Level: 16
Race: All
NPC: Hunter Ken
Zones: Area: Horizon Area
Region: Horizon Field
Objectives: Defeat
1 x Godzila (Boss)
Experience: 24,850
JP: 1,911
Rupees: 26,400
Gen Points: 106
Basic: Power Ring
Choice: 60 x Luna Chips
5 x Cold Spaghetti
5 x Black Bean Noodles
Previous Quest: Final Test
Next Quest:


"It was 12 years ago. My father and I were chasing the most ferocious monster in this area. He was vicious and cunning, but my father was the greatest hunter there was. The hunt was nearly successful. But I was unskilled, and I made a mistake. My father was killed by the monster trying to save me. That's when I hurt my leg and I've been a cripple ever since. Ever since that day, I have spent my entire life trying to find that monster.

Finally, a year ago, I found him... but I realized I no longer had the strength or skills to catch him. From that day on, I have been waiting for someone who can kill the monster for me. That is you. He... or should I say Godzilla, is nearby. Kill him for me. Please, avenge the death of my father!"


Head directly south of where Hunter Ken is standing. If you miss killing him or can't find him don't worry, Godzilla re-spawns every 10 minutes. Though the quest can be obtained at level 16, it is recommended you be several levels higher, have a high level pet or have assistance from one or more other players. Also be mindful of the champion monsters nearby. Defeat Godzilla and return to Hunter Ken.


"Is that devil finally dead? The devil that killed my father and ruined my life... finally. Finally... ah... Take this. I don't want to talk to anyone right now. Thank you..."