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War Kahuna War Kahuna
Race Gaia
Job Change Master Class
Job Class Magician Class
Previous Job Battle Kahuna
Common role(s)
Job preferred Weapon(s)

Gaia Magician Master Class
In all class, it is the attack type magical warrior who can use the strongest physical+magical damage. It is a good at neutralizing the target's defence and it supports avatar and party members by using stat increase buff skill, including Luck.

[General job description and expected roles]



  • High Burst Damage
  • Stacking Passives


  • Close-range pseudo-warrior wearing mage armor
  • Archaic skill design (Some skills would've proved useful years ago but remain unattended to)
  • Diversification of skills yields no middle ground for "overall" build
  • Weak Heals

PvE: War Kahuna in PvE plays a dual role: a steady DPS (Similar to Slayer) with a high-damage burst (similar to Berserker). War Kahuna has natural access to Support of Gust, increasing their passive DPS. Enchanted Slash is also a very respectable nuke for PvE.

PvP: War Kahuna excels in single-target damage, playing much like an assassin in PvP. War Kahuna is capable of one-shotting another player, for the exception of the tankiest of players, if able to pull off a single rotation, usually ending with Enchanted Slash. However, PvP War Kahuna is very crit-focused and the division of Magical and Physical accuracy skills leaves a lot to be desired.

Notable SkillsEdit

  • Enchanted Slash - 600% Matk/500% Patk single target nuke. Cooldown decreases with passive skill.
  • Lucid Dreaming - High mana regen skill, typically refilling a War Kahuna's mana more than once. Decent cooldown


[List of broken skills and features, if applies]

Recommended BuildsEdit

[List of suggested builds. Do not overwrite others' but add your own.]


War Kahuna excels with a healing pet to compensate for their lack of heals. War Kahuna does not get extra levels of Restoring Purified Water nor are they known to build int-based or carry a staff around


War Kahuna has a variety of builds for a variety of purposes, separated by PvE or PvP.
  • Str/Agi - Provides the War Kahuna with a good amount of damage to compliment their use of 2h Axes and Agility to increase Attack Speed. Strength also compliments Enchanted Slash damage. Since War Kahuna has no natural Vitality, a healing pet is required.
  • Str/Vit or Vit/Agi - Typically used to take down stronger monsters, Vitality allows the War Kahuna to soak up a few more hits and add extra Pdef. The Strength variant is for more potent single attacks while the Agility variant is more aimed towards DPS.
  • NOTE: In PvP, War Kahuna is very limited to shutting down single targets. Enchanted Slash's damage is very high but the cooldown is too long to rely on for multiple kills in a row. The previous shortcomings, combined with heavy DD skills being Pacc based while CC skills are Macc based, make it extremely difficult for the War Kahuna to maintain CC potential and spike potential. Put simply: A balanced build will fail against pure Wisdom or Evasion builds.
  • Dex/Crit - Typically the go-to build for PvP, combined with a 2h Axe, 2h Staff on swap is optional. This allows the War Kahuna to maintain high accuracy for high DD spike skills and the crit to compliment them as well. Belt should include 30%+ Pacc/Dex pets and 30%+ Str or Int focused pets. Crustalino is also very strongly advised.
  • Wis/Crit - A bit of an oddball. The build is focused around guaranteed CC potential but lacks the Pacc necessary to hit high DD skills like Enchanted Slash. 2h Staff is strongly advised for this build. Belt pets include 30%+ Wisdom/Macc and 30%+ Int. Boss card is up to players' discretion.



  • Magician costumes


[Table of helmets that can be worn by the job]

  • At master class the best helm would be the Master Class mage helm


2 h axe


Job level bonus statsEdit


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