Level: 35
Race: All
NPC: Merchant Darby
Zones: Area: Horizon Area
Region: Horizon North
Town: Horizon
Field: First Valmore Mine
Objectives: Collect
11 x Valmore Crystals off the Ground
Experience: 30,716
JP: 2,362
Rupees: 28,000
Gen Points: 112
Choice: 160 x Luna Chips
6 x Cold Spaghetti
6 x Black Bean Noodles
Previous Quest:
Next Quest:


"Crystal from 1st Valmore mine has more brilliant light than any jewels in the world. How is the price so low... There is a reason... It can be found everywhere. However, the price has been higher since monsters took over the Valmore mine. If recovery of mine is delayed, the price of crystal should be getting higher. You as a business man should take this chance. Please, bring me some crystals of mine in the 1st Valmore mine.
I will give you a part of profit."


Take the road north out of Horizon and when it forks take the right path heading east. The road will fork twice more and each time take the left. Once in the First Valmore Mines, take a left and follow the wall to the western side of the mines. Valmore Crystals should be scattered on the ground. Collect what you need and then return to Merchant Darby.


"Brilliant! That should be good. I wouldn't even buy an armor with current market price. Well, business should be long-term plan. Thank you. If I would be rich, I will treat you well. Please, understand."