How to create a redirect page Edit

I don't want to presume here so will leave the edit up to you after simply explaining how you can do it. See also: User:Najevi#Glossary_redirect_link It appears that you would like to see a search for "Tier1" to take the reader to the "Pet card rarity" section of the Pet article. The basic format for a redirect page is

#redirect [[Page#Heading]]
<!-- do not add to Category:Glossary -->

Sometimes (but not always) you want the name of the redirect page to appear in the Glossary for this wiki. In this case I recommend that you do. So include the 2nd line. If you did not want the redirect to appear in the glossary then delet eth second line and include the 3rd line.

I hope this helps. najevi 08:54, 25 December 2008 (UTC)

Ah ok, thanks for the explaining robinrob 16:00, 25 Dec 2008 (GMT+1)