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T1 card icon

Tier 1 (aka Basic) pets are the most easily attained but the weakest of all the pets.

The basic Awakening passives increase attack and defense by 5 points per level and their basic attack skill hits at 60% of the creatures Physical Attack.

(Compared to Tier 2s +7 Atk/Def Passives and 70% for the first Attack skill)

Because of the increased strength and high availability and low price of Tier 2 pets, it is highly recommended that if you decide to use Basic pets, you Enchant them to a higher stage.

It is theorised that Stage 3 Tier 1 pets perform equivalently as non-enchanted Tier 2 pets. Stage 5 Tier 1 pets perform equivalently to Stage 2-3 Tier 2 pets.

Basic pet cards are purchasable from all Merchant NPCs for 8000 rupees. They do not drop from Mobs.

There are three Tier 1 pets: Pantera, Poultry, Tortus.

Pantera portrait
The Pantera has the highest base Strength among the Basic pets. Along with decent Physical Defense and Hit Points to take a couple of hits (especially higher staged Panteras), makes the Pantera the most versatile and arguably the most useful of the Basic pets.
The Poultry's stats and skills focuses it towards Dexterity and Physical Accuracy. This makes it a useful companion to melee classes who like to fight monsters high above their own level. However, due to its mediocre defenses the owner must ensure the Poultry never attracts the attention of whatever it is fighting.
Tortus portrait
With the highest base Vitality of the Basic pets, the Tortus is the ideal tier 1 pet if you are looking for a tank pet or as a support pet for a tanking class. Its Unity and Enchanted skills significantly reduce the damage it receives, while the threat modifiers in the Tortus' attack skills help it to hold aggro.
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