:56, 17 August 2008 (UTC)

Is the effect additive or multiplicative in Epic 5 ? Edit

This is one of those areas of game mechanics that is kept a well guarded secret by the developer and the game publishers. Another post here asks this same question and some of the responses are misguided but the thread is probably worth a read.


  • You will notice that since Epic5 the per skill card effect is clearly displayed and it is actually +2% not +3%.
  • There is no similar tool tip displaying the effect per skill level so you should treat the +3% figure with guarded optimism.

Speculations The most authoritative looking post I found on this subject is this Taming FAQs written in April 2007.

That post suggests that the modifying effect is multiplicative and not additive. This article and especially the Base rate section was written with that assumption in mind.

At a recent Q&A that enquired after (the effect of an ancient skill cube versus a standard skill cubes when combining two skill cards) I read GM itoki's advice that the percent boost effect of an ancient skill cube is additive and not multiplicative.

  • Frankly, that answer surprised me, however I interpreted this as just one more sign of an apparent trend to dumb-down the game. (Presumably this is done to appeal to a larger market because I seriously doubt the game server cares whether the calculation is addition or multiplication!)

If indeed that advice is correct then it is entirely possible that the percentage boost effect to creature taming success has also become additive since the aforementioned Taming FAQs were written in April 2007.

Another observation that might support this theory (and I stress that this is purely speculation on my part) is that since Epic5 the Lv1 taming success rate for basic pets is no longer the 70% or so that I remember it being in Epic4. My personal experience is that the success rate for basic (pantera, poultry and tortus) creature taming has dropped to maybe 50 or 55% - your mileage may vary.

If I assume that the effect per skill level is the same as the effect per card level (i.e. 2%) then a 10+10 creature taming might represent a +40% boost to taming success rate. When the base rate for the successful taming of a basic pet was about 70% it was simply unreasonable that a 40% boost could possibly be additive. (110% chance of success makes no sense at all whereas a 98% chance of success does!) However, with a base rate somewhere in the 50-55% range it becomes entirely reasonable that the boost effect may now be additive and not multiplicative.

If any one has reliable data on this subject then I'd love to see you contribute here.
najevi 12:41, 29 September 2008 (UTC)

The only thing I know of for certain is that the current article is wrong. The taming rate for ex-commons with level 10 taming is ~47% with less than 1% standard deviation per the rappelz taming website (they currently have over 4000 tames logged with level 10 taming). The approximation given on this page is WAY off. They don't have enough tames per card level to come up with anything statistical about how much is added per card.Vstar 14:25, 25 November 2008 (UTC)

I may add a table of "best guesses" for creature taming base rates for each "Tier" of creature sealing card.

A recent post at gPotato forum (A little calculation Guide to taming chances) cites a post (without providing any hyperlink to the source) at the German forums which reports "some GM" informed "some player" that the base taming success rate for Salamandar and Hawkman (i.e. so called "Uncommon" or "Tier 3") is 8%.

That thread is worth a read and possibly following up on the source. najevi

What levels of mob drop which tier of pet cards? Edit

This intentionally vague post by GM itoki should eventually be clarified if by no other method than players contributions to the mob drop table project.

Re: Farming In Epic 5

Post by itoki on Wed Aug 20, 2008 12:38 pm

    fulminex wrote:I think this question should be answered by a game master.
    According to what we can read in patch note "All monsters can drop a pet card". 
This, we need to admit it, contains very poor information... More, we can assume a 
dragon card can be dropped by any mob where as it has been stated only new dungeon 
can provide dragons cards.
    We need, at least, a drop table by mobs level range and only a game master can 
provide us such a table, since it depends on game rules.
    (Unless you wanna wait until someone loots a sala from the roosters outside 
horizen to be sure they actually can drop some. If this happens...)

Monsters of a tamable type (All orcs, kentas, tortuses, cerberuses, etc.) drop 
empty pet cards that are ONLY their own type.

Monsters not of a tamable type drop a specific assortment of pet cards. 
Low level monsters can drop Panteras, Poultries, and Tortuses. 
Mid-level monsters can drop Sirens, Red Pixies, Blue Pixies, etc. 
High level monsters drop Hawkmen and Salamanders. 
Very high level monsters drop Angels and Kentas.
White Dragon and Cerberus cards ONLY drop from their respective monsters in the 
new dungeon...and one other foe.

Itoki also reports here that it is a known bug that tamable mobs drop e-pet cards of a type not matching the mob from which it dropped.

Re: Recent Q&A

Post by itoki on Tue Oct 07, 2008 4:13 am 

    foranor wrote:You said before that a (eg) blue pixie can ONLY drop blue pixie cards. 
People posted that they got poultries from blue pixies, though. Is that a bug that 
people should contact the mailbox about, or is that something that was misinterpreted?

This is a bug. Any information regarding the wrong pet cards dropping from mobs should 
be reported to Especially the mob you killed, the location 
you were at, and the items you got.

See also
Looking for confirmation on pet drops
Mob List of Empty Pet Drop in E5

najevi 16:29, 10 October 2008 (UTC)

An awesome guide for E5 pet builds Edit

The basics of E5 pet building guide

 I Have Gotten A Red Pixie Empty from a rooster outside horizen.... LYDIAN SERVER ROKS! :)

Pet Skill Icons Edit

Should we put the icons for pet skills into the tables? -Deascry 00:23, October 14, 2009 (UTC)

wrong lvl ranges for drops Edit

I just got E-salamander from level 112 cat kind monster in marduka I got E-blue pixie from lv 94 mob south marduka —Preceding unsigned comment added by Xorox (talkcontribs) 18:56, November 8, 2009

Next time please take a screenshot and/or record the exact name of the monster. Drennan 20:03, November 8, 2009 (UTC)

Teir 4/5 drops Edit

Are [??] field quest bosses considered epic bosses in terms of tier 4 card drops? IOW is it true that: Silex 120 [??] - drops tier 4 and tier 5 Kiscia 130 [??] - tier 4 and 5 Lady Ruina 140 [??] - tier 4 and 5 Dominatus the Mad 150 [??] - tier 5 and WD - like Betty ? and the same for 160, 170 [??]?

Yes, field [??] bosses are considered epic bosses in terms of pet card drops. Drennan 12:02, November 14, 2009 (UTC)

Pet Enchanting Edit

(As of Epic 7)

Pets can be enchanted to form stronger versions of the same pet. Enchanted pets have new skills, stronger belt bonuses, additional equipment slots and will gain experience at a faster rate. They also undergo a skin change. However, enchanted pets will have durability and upon death the pet card will lose durability. When the durability reaches zero the pet card will break and must be repaired before it can be used again.

To enchant a pet you will need 2 tamed versions of the same enchantment level pet and a special item bought from a NPC. The pets have to be at least level 1 (i.e. must have been put in formation and summoned at least once before) although the higher the level of the pets used in combining, the higher the chance of the enchantment succeeding. When attempting a pet enchantment, the 2nd Pet card and the Enchanting item are consumed. If the user fails, they will retain the 1st pet card as it was before the attempt. If the user succeeds, the 1st pet card will gain an enchantment level and the Pet’s Level will reset to 1.

Enchanting Pets follows the same system as combining skill cards.

Eg1. Successfully combining one level 50 non-enchanted Yeti and one level 13 Yeti will result in a +1 enchanted Yeti at level 1.

Eg2. Successfully combining one level 87 +2 Yeti with one Level 26 +2 Yeti will result in a +3 enchanted Yeti at level 1.

Pets can be enchanted up to +5. This will require (if the combining attempts never fail) 32 tamed versions of the pet.

With the coming out of the update i decided to capture tortuses and combine them up to stage 2 or 3 and i wanted to share my success/failures in combining (the actual results)

34/36 successful Tortuses updated from stage 2 to 3 resulting in 2 being lost i theorize based on this theres approximately a 92-96% chance of success in upgrading from stage 0 to 1

14/17 successful Tortuses updated from stage 1 to 2 resulting in 3 being lost i theorize based on this theres approximately a 75-95%% chance of success in upgrading from stage 1 to 2

4/7 successful Tortuses updated from stage 2 to 3 resulting in 2 being lost(one unused) i theorize based on this theres approximately a 40-60% chance of success in upgrading from stage 2 to 3 (this is not a large enough sample in my opinion to compare though, perhaps there are large ones out there?)

The values shown are how many were use and how many were successful in short you could divide all the success values to determine how many successfully upgraded the end result was 2 stage 3 tortus and 1 stage 2 tortus.

I was wondering if there were different results for people who did massive ammounts of combining with various other pets? For reference all these tortuses were all level 0 when fused as i just tamed them in mass and combined.

Auronic1 22:48, September 21, 2010 (UTC)

I'm using 50 Panteras all tamed not leveled, will post results as I finish each tier





Hope this helps to factor into the big picture 04:15, June 28, 2012 (UTC)Uthanatos