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Templar.png Templar
Race Deva
Job Change Master Class
Job Class Warrior Class
Previous Job Knight
Common role(s)


Job preferred Weapon(s)

1h Mace & Shield

Job templar.jpg

Deva Warrior Master Class

A fearsome warrior, the Templar is a formidable tank class that employs enhanced defense skills and the use of different two-handed weapons.

They are made for tanking and have the best defense in all races.

Attempting to update for patch 9.1 (Started editing on 10/27/2014 by Bacon )

More updates 05/13/2015 Below.






[List of strengths]

Best class to stay alive and keep aggro.

High HP: 70,000 + is no problem without sacrificing damage.

High defense and damage mitigation. 10,000+ defense and 3000 block defense (you block every attack) with end game gear reduces incoming physical attacks by 6-7,000 damage.

Can have 30-40% perfect block which negates incoming damage completely. Very useful for boss fights.

High attack speed with the right column passive. Increases attack speed based on your block percentage. Takes into account percentages above 100% so stack it as much as possible.

Stats possible with a 160+ Templar: 502+ attack speed, 21kpatk, 11,000 pdef, 80k+ HP, 3-4000 block def, 800+ evasion, 300+ crit power. Damage output can get over 200k per hit on a chipped mob with 502 attack speed. 502 attack speed is 4.2 hits per second X 200,000 DMG = 840,000 DPS from basic attacks. This is of course with epic circus and underground gears at least +21 for mace/armor/shield.


Hard to hold aggro against classes with high damage skills like arctic blast from Cardinals. If a Cardinal hits a mob for 1.5mil damage at full health, you will have to do more than that with damage + threat modifiers to pull aggro off of them.

Weak against magic. (Underground witches)

Still unable to face tank solo the new bosses on stage 4. Reducing incoming damage is great for regular mobs, but when a boss hits you for 40k every 1-2 seconds and you reduce the damage by 7000, it doesn't really make a difference. The damage reduction system should include some damage % reduction and not just a flat rate.

Notable Skills

Light of Salvation (Previously Holy Ground): Target-able AOE skill that damages and debuff all mobs for 30seconds.

Thorned Shield Passive: See Skills

Heart of Prayer Passive: See Skills

Restrain: Slows target by 85%.


[List of broken skills and features, if applies]

***The lag bug below has been fixed since 08/11/2015***

There is a templar bug that seems to happen with 10+ mobs attacking you where you are unable to perform any actions. Prevalent in circus and underground. The delay is insane and will kill you unless you have high enough pdef so the mobs do minimum damage. Pretty sure it has to do with how blocking is calculated and the servers unable to perform it fast enough. High evasion solves the issue (and is amazing) since dodge is calculated first.

01/15/2015: Tested without a shield equipped and still had the ever-increasing delay. Need further testing with other classes that can afford to sit there with 20 mobs on them without dying. Dodge does help though. Still working on finding the source of the delay.

Data so far points to Anessa Set. When I remove the set, the lag goes away. Leads me to believe the heal when struck(totally useless heal anyway) part of Anessa causes the delay since it gets triggered constantly. Just another calculation that needs to be done which gets amplified by the number of mobs attacking you. I have opted for a beneficial bear skin belt and will just have to live with the -15k hp loss after dropping Anessa. Edit: Lag still present even with Bear Skin belt. Dodge still seems the only way to lessen the effect. It is not tied to the shield as I have tested that thoroughly. Reset my skills and tested it with no skills, passives learned or a shield equipped and the lag was still there. All of this is really no big deal for normal play, but if you want to jump into the center of a room and pull everything at once it becomes a death magnet. Starting to wonder if it is just mid range PCs, or server side.

Recommended Build [List of suggested builds. Do not overwrite others' but add your own.]

Epic 9.1 guide.

meh Nvm these builds are totally wrong for a Templar you shouldn't only focus on belt pets with vit but u need attk spd too so use 1 or 2 skeles :D

Belt pets should focus on VIT and Pdef first since vit=dmg and pdef = HP from the first column master class skill tree. 2x s4 yetis to start with for the cheap belt then ramp it up to 3xs5 hawks for the ideal belt and 3x S1 Minotaurs would be the perfect but expensive setup. Do not use pets with STR or PATK until you have a +20 mace or higher as they do not enhance the damage you get from your master class passives. Sitting in town without a weapon equipped and +21feral armor and +20 feral shield with full vit/crit stones yeilds over 7k patk. Depending on your shield+ and buffs available, you may need some skeletons/harpys/gnolls on your belt to push you above 502 attack speed untill you can get that handled with a +21 shield or beyond (My early templar had 2x s4 skellys, 2 gnolls, and 2 yetis to keep me above 502 attack speed until I was able to reach it through attack speed awakenings, devouring amulet and intense boars ring so I could drop the gnolls for nightmares). You will need nightmares on your belt(highest stage you can afford) to help deal with the accuracy problem of a low level Templar and 2 staged gnolls to cycle for their murderus intent buff they have that gives you +100 accuracy (you just keep 2 in your formation to summon within your 10 second window and cast the buff, then let it unsummon itself. It lasts for 6min 24secs at stage 1 so it is not that obstructive to gameplay). Accuracy is very important as a tank, YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS. If you miss at any rate, people will die and blame you (rightfully so). Once you hit 160, the Circus and UG gear gives you so much freedom with attack speed and accuracy. A mace/gloves with accuracy lets you ignore nightmares on your belt freeing up 1 or 2 slots for whatever you want. Shoot for 700+ accuracy, but more is always better for bosses. Also UG boots can roll +block percentage for a free 15 or so attack speed and gloves usually come with attack speed as well.

Pets are user choice. Heal pets are my choice along with the new BP unity that has P. defense and master devotion for the amazing +30 to all stats. A heal pet with +10 2H leviathan staff with galaxy stone and +10 magewall should be healing for 9-10k on both heals. That is 20k hp every 8 seconds. If you don't need heals from your pet then any support pet with a new unity would be great. Preferably the high evasion one or Death Tyrant attack speed.

Vit and Crit Stones should be the only thing you should ever use. Do not use Str stones.

This does not consider PVP since it is a joke in this game. Anyone can kill anyone in under 1 second if they so desire.

Update 05/13/2015 Below:

As a precursor to the information below, please keep in mind that I solo 95% of the time in this game and I am level 171 currently which allows me to get away with much less P.Acc and M.Acc than someone who is say level 160-165. Party play is severely gear dependent and the bottom line is; If you do not have the best gear of the party, you will not hold aggro. Now of course there might be exceptions to this , but that is the cold hard truth. Templars are EXPENSIVE to build. Once you get the gear though, you can do anything you want.

Bear skin belt can help with attack speed problems and also provides some nice benefits to overall damage output. Dropping Anessa in favor of Bear Skin will lower your total HP by about 15,000 and defense by about 500, but your patk should go up a few hundred. It is much easier to hit 502 atk speed using bear skin since it raises the "block per = +atk spd passive(thorned shield)" from 100% to 110%, but the hp/pdef penalty will cause problems unless you have pdef covered with high enchanted armor (+22 or higher). The best bear skin belt would be a Physical Deva belt. It will raise all of your spam skills by +1, all passives by +1, and also give +1 to active guard. The only downside is when you consider pvp. When switching to Anessa for the HP during pvp you will either have to redo your skills back to level 20 or keep both level 20 and 21 spams on your skill bars and we templars know that there are A LOT of skills to manage so you probably wont have room for everything. I am still using Beneficial belt (gives +1 to all passives and all personal buffs) just for that reason since I am lazy and do not want to deal with moving skills around. Using Bear Belts has 1 more advantage that most people overlook by not requiring earrings to use; circus stuff. Circus earrings can reduce the damage by 12% from a specific mob type which is ENORMOUS when you consider how the math is applied. The 12% comes first, then pdef is taken into consideration. When you factor that in with bosses, it can make the fight much much easier and solo is possible for near everything(s4 is pretty rough still). I use Reduce Damage from dragons earrings and Increase Damage to Dragons necklace to run S3 Crystal Valley Underground solo. Works pretty well against that Dragon Boss. The Damage increase necklace boosts my TOTAL damage output by 10-15% and is very noticeable(I keep hearing it is 12% as well, but seems like more). The reduce damage earrings drop the attacks from the Dragon to around 10,000 and with godly protection it lowers even further to 6,500ish. That is super easy to make up for with a healing pet + a nice staff/magewall on the pet.

Here is a link to my typical solo runs on S3 CV:

As a side note for farming, I ALWAYS use Tyrant title. It debuffs your target's attack speed by 15%. It may not seem like much, but 15% less hits over a 2 minute plus fight is pretty significant. It does use a M.Acc check to land though and you will see lots of resists, but with 502 attack speed it should be up most of the time during the fight. If you plan to Duo with ANY other class that has a attack speed debuff skill, it makes bosses insanely easy. Berserker's essense of thunder has a -30% atk speed chance on hit(I wish Berserkers were a viable comparison to templars on damage output so I could run tyrant on that class as well, but Templars far out DD them) and corruptors with their 2x debuffs as well. Easy mode enabled.

Somewhere above I mentioned not using spams, but if your connection is decent you can spam away if you do it right. You need to hit the spam attack and immediately hit attack again to return to base attacks. The animation will be cut short and you will begin attacking again nearly instantaneously. I do not recommend using every single spam the templar has to offer since there are a ton of them and most only do a little more damage than basic hits. I only incorporate Restrain, Stun Mace (requires a M.Acc check to land, if it misses too often then omit this skill in your normal spam setup), Divine Smash, and Soul Breaker since they are all instant cast 1 hitters with the highest damage modifiers. The 2 hit skills like holy cross/divine cross are wasted skills since you will do much more damage with basic hits in the time it takes the skill to finish its animation. Also, don't forget about heaven's madness. It is a short range AOE that does pretty good damage with a low cool down. I use it anytime I can hit more than 1 mob with it. And of course Judgement of Heaven, but with the 3 min cool down it might as well be saved for the off chance you need the stun. With that said, still keep all your spams on your skill bar for the off-chance you might need the shield-stun or stun mace petrification in PVP or whatnot. A shield strike spam can be a quick way to generate 400k + aggro on a mob if all your main skills are on CD.

In a good party, you should just be using holy ground to help out with the AOE damage and focus on dealing as much damage as possible while using your stuns on the mobs that get pulled by the heavy DDers. Playing a Templar is frustrating in parties due to the terrible aggro mechanics of this game. Since it is all based on your damage output and the provoke toggle does NOT work with spams, you will have a tough time keeping overzealous players from dying. Other classes hit for 1 or 2 or 3 million per skill and if they lead off with that skill on a target mob, you will probably not pull the aggro towards yourself since you have to do at least half their damage with basic hits + provoke toggle on just to equal their aggro. That is more of an issue on people not playing their class correctly and it really isn't your problem. To solve a lot of this you can adjust your play style a little if you have enough pdef that reduces the mobs damage to their minimum values of around 200-400 damage per hit. In Cube, try to be the first one into the room/next room, then do your best at clustering the mobs into the tightest group you can possibly get within a reasonable amount of time. If you play with friends, just tell them what you are trying to do and hope they hold their attacks. This will do a few things that will make your life and everyone else's life easier. First, and obviously, it makes AOEing super effective. Everything gets hit by even the smallest AOEs. Second, and most importantly, it makes aggro control easier with the hidden link-aggro mechanic of the game that far few people know of and I will try to explain. Link-Aggro works when 2 or more mobs of the exact same type are clustered together. If there are 2 mobs side-by-side, then every hit or skill you perform gets added to both monsters. Lets say you are soloing 2 evo 1 cubes(next to each other) and you kill one by yourself, well the other cube already has a 3 million point aggro point on you even though it is still at 100% HP since one hit on the 1st cube also counts towards the other cube. This is why people often complain that you "Trained Them" while running through a dungeon. What is happening is they are soloing a dragon or angel or something in ToLs and here you come running through with 10+ angels chasing you. If they keep attacking their target when the new angels/dragons run by then the new mobs running by start calculating the aggro hits on the original target as their own and they get "Trained" on to the poor guy trying to solo. This can be avoided by just not attacking for 10seconds while they herd of angels runs by, but again that isn't your problem and this is getting off topic. Anyways, Link-Aggro is awesome and can keep all the mobs on you in a party. The bad part with Cube though is nearly half the rooms are cubes with 3 different type mobs in them which exacerbates things and you have to try and locate all 3 mob types and deal as much damage as possible to each type before people start AOEing. Often you will get 2 of them down to half health solo(which is your goal) with spams/basic hits and by the time you try and get the 3rd type take care of, some MM or oracle has pulled them out of the tight group you worked so hard trying to form. In essence, playing a Templar in groups is not for the casual. People want to go go go and get the most EXP per hour possible, but it is all limited on how well the tank can multitask. And lets not forget the added lag and hiccups having a full 8 man party has in the terrible level design of cube. I can clear a room in 25-30 seconds total solo, but in a full party the time is still about the same since loading adds an extra 5 seconds to the process with all the added players/pets to load per door. Now you will get some 160+ Cube Parties where everyone can pretty much solo themselves and you all just blow through the map with ease, but those are rare and usually are private guild parties.

Holy Ground/Light of Salvation mechanics (Important):

A few people have come to me asking if they should use Salas/WDs on their belts to boost the damage to holy ground. I say neither. Don't stack M.Atk at all. Holy ground damage is not purely Magic Attack(M.Atk) based and most of the damage it deals comes from Physical Attack(P. Atk). The initial tick is 150% of you M.atk. The next 2 ticks are P.atk based, but they stack up to 3 times for every re-application of Holy ground. The process is as follows:

  1. 150% M. Atk
  2. 40% P. Atk
  3. 40% P. Atk
  4. 150% M. Atk
  5. 80% P. Atk
  6. 80% P. Atk
  7. 150% M. Atk
  8. 120% P. Atk
  9. 120% P. Atk
  10. 150% M. Atk
  11. 120% P. Atk
  12. 120% P. Atk
  13. Etc Etc

Each application of damage occurs every 1 second. As you can see after 7 seconds, the P. Atk tick maxes out and starts to do some serious damage. You may look at that 150% Matk and be tempted to buff it up, but by doing so you will have to sacrifice something else. Also, and this is very important, the M. Atk tick is SEVERELY reduced when used against groups. Anything over 3 mobs and you will see a hefty penalty in damage. Go ahead and test in on 1 scarecrow vs 5+. I have seen that tick get nerfed into oblivion during real world farming to where it is nearly useless. I'm talking from 250k damage down to 10k per tick. The P.Atk tick never gets reduced no matter how many mobs are being affected since it is technically a Damage over Time (DoT) skill. Even if you do try to stack some M. Atk, you are effectively boosting 1/3rd of a skill's damage(aside from stun mace). If you can do it without sacrificing anything else, then sure, but always favor p.atk first!

Tanking while using Holy Ground:

Now that you see how the damage is applied with Holy Ground, lets look at the aggro it causes(or lack thereof). The M.Atk tick does some pretty decent damage one on one and will help you keep the aggro off others while spamming spells and hate aura, but try that in a group of mobs and it will seem like it causes no aggro at all, because it doesn't. Apparently even though the P. Atk ticks do some insane damage to large groups of Mobs, it doesn't count at all towards aggro on the caster. This is due to the fact that they are DoTs as I mentioned before, and since the M. Atk part is the only aggro causing part of the skill (which now does nearly no damage in large groups of mobs), you do nothing for aggro control. It is very deceptive since you see the mob's health dropping fast and usually dealing large amounts of damage translates to high aggro, but this is not the case unfortunately. You are still going to have to spam Hate Aura and attempt to deal some real damage on every chain of mob in an effort to hold the aggro. Target the mobs with the highest HP and move on after it gets below 1/2 HP. With provocation on, you do double the aggro per point of damage than everyone else with basic attacks so if you get a mob to half health solo, it is yours until it dies.



[Table of costumes that can be worn by the job]


[Table of helmets that can be worn by the job]


1 handed mace and a shield

Stats with gear

Below are a few screenshots I made to give an idea of what to expect with +22/23 gears. First is with self buffs only.

To view the full resolution, hover over the image and click the little "i". Or click the image, click more info, and the find the full resolution link.

No buffs stats and gear.png

Stats with buffs and damage output. Scarecrow dies in 1min 5seconds.

Buff List and total damage.png

Job level bonus stats

edit data
JLv Str Vit Agi Int Wis Dex Luck
42 10 12 8 7 7 4 3
43 4 6 3 4 4 4 1
44 5 6 4 4 4 4 2
45 5 6 4 4 4 4 1
46 5 6 3 3 3 3 1
47 4 6 4 4 4 4 2
48 5 6 3 4 4 3 1
49 5 6 4 4 4 4 2
50 5 6 4 4 4 4 1
51 4 6 3 3 3 4 1

Stats at Character level 162 and job level 51 with no skills/passives/gear(fresh rebirth) equipped are 215str, 260vit, 166agi, 168int, 168int, 176dex and 68luck.


Templar sklills.jpg

Left Column: Tanking

Icon Name Price Level Description
[1] Righteous Purpose 1 TP
Per Lvl
Passive Skill

MAX HP will increase based on the amount of P. DEF. 250% is converted to MAX HP.

P. ATK and M. ATK will increase based on the amount of MAX HP. 10.60% of MAX HP is converted into P. ATK and M. ATK

Skills explicitly increasing max HP% and Max MP% give no effect, although VIT% skills do.

[2] Light of Salvation

(Formerly Holy Ground, Skill cards are still called Holy Ground)

1 TP 1/1 15sec Ranged AOE (8m): -600 P.Def. Debuff and 120 M.Atk DOT, targets in field of light get 3 sec debuff applied repeatedly, CD = 1min, MP: 340
[3] Light of Salvation Training JP 1/3 Passive: every level reduces cool down by 10 seconds.
Hate Aura.png Hate Aura JP 11/11 Provokes Monsters within 10m radius, CD=15seconds, MP:160
Provocation.gif Provocation JP 10/10 Toggle: Increases threat by +100 at level 10. (+1 per card bonus)
Holy Aura.png Holy Aura JP 20/20 Toggle: Deals damage around you. Damage is sporadic it seems, but helps with aggro control.
Vigor JP 4/4 Passive: +4% Vitality
Quick Mending JP 2/2 Passive: +6% HP Recovery
[4] Crusade JP 10/10 Chance when struck to reduce Hate Aura and Holy Aura skills recharge time.

Middle Column: Damage

Icon Name Price Level Description
[5] Devout Fury 1 TP
Per Lvl
2/2 Attack speed +10%.

P atk/M atk +8%.

[6] Onslaught 1 TP 1/1 Toggle: Patk/Matk +2160 and P.Pierce/M. Pierce +1080

250MP consumed every 10seconds.

[7] Penetration mastery Training JP 1/3 Self-Buff: Reduces CD by 5 sec.
Stun Mace.png Stun Mace JP 20/20 Stuns 4 sec, CD = 30sec.
Physical Breaker.png Physical Breaker JP 11/11 applies -385 P.&M.Atk. Debuff for 23 sec.
Restrain.png Restrain JP 20/20 -85% Move Speed Debuff
[8] Advanced Sword Mastery JP 10/10 Passive: +300 Attack, +10 Attack Speed
[9] Advanced Mace Mastery JP 10/10 Passive (1h & 2h maces): +300 P.Atk. +1200 M.Atk.
[10] Advanced 2 Handed Sword Mastery JP 10/10 Passive: +300 P.Atk, +15 Critical (power?)
[11] Power Mastery JP 4/10 Passive: +4% Strength
Godly Protection.png Exalted Protection JP 20/20 Reduces all incoming damage to 33% for 25 sec. additional chance of reducing damage from 360

Right Column: Support

Icon Name Price Level Description
[12] Frenzied Charging 1 TP
Per Lvl
2/2 Passive: If EXP from Mobkill is gained, CD of Skill "Shield Charge" removed
[13] Imbued Light 1 TP 1/1 Self-Toggle: +2400 to all close range attacks. costs 750mp/5sec, chance to add +720 P.Def. CD = 20sec.
[14] Piety JP 1/3 Passive: reduces MP consumption of above skill.
Active Guard.png Active Guard JP 20/20 Self-Buff: +36% block rate, lasts 30min, CD = 15se
Zeal JP 10/10 Passive: +10% Vitality, +20% Move Speed
Blessing.png Blessing JP 10/10 Self-Buff: +2100 Max HP for 30min, CD = 15 sec.
[15] Sacred Aegis JP 10/10 Block Def +360. Perfect block +4
[16] Thorned Sheild JP 10/10 Increases P. ATK by 40% of your Block Def.

Increases Atk Spd by 100% of your Block Percentage. (Even works on block percentages over 100% = very nice and fun)

Shield Charge.png Shield Charge JP 20/20 Rush, Knock back, and stun target for 5 sec, CD = 20 sec.

Deva Racial Buffs

Icon Name Price Level Description
Heavenly Restoration.jpg Heavenly Restoration JP 7/7
Heal Over Time: 2% of max HP per tick for 17s, CD=10m
MP: 565
Divine Purpose.jpg Divine Purpose JP 5/7
Buff: +11.3 P. & M. Accuracy
Buff: +14.4 P. & M. Accuracy, duration = 30m, CD = 15s
MP: 385
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